Flower Girl – Episode 9


Leonard’s POV

“ what is that stuff you are spraying on my cloth?” I asked and moved closer to Miranda

Miranda was shocked , she gasped in fear , she looked at me with the powder shaking in her hand , she ran out of the room

“ why is Miranda behaving strange all of a sudden , first she was seducing me , secondly , she was spraying a powder on my cloth

I moved closer to where my cloth lay ” I was confused for a second on either to touch the cloth or not , I decided to rub a tip of my finger on the powder on my cloth

I was staring at it wondering what type of powder it was, all of a sudden , it started itching me , my hand started irritating ,I scrubbed it with my second hand’s finger , when it continued itching me seriously , I started scrubbing it on the wall, but the pain only kept increasing , I went to the bathroom to wash it with soap and water, I was relieved a little bit but it still itch a little

I dressed up , but I didn’t wear that same cloth, I had ordered for a new set of cloth already. I walked outside

I went straight to the hospital with the clothes that Miranda sprayed power on

It was examined by the doctor and it was confirmed that the powder is a very strong itching powder and that it can lead to skin cancer

I can’t believe Miranda is trying to infect me with skin cancer

I left the hospital and went home


Leonard’s POV continues

I dressed at home and my driver drove me to school

My mind was on Miranda all night , I know she is not someone that could be so cruel, who are those teaching her negative stuffs.

Instead of going to my class, I went to her class first

She saw me and she bowed her head, It’s obvious she was feeling embarrassed because of what occurred between us yesterday

“ Miranda “ I called

She looked up shylishly

“ Leonard , I’m sorry for yesterday “ Miranda said

“ Sorry ! the powder can cause skin cancer , why did you want to spray a itching ppowder that can cause me skin cancer on my clothes ?” I asked

“ I’m sorry “ she said and lowered her head

“ tell me everything, who gave you the idea “ I sat beside her and asked

“ I’m now living with the X girls, they said you tried dating two among them , Stephanie and Erlone “ Miranda said

“ me ?” I said and arched my brow

“ you even sent a message of d**k to them “ Miranda said

“ my ghosh! I didn’t , why would I ? The day we went to the lawyer’s suit , after I got home , Peggy sent a message to me , the message stated that I should desist from you , that you are theirs and not mine . I do not understand what the message meant so I just ignored it

“ are u saying you didn’t send the message because I was shown and your name was written boldly as the sender “ Miranda said

“ trust me “ I said

“ does that mean my sisters are lying “ she questioned

“ there is no doubt , they are “ I said

“Miranda sighed and kept staring at her desk

“ Miranda , you have to be smart , I don’t trust the X giirls , why would you be friends with them , they are spoilt rich girls , they are ..” I said but I was interrupted by Miranda

“ stop it , I really do not know who to trust again , stop saying stuffs I don’t like about them

“ alright, shalll we go to the X girls together , I didn’t send the message “ I said

“ Leonard , I think you have to start going , I wanna have some breathing space “ Miranda said

I sighed , closed my eye, stood up and walked away

Miranda’s POV

I trust my sisters than I did Leonard, Men can be scum atimes

After we had finsihed class for the day , my sisters came to my class to escort me out and we went home

After I ran away from L eonard’s yesterday at the club, I ran out of the club to meet my sisters who were waiting for me in the car

I narrated how the plan failed , they didn’t respond neither do they scold me , they just told me to enter the car and we drove off

We were chatting about different things when we got home and in the middle of our merriment , I thought of telling them that Leonard said he is not responsible for the d**k message , but I kept it to myself

I think this might not be the rigght tiime to ask and they may think I trust Leonard than them.

We all ate and went to our various rooms to sleep

‘late at night ‘

I heard a knob twist on my door, I was going through some tweets on my timeline on twitter as at that time of the night . I checked my time , it was 1: 05 am

“ who could that be “ I thought as I raised my head and saw the person entered

It was Peggy

I sat down very well on the bed and watched her enter

She smiled and without saying a word, she sat beside me , she gazed at my face lustfully , her tongue were licking her lower lips and her body was being twisted like she is seducing , she placed her arms around my neck and rubbed it gently . I started feeling uncomfortable .

Peggy moved her lips closer to mine and pecked me at my check . she turned my head to look her face

“ you will be so sweet “ she said and stretched her arms towards my brea$t.

I jerked in fear and pushed her hand away

“ Peggy , I do not understand what is happenning here “ I said boldly

“ calm down girl, you are now ours “ Peggy said

“ what do u mean” I asked fretfully

“ I mean no harm Miranda, but lesbianism is no big deal , I’ll teach you everything about it and trust me , you gonna enjoy every bit of it . Have you ever wondered why we did not have any boyfriend neither are we willing , men are scum, my sisters and I know how to satisfy ourselves .and with the way you look, your pu$$y willl be sweeter than honey “ Peggy said and brushed her hand around my neck with her tongue stretched out

My body was aching all of a sudden , I can’t believe the X girls I had trusted to be responsible and dignified are practicing lesbianism , my church pastor has thought me before my mum died that lesbianism is a sin .

