Flower Girl – Episode 11


Miranda’s POV

“Jan” Miranda called and Jan stared at me

“Stand up please” I pleaded

Jan stood up and gazed at me

“Jan, I’m sorry, I know it’s my fault, I’m sorry, I was just a bit tipsy” I said

“It’s alright, lets move” he said and held me by my arms as we walked out of the bathroom

“Flower boys, I have to start going” I said facing Jan, Jack and Gus

“It’s alright, but allow one of our drivers to drive you home ” Jack said and I nodded

Their driver drove me home.

My mum has not arrived yet, Just her workers were around including Charles

I walked into the living room

“Miranda” Charles called

I ignored and went straight to my room, I found a letter at the entrance of my room

I bent and picked it, I twisted the knob of the door and I walked inside

I sunk on the bed and sighed heavily, I sat conveniently and opened the letter

It reads;

Hi Miranda, I know you are cold towards me and you see me as an ordinary servant , but I have my worth. Ever since I set my eye on you, I have this feeling of Love towards you. Miranda, I Love you, Please think about it very well

From Charles

I read the letter and smile

“That must have being the reason why he was asking me who is he to me some days ago when we were inside the car” I smiled and shook my head

I stood up and went to the bathroom to take a shower

I sat on the bed and began to imagine all that happened in the Flower boy’s house

“What if Jan had kissed me” I thought

“No, no no, I don’t like that , Jan is not worth it. Jan is truly handsome and he has a good heart. I like him but I know I do not have any feelings towards him

His handsomeness can drive any girl crazy

His smile is so seductive

I just do not love him. The person that my mind has always desired is Leonard.

Leonard had never confessed his love for me

I also didn’t know if he has a girlfriend or not

I sighed after a while of thinking and I slept off

I woke up the following day and dressed up

I stepped down the staircase from my room to the living room

Charles is well dressed waiting for me

” let’s move ” I said and he went to the car to open the door for me

I stepped in and he went to the drivers seat and kicked off the car

The car started moving and I brought a tiny mirror taking a look at the cream and powder I applied on my face

“I just wish Leonard will notice how beautiful my face and comment something nice, Oh my! I will be so happy” I thought and smiled and blushed

Imagine that I got to school and Leonard came to my class and before I could even speak, he has hugged me and pecked me on my forehead. Oh my!

I was enjoying the way I was thinking about Leonard , he looks so real in my thought

I kept smiling and I kept checking my pinafore uniform to see if it fit perfectly

“Miranda” Charles called as he drives

I raised my head and stare at his face on the front mirror

“You seems very happy today” Charles said

I smirked

“And how is that your business” I almost said but it got struck in my throat

I opened my mouth and close it

“You wanted to say something , say it” Charles said

I giggled and smirked

“If he only he knows how poisonous what I wanted to say will be to him, I just do not like this boy” I thought

“Miranda, you aren’t talking, did you see the letter I sent yesterday” Charles said and the smile in his face got broader

I smirked and finally spoke


“Yes” he said

“Aren’t you old enough to be my brother” I said

“Yeah, but I ain’t gonna marry my mate ” Charles said and giggled

“Well, Charles, I ain’t interested in the love sh*t” I said

“I didn’t expect you to give me a positive reply, but I know that in time, you gonna fall in Love with me” He said

“Fall in love… With you?” i said selectively

“Yeah, you see! miranda, I truly Love you, I ain’t one of those school boys that will date you for a while and break up with you, I ain’t that kind of person, I’m gonna take care of you…” He said and I interrupted

“Even as a driver ” I said

“Yeah, I may be a driver today, but I’m gonna be somebody big tomorrow, trust me” He said


“Trust me, the most important things is that I love you, Love is what matter the most” He said

“Okay” I said

We got to the school and he parked, stepped down to open the owners door for me, I stepped out and walked away without bade him good bye

“Miranda” Charles called , I stopped abruptly but I did not look back

“Miranda, I love you, sorry for the conflict we had some days ago, I’m not gonna hurt you with the words of my mouth again” Charles said

I walked away without replying

Lecture had being cool so far, With the way the lecturers teach, it’s very easy for me to grab all their lectures

