Flower Girl – Episode 10


Miranda’s POV

“Peggy, Peggy,” I called but she was not responding. I stood up from her and I arched my brow when it occurred to me that I must have killed someone.

I think of how I’m gonna spend the rest of my life in jail for murdering my friend

I walked to the exit, I held the door’s knob, I turned my head to see Peggy lying still. My heart beat increased.

I was confused, I do not know if I should go outside or do some stuffs like recuperation

I do not know how to do recuperation, I also thought of pressing her heart, maybe she can recover, hundreds of ideas were coming to my head but I was scared to carry out any

“Miranda, you slapped me” Peggy’s voice sounded gently

I moved closer to where she was and squatted behind the bed

“I’m sorry , Peggy, you forced me to do what is against my will” I said pleadingly

“I had to pretend as if I’m dead, your thin hand cannot have any effect on my cheek, Peggy said and sat upright on the bed

Peggy dropped her leg off the bed and stood up, she went to the exit , held the door’s knob and turned her head. she smirked at me and walked out.

I was standing fretfully. I do not know the next action Peggy is gonna take.

” I better start going back to my mum’s house” I thought and went towards the cupboard . I’m happy that Peggy did not die.

I packed all my clothes.

I sunk on the bed and slept off

I woke up early in the morning, I bathed and dressed.

I carried my luggage and went out of my room to the sitting room

I met the X girls sitting and watching a movie at the sitting room

I was expecting them to say something, but they kept their gaze at the TV and pretended as though they did not see me.

I walked outside and took a cab to my mum’s house

Charles was surprise to see that I came unexpected

“Why did you come all of a sudden? i thought you are suppose to be visiting us every Sunday” Charles asked

“And is that your business, It’s my mother’s house” I said

“Adopted mother though” Charles said and giggled

I felt like he was mocking me

“well, I think an adopted daughter who has access to all what her adopted mother has is far better than a common driver who spends all his life serving a woman” I said

Charles didn’t respond, he simply bent his head and walked away

I’m happy I gave him a reply he deserves.

I dropped my luggage in the room and dressed for school

“I’m ready for school” I said to Charles after I stepped down from my room to the living room

“Alright” He said and walked towards the car, he opened the car’s door for me and I stepped into the car

He went to the drivers side and drove me to school

Unlike other times when Charles would have brought up a conversation, he was silent all the times we were inside the car.

He drove me to school and I stepped down from the car

Charles and I aren’t cool, I didn’t bother to bade him goodbye. I walked towards my class

I got to my class and I saw the X girls and my class mates who were standing as if they were expecting me

I kept mute and walked amidst the crowd towards my seat

They all started gyrating

“f**k em b***h , f**k em b***h”

Before I could look back, they had being throwing all sort of Garbage’s at me.

I used my hand to guide my face

Some students poured flowers on me, some poured water on me and all sort of Garbages

There is no one to help me , after I had being satisfactory mocked , I looked at the X girls who were smirking at me, I knew they were the one that mobilize my colleagues against me

I’m stinking, I do not know where to go

I can’t stay in school, It’s really embarrassing with the way my body is

I walked out of the school compound and was walking pass the street

I would have called Charles to come and pick me but we aren’t in good terms

A car suddenly parked beside me, and before I could know what is happening , i found myself in a well furnished room, lay on the bed

“What am I doing here” I asked a mistress who was standing by my side

“You welcome ma” the mistress replied

I arced my brow and adjusted my seat

“Please answer my question, how did I get here?’ I questioned

” please follow me ma” The mistress said and took a step

I stood up from the bed and noticed that my cloth had being changed and it was now looking adorable

“Was I bathed? Who bathed me? The person must have see my nakedness” I thought irritatingly and followed the woman

She took me through the hallway, up stairs and I must say that the house is so beautiful

“Is this a royal house?” i asked the mistress

The mistress smirks without turning to look at me

I looked to her face expecting a reply but she kept mute

“Where are we going? Why aren’t you answering my question” I said

“Yeah, we are almost there ma” she said without answering the question

I was led to a very big and beautiful room, everywhere was adorned with flower, beautiful scents radiates the room, the floors were designed with gold, I could see my image on the floor, it was like glasses

The chairs are one of a kind. i was observing how exquisite the room was when I heard a masculine voice behind me