“ I will never practice such “ I thought decisively and stood up

“ No! , that is not possible “ I said and stood up

“ really ?” Peggy said and stood up

“ you see, I know tthat you may not agree easily because you have not known how sweet it is , the food we ate at dinner , I put in your food a drug that willl increase your urge for sex , In the next five minutes , you will be begging for this “ Peggy said and walked towards the exit of my room

“ Peggy “ I called

“ yeah “ she replied

“ do you guys love me ?” I asked

“ of course we do , why do you think I wanna have sex with you “ Peggy replied

“ you can’t have sex with me , sex should be between a man and a woman not a woman and a woman , it is a sin “ I said

“ preacher, preach on” you have two minutes more to start begging for it “ Peggy said

“ did you really drugged me ,you want me to do what is against my will “ I said

“ Your will does not matter here , our will is what keeps us going , we have to be on the same lane “Peggy said

All of sudden , I felt a tingling sensation on my kitty cat , I felt blood runniing towards my v****a, the urge for sex started to rise inside of me , I was scared , scared that what Peggy said was coming true

I tried to control myself but the wetness had already soaked my pant

I was trying to put myself under control but I felt like if a d**k is not entering my v****a very soon , I may fall and die

Peggy noticed this and came closer to me , her presence was irritating because I still have a bit of my mind in control .

Peggy stripped herself naked and turned her back at me . she shook her a$$ and moved her a$$ towards my v****a , she brushed her a$$ around my v****a and I moan out loud , she was enjoying the effect she and the drug she drugged me with was having on me

She pushed me to the bed with a tip off her finger and I sunk on the bed without resisting.

She pulled off my pants and stretched my two legs wide opened , I suddenly noticed that she was holding a diildo that looks exactly like a d**k . she bent gently and sucked the wetness of my v****a

I mourned out loud and the carnal part of me was enjoying it

“ I need that thing inside me “ I said like I’m gonna go crazy anytime if that dildo is not entering my pu$$y

“ calm down girl, she replied, I thought you said lesbianism is a sin , but u are enjoying it now , sin is sweet “ she said and smiled

She lay flat on me and brought her lips closer to mine , she locked her lips with mine and started kissing it , I was enjoying it , I grabbed her head the more , pulled it closer to me and kissed her deeply , when she realized that I was not gonna stop the kiss soon ,she forcefuully disengaged and centered the dildo around my pu$$y , I can’t wait for her to pull it in

She did , she inserted it gently and I moaned out loud

“ deeper “ I cried

“ she inserted it more and started pulling and pushing the dildo inside my v****a

“ this is sweet “ I said as I grabbed tighly the bedsheets around me as if I would pull it off

“ yeah, sin is sweet “ I heard her say

It went on and on for some minutes, she removed the dildo when she realized that I had cum, she watched me relax and faded off to sleep

I woke up few minutes later and saw her using her two fingers to f**k me hard

“ you got a tight pu$$y Miranda “ she said when she noticed I had wake up, she kept on thrusting her fingers

I am beginning to regain myself a little , It started to occur to me that I had practice lesbianism with Peggy

“ Now it’s your turn , come and do all what I’ve done for you to me “ Peggy said and lay beside me

I looked at her and she smirked and giggled

“ come on girl “ she said

By this time I had fully reganied my consciousness, I felt as if God would kill me any moment

I remembered my pastor told me that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because they were practicing same gender sex

An overwhelming guilt engulfed me , I felt bad . I raised my body from the bed and sat upright

The more I look at Peggy , the more the anger in me arose

The guilt was making me loose myself , I pretended like I wanted to sleep on her , she had stretched her legs wide, her pant had being off already , I watched her and saw wickedness in her face, she made me act against my will

I clenched my fist,then loosened it

“ I would not wait for God to punish her for what she had done , I’m gonna punish her myself “ I thought and smirked

She giggled expecting me to start what she did with me earlier

I rammed my hand on her cheek, the slap sounded like a thunder and the shape of my fingers could be easily seen on her fresh face

“ what have I done “ i asked myself after I realized that I should not have acted so irrational

After I had slapped Peggy ,she was not moving , she remained still

I stood up from her and thought of running away but I realize she was not moving any part of her body . I moved closer to her hoping that it will not be the evil thought that is currently running across my mind

I placed my fingers underneath her nose to feel her breath but I could not feel her breathing

To be continued