The time for long break clock and I was thinking of where to go

I packed my stuffs on the locker and I felt a arm on my shoulder

I turned my head and noticed Leonard standing and smiling

I almost shook, my heart beat. i arched my brow and stood up and imagined myself hugging him

“Let’s go to the empty room beside the library to have some fun” Leonard said

“Oh really” I said and he nodded

I finished what I was doing hurriedly on my locker and I followed him to the room

“I just want us to have some fun here” Leonard said

“Alright” I said shylishly,

“I’m sorry for the way I behaved the last time you came to my class, I have left the X girls place, they are lesbians, I’m sorry for not trusting you, It’s obvious they lied on you” I said

“I’m happy you are free from their shell, the X girls are one of a kind in this school, they do not have boyfriends , they are known in this school for bullying students, they take pride in their wealth, associating with them will be very bad” Leonard said

“I trusted them at first because of how they helped you when you were about to be expel from school, If not for them, you would have being expelled from school” I said

“I understand too, thanks to them, but they probably did it so you can trust them easily and then , they can use you for what they wanna use you for

I sighed lightly

I looked at his smooth and handsome face and he looked at me and smiled

We kept looking at ourselves and the whole atmosphere was quiet

I imagined him bringing his head towards me and kissing me

He didn’t know what I was thinking, I just kept smiling

He lowered his head

” you are beautiful Miranda” He said and I blushed

“Thanks” I replied

He looked towards my hair and I lowered my head

“He is looking at my hair, I think he likes it” I said and lowered my head and blushed

I raised my head and looked at his face

“Leonard, do you have a girlfriend?” i asked

“No” he replied

“Erm… Are you in love with anyone?” I asked

“No” He said bluntly

“Not even me” I thought

“Are you crushing on anyone?” I asked

“No” He replied and his reply struck my heart like a knife

I remembered the question that Charles asked me when we were inside the car some days ago and I asked him

“Who am I to you?” I asked

He smiled

He lowered his head

After some seconds

He raised his head

He kept smiling and moved closer to me

“You are my friend” He said

“A friend?” I asked

“Yeah” he said

“Erm… Do you ..love me” I said in my heart

He couldn’t perceive what I was thinking

I was scared to ask him if he loves me

“What if he says no, that will be bad” I thought

I do not want that

I think I should profess my love for him

Oh no! Not yet, It will be too early

What if he has fallen in love with another person before I was able to confess my Love for him

I’m really confused right now ” I thought as I looked at him

“Miranda, what are you thinking about?” He asked

“Nothing” I said and I smiled

“Let’s go the game room and play some games ” He said and I nodded

We went out of the room and walked to the game room , we had a lot of fun there before we dispersed to our classes

Weeks passed by and It was time for our first semester examination

We wrote the examination

The result was announced the following week, we all went to the school board where our results were pasted

I was the best student in my department

Jan was the best student in the flower boys and X girls class

Leonard was among the last ten students in his class

“He must have checked his result” I thought and felt bad for Leonard.

I Love him even though he is not brilliant academically, I know that he must be good in one thing or the other , all l know is that I love him” I thought as I stayed behind the school board

Many students were checking their results and reacting differently

I felt a arm tap me from the back

I turned my head and by body

It was Jan

I arched my brow

He smiled

“I was told you led your class” Jan said

“Yeah” I replied

“I led my class too” Jan said and smiled


“Did you know the prize the school is giving us?” He said

“What?” I asked

“We will be sponsored to Billionaires Island, just the two of us to have fun

” oh really?” I said

“Yeah, everybody has always wanted to visit the place. For me, I cant’t wait and I’m happy that we will be going together” Jan said and smiled

“See you there Miranda” He said and smiled and walked away

“What!” I thought

After three days that the result had being posted, the ‘first semester end’ programme of the school was held and I was called out as the best student in my class

Jan was also called out as the best student in his class

Just as Jan as said

The principal said the school is sponsoring the two of is to the Billionaire’s Island as a prize for our hardwork

While we stood before the crowds of student , I watched Leonard buried his head on his palm amidst the crowd

I know he is not happy

The principal congratulated us and signaled for us to go to our sit

“Should I follow Jan to Billionaires Island?

” How will Leonard feel?

To be continued