Gift Episode 31


After the baptismal I slammed the door shut on the face of the otondo, my mind been dey boil. I cooled down when I received a call from my lovely boyfriend, he promised to sleep over that day and you know what that means.

I shaved cleanly and bath after preparing that night, used perfume and make sure I smell nice and looked nice. That night ehnn.. I no believe say Gideon like se-x like that oh, I suspected he took drugs if not how em go fu-ck person pikin like that.

After we ate and we climbed bed, he took off his boxer and came at me with full-force. He su-ckled on my pink lips like the way baby do to their mother’s brea-sts and my pink lips turned red lips. He moved his lips to my ni-pples and su-ckled like hungry baby, I rubbed his head loving the way he was su-cking it and pressing the other bre-ast, he fondled it roughly making me to gasp, I removed the pyjamas I was wearing and he took over my sugar-pot with his lips.

The pioopioo sounds coming from between my legs as he was eating me out make me fear the guy will just finish all the sugar in my sugar-pot, He entered with missionary style, banging me hard. smooching my lips, grabbing my bre-asts. Making me to mo-an and curled my legs around his waist, our skins was just making kpaakpaaa! sounds, he was knacking me hard and fast and I started seeing plenty stars.

We both climaxed and he discarded the condom, he wore another one and asked me to set like a dog. I sat like that and he entered behind, slapping my soft and big yansh, his kulikuli touching the right places as I grabbed the bedsheet and mo-an out loud, he was just knacking me, knacking me hard, no stop. I was urging him to go faster and he went faster than faster, till we climaxed again.

I checked time match that we started 9pm is now 12midnight. He discarded the used cond-om and came back jer-king his di-ck back to life, I was so tired and sleepy. I told him to rest na for where? the guy no hear wetin I dey talk at all.

He spread my legs again and entered, this time ehnn.. He hit me harder, I scratched his back because he was sending me to different world, we had se-x till 1am, I went to school the next day and the useless punctuality prefect flogged me like say na me make her boyfriend dump her. I told Anne about my boyfriend, and what she told me shocked me.

Anne: so, Gift you no know who be Gideon?

Me: how na? I just tell you say he be my boyfriend now now.

Anne: boyfriend ke, that boy na womanizer.

Me: I no believe you.

Anne: that guy dey date my friend Shola, and em still get mind date Shola friend.

Me: na lie Gideon nofit do that kind of thing.

Anne: maybe you go be number twenty.

Me: shut up! You dey talk rubbish oh!

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One Sunday like that I prepared fried rice and decided to give some to my boyfriend, My baby must be hungry since he is in shop since Morning. I rushed to his shop without calling him with food-flax, I met one daughter of Jezebel with ear-rings all over her body kissing and sitting on my boyfriend’s laps, I screamed and Gideon behaved like somebody that didn’t know me. Even when the girl asked if he know me he said he didn’t, shame catch me that day. I wish say I get muscles I for just blow Gideon, but I no get. With tears I went home, he didn’t even tried to call me and apologise, even when I called him he busied the call, my heart was shattered.

After three days that useless Ezekiel was still coming to my house to beg me, he was kneeling and begging me. I no even care about wetin em dey talk ’cause I felt pained by Gideon’s action, Gideon came to visit me while Ezekiel was still begging. When I saw Gideon I grabbed Ezekiel by the neck and kissed him before Gideon, I broke the kiss when Gideon left angrily.

Ezekiel: wow… Always sweet, you don forgive me?

Me: no, carry your big shirt and baggy trouser vamoose here.

Ezekiel: na lie, you want make we do.

Me: tufiaa! No be me and you oh!

Even when I told Ezekiel to stop, he didn’t listen. He started touching me, kissing all over my body. Pressing my bre-asts my weak point, he removed my bra even when I told him to stop. My skirt disappeared from my waist and his head was buried in between my legs, he was su-cking me. I was just mo-aning loving how he was giving me head.

He removed his baggy trouser and massacred my sugar-pot with his hard kulikuli there in the sitting-room. Our Elder say the absence of the crow of a hen doesn’t mean the day will not break.