I turned my head and saw him

He smiled and moved closer to me

“Dalton!” I called

He giggled

“What’s funny? Did you kidnap me here?” I asked courageously

“I did what was right?” He said and blinked

“Its right to bring me here against my will, huh?” I said

“Miranda, do you know how much I love you? You are this girl that captivates my heart, I want you, I love you” Dalton said

“Is that all, okay, let me start going”

“miranda, what I did may be wrong, but I did it because of love, I wanted us to have all the time in the world to talk” Dalton said

“Oh really! Okay, can I start going?” I asked

“Tell me you love me” he said

“Dalton, I do not love you” I said bluntly

“But you can try” He said

“It will never work” I replied

“Are you in love with anyone?” He asked

“No” I replied

“Why don’t you give me a chance?” He asked

” who are you?” I asked

“Miranda, I’m rich, brilliant and handsome” he said

“So am I, I’m rich, brilliant and beautiful” I said

“And that makes us a perfect match” He replied

“You are not my match” I said

“Why” he replied

“You betrayed your own brother, Jan, to the principal and the secretary, you are a betrayal and a bad boy” I said

“Yeah, I was, I did it because of you, the love I had for you was driving me crazy, I had apologized to Jan and he had forgiven me ” He said

“Okay” I replied

“Can it work?” He asked

“I want to start going home” I said

Dalton moved closer to me seductively and bowed his head gently in a way that made his head stayed directly opposite mine

I could perceive his breath, I do not know what he is up to

“I think you love me” he said and smiled

I smirked and shook my head

“This Dalton did not know that I was born with silver spoon, I had lost my mother, I spent three weeks on the street without shelter, I had experienced the worst, my mother claimed to fall in Love with my father not knowing that my father is a devil, how can a devil’s daughter fall in Love? I do not want the kind of life my mum lived, all men are like my father, they will treat me like my mother If I fall in love with them. To hell with men” I thought and took a step backward from Dalton

The more I remember how my father raped me, the more Dalton irritates me

“Dalton, please let me go home” I said

“Not until you kiss me” he replied

I smirked and looked at him

“Why don’t you rape me instead” I said and he arched his brow

“Miranda, I truly love you, why are you playing hard to get” Dalton said

I got furious with Dalton, I moved closer to him like I wanted to kiss him, he smiled and set his gaze on my face, I spit at his face

He arched his brow and touched his face, he felt my spit

“Miranda” he called as he checked the finger that he used to touch my spit on his face

“That is the punishment for kidnapping me , I can never love you, please do not waste your time ” I said

I watched as Dalton dashed away angrily

“Fool” I muttered and thought of how I’m gonna leave

“Miranda” A voice called from behind

I looked back and saw the flower boys

I wonder why they did not all go to school today

Jan, Jack and Gus walked towards me

“Miranda, kindly have your seat” Gus said

“Why? I wanna leave ?” i replied

“Without eating something” Jack said

My mind drifted to my stomach and that was when I realized that I was truly hungry

I sat down gently and Jack signaled to the chef standing at the entrance

After few minutes, the food and drink was served

“Is this drinks safe?” I said holding the cup

Jack looked at Gus and smiled, he collected the drink from me and sipped everything in

I arched my brow and spoke gently

“I’m sorry”

They all smiled without uttering a word

I poured myself another glass of wine and drank

“This is so sweet” I said and took the beef on the glass plate

I chewed a part of it and it was so delicious

“Oh my! This your cooks are really good in cooking” I said while chewing the meat

They all smiled. Jack and Gus were watching me as I was eating

I wondered why they were watching me

I ate so much more than I could have taken

I started feeling like vomiting

I stood up and covered my mouth

“Please show me to the toilet” I tried hard to say

Jan stood up at once and held me by the hand to the toilet

We got to the toilet and I vomited , I rinsed my face and used a towel to clean my hand and face

“Sorry” jan said

I looked up at Jan and I saw a handsome face, I felt like hugging him

I was a bit tipsy because i drank too much

He came closer to me and held me by my hand

“Are you okay now? Can we leave now” Jan said

I do not want Jan to leave me, I suddenly rested my body on his shoulder like someone that is loosing consciousness

He was not expecting it, I fell down in the process , while he was trying to do everything possible for me not to fall, his leg slipped and he fell on me

His body was laying flat on me and his head was directly opposite mine

His nose was almost touching my nose

His lips were not far from mine

“Is he about to kiss me? ” I thought

To be continued