Amidst Temptation Episode 22


I found it weird that his father would act like that but I knew I was going to marry Martin anyway, there was no one else for me, lest I die a spinster. His Father clearly had a say though and mine too, but I just told Martin we would talk about it and went back home.

Rebecca wanted to know how it went but I didn’t tell her, I just wanted to sort this out on my own, so I told her they all liked me. Fellowship was more fun because Paul was doing a good job, people were flooding in and we were thinking of moving to a bigger site. I was no longer an Exco but still tried to attend even with my tight schedule.

I was leading praise and worship smiling in glee and dancing when I looked and saw a familiar, very familiar face…I froze, the choir continued as I stared at him, he clapped still and watched me, Rebecca traced my gaze and saw him, I tried to continue but I couldn’t concentrate.

What was he doing here, he was like a leech I couldn’t shake off, whenever I felt I had made progress he came back with a force. It’s been over a year but I still felt the same sizzling energy between us….Ignoring him, I focused, he doesn’t exist to me. After the section ended, I walked straight to him

“What are you doing here?” My glare was evident

“I came to church..I promised you remember..that when i returned I’d follow you to church”he said

“And you didn’t see any other one to go to, one close to your house maybe?” He looked around

“you are causing a scene” he said calmly, he was right, people were turning, I took his hand and led him outside, with tingles shooting up my right arm…Jesus, I was in church

“You should go..please go”

“You are driving me from church?, I promise I didn’t come to see you, I just came to fulfill our bargain, maybe you forgot but I didn’t, and I’m really enjoying sing and dance beautiful”

“See…all back to me” He sighed

“Emilia you made it clear by not contacting me for a year even when my mother..”

“I don’t..” He stayed me ”I’ve moved on…as you’ve clearly seen” I remembered Tania again and my eyes clouded, I made to go and he pulled me to him in a tight hug

“What..are you crazy..we in church”I said, trying to push him away

“What, scared God would sure he approves” What was he playing at now, he says he’d moved on, next he was hugging me “I have missed you” he said, I should have told him back but I just finally pulled away

“We should go inside” I said.

He pulled me down to sit with him when we got in, Paul came to welcome him later, I left him in his hands and escaped. I wondered about the game he was playing when he came again the next Wednesday, then the next.

We had a reunion and he was there, when I asked why, he said he was invited with a duh look… I lost it

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“I don’t know if this is your ploy to get me but you are wasting your time, I have a fiancé” I said

“Do you?” He asked then turned ahead to watch the girl singing. After it ended, he came behind me as I talked with Sister Sharon who I haven’t seen for years, after she walked away he said

“It wounds me sister that you wouldn’t think that God has finally touched my heart”

“Has he?” I turned and asked, we held gazes as my eyes fell to his lips, my cheeks flushed as he looked away then leaned forward

“Quit flirting with me in church, cos you can’t bear the consequences” My stomach turned, I made to go but he held me back

“Your boyfriend is coming over”, I turned and true to form, he was, I couldn’t tell him Martin and I had issues

” what is he doing here?”Martin asked, why was he so aggressive

” Martin, he just came to church”

“To find you I suppose”

“Is something wrong in that, I was invited by one of your beautiful sisters to come, now I have, I don’t see any of the love you christians profess”

“Stay away from my woman” Martin puffed Sean got close to him

“I did…now I’m back” I shut my face with my palm as Martin threatened him

“Hey stop it both of you” they glared at each other, Martin took my hand

“Be warned..” he told Sean “we need to talk” he said as we walked away

“About what?” I asked

“About us..and what my father said” I didn’t want to talk about it, not now, I needed to think it out and decide if this was a waste of time or not

“I’m taking her home..” Sean said out of the blue, he had come to meet us and challenged Martin with a glare

“Emilia..”Martin called when I walked away from him

“I’m sorry” . Sean and I walked out of the hall and I shut my eyes thinking this was the second time I was choosing Sean over him, hope I didn’t regret this again.