Gift Episode 32


Ezekiel laid me on the couch and widen my legs, he climbed on top of me. Ba-nging me, fu-cking me, moving his hard kulikuli in and out of my we-t toto, he was sweating. panting, giving it to me. I mo-aned he gr-oaned loud, I scratched my nails on his back as the thing was sweeting me, after we both climaxed my senses returned back. I was so angry, Ezekiel sat on the couch breathing confessing love to me. Telling me am so sweet, that he is foolish to break-up with me, that I should be his girlfriend. Gift you don suffer oh!

I took his Papa dash me clothe and his baggy trouser and threw it outside, kicked him out with his boxer and locked the door, I realized the idiot no even use condo-m, and he cu-mmed in me, I was so terrified of having another pregnancy. I quickly showered and decided to go to chemist, Anne told me that there is a drug that prevent pregnancy.

I no gree go any Chemist near Estate, before the news go travel round the area say Gift don dey deal with drugs now, I picked bike and went to town. I decided to buy the drug from Chemist wey woman dey sell, and I regretted oh. I waited till all the customers left.

Chemist woman: wetin you wan buy?

Me: I wan buy drug wey dey prevent belle.

Chemist woman: *she look me up* how many years you dey?

Me: fourteen years.

Chemist woman: and you don sabi man?

Me: I no understand.

Chemist woman: why you wan buy drugs wey dey prevent belle?

Me: na my brother send me oh, em don reach thirty years.

Chemist woman: I for talk oh, I disvirgin after marriage na em make I dey ask. Tell your brother say make em nodey send you that kind message oh.

Me: I go tell am.

She sold me the drugs and later instructed me on how to take it, I bought pure water and took the drugs. I got home and picked up my phone to see lots of messages from Gideon, he was raining curses on me. I be wan reply am oh, my mind come tell me say make I no bother myself, he called and called for days I no even gree pick.

The next day Ezekiel rushed to our house, when I see say na him I no gree open door. The sugar wey dey inside that my sugar-pot don make the guy go gaga, I no gree open door for am. When he knock tire he left. I no even try call Gideon and he didn’t call for days, one day like that he started apologising with text messages, I no reply. He called I no gree pick, I wan show am pepper. Loving someone so much make them feel like gods or your life support.

During Evening Gideon rushed to my house and knelt down.

Gideon: Gift no vex na.

Me: who be that girl wey dey sit down for your laps that day?

Gideon: na my cousin.

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Me: Je***! You dey kiss your cousin.

Gideon: em no mean anything na.

Me: no problem.

Gideon: you don forgive me?

Me: yes na, you don say sorry.

Gideon: kiss me.

Me: no.

Gideon: please na. I giggled and I did, he started touching me. Pressing my breastchester, oh gawd. he locked the door and jacked me inside, My heart was just beating fast for the make-up se-x.

He pulled my short skirt and my handless top, my brea-sts never big like that for me to wear bra*. He started su-cking my ni-pples, smooching them as I wiggled underneath the world of pleasure, He started fi-ngering me, oh! gosh! My toto we-t em fingers finish, he brought it and su-cked on them, naughty boy.

He started b-anging me, oh! gosh! he wore co-ndom on his kulikuli, skin to skin sweet pass am oh! if no be say night don cover we for do skin to skin. Gideon fu-ck me sotay to walk na wahala, I enjoyed the love making so much and my love for him tripled, after we did our interview for prefectship that term, I was announced to be the senior prefect girl.

I didn’t have chance that Friday and I decided to surprise my boyfriend the next day which was Saturday, early morning I rushed to his house so that I won’t meet his absence because he usually go to shop on that day. I wanted to knock when I started hearing funny sounds like “aaahh!” and “Ooohh”, ” scatter my toto” “give to me harder”, my hand started shaking and I rushed go window to go see wetin dey create that kind noise it must be a movie, I nearly wept and suicide entered my mind when I saw Gideon ba-nging one white witch, should I say carol white leader of different colors.

Our Elder say a hawk will not change its prey because it has swallowed a stone.