Flower Girl – Episode 12 Final


Final Episode

These two criminals showing on your screen has being accused and persecuted for raping hundreds of innocent girls. The dark tall one showing on your screen is a pastor of a church in Washington DC, This second white man standing beside him is his worker . The police raided the compound of the pastor’s house and found out that he had a lot of innocent girls in his custody that he is raping every time he feels like.

Finally, the wickedness of this men has caught up on them and they have being sentenced to death by hanging

Miranda switched off the television, she buried her head in her palm and sobbed

Miranda told the school management that she is not interested in going to the Billionaire’s Island

The school board persuaded her to go and told her how fun the place would be, but she refused

The school board had no choice but to give the prize to the student with the second position

Miranda’s POV

After I left the school board, I went to meet Leonard who was waiting for me outside

“Leonard, lets move” I said and took a step

“We haven’t concluded Miranda, should we go to your house or mine?” Leonard said

“Well, actually, my mum is around, and she’s cool” I said

“My parent are not around, let’s just go to my place” Leonard said

I agreed and followed Leonard to his house

His house really looked beautiful

“I like this” I said

“You mean my house”


Leonard smiled , I sat down in the living room and watched the television briefly before he returns , what I saw shocked me

He showed me the interior of his house

He took me to his room and we both sat down on the bed looking at ourselves

I do not know what Leonard is thinking but deep down inside of me , I wanted him to kiss me

“Should I try to kiss him first. What if he rejects it, I’m gonna feel bad, no, I won’t” I thought as I looked at his handsome face

“What are you thinking” He said in a tiny voice

“Nothing precisely” I said

“Miranda” Leonard called

I arched my brow without answering

My facial expression is waiting for what he called me for

“I like you” Leonard said and a broad smile formed on my face unconsciously

I blushed inside and lowered my head

He moved closer to me and rapped his right hand on my shoulder

He pecked me and I blushed

I placed my head on his chest and he rubbed my hair

“I like you too” I said inaudibly

I was scared to say it out, my mouth moved but I guess he didn’t hear what I said

“He disengaged a little and looked at my face

“Miranda, did you like me?” Leonard asked

I smiled and kept quiet

He kept staring at me

I hugged him tight without saying a word

He smiled as he rubbed my back

“I love you”I said like a kid and he giggled

” I love you Miranda” he said

I smiled and he helped me gently to lay on the bed

I lay my head on his chest as we lay on the bed while he placed his hand on my back

I slept off

I woke up some hours later and found myself still lay on the bed with my head still on his chest, he was fast asleep as well

I stood up gently, cleaned myself in his bathroom and woke him

“Mum must have being expecting you at home” Leonard said as he rubbed his hand on his face as I wake him up

“Yeah, I have to start going home ” I said and he stood up from the bed

He hugged me and he pecked me

“See you soon” I said

“Call me” He replied

I went home

“Miranda, I had being waiting for you” my mum said

“I’m sorry mum, actually, I went to a friend’s place ” I said

“it’s alright, any gist for me?”


“Tell me?”

“Its about Charles”



“What about him, what did he do?”

“Mum, could you believe that he wrote me a letter”

“A letter” my mum said and arched her brow

“Yeah, a love letter” I said and hurried to my room to get the letter from where I kept it and showed it to my mum

She collected it and read through it

She put a call through to Charles and he came within few minutes

“Charles” my mum called

“Yes ma’am” he said and lowered his head

“You really disappointed me” my mum said and Charles rose up his head to see what made my mum disappointed

My mum showed him the letter he wrote to me

He opened his mouth like he wanted to say something and closed it back

My mum adjusted on her sit and look sternly at him

“I’m sorry ma’am” He pleaded and bowed his head

My mum dipped her hand inside her bag and brought a leaflet . she wrote something there and stretched her hand for Charles to collect

“Have this” my mum said stretching out her hand with the letter to Charles

Charles joined his two palms together like he wanted to clap and rubbed it

“Please don’t sack me ma, It was a mistake” He pleaded and I had pity on him

“I’m not sacking you Charles, take this first” My mum said

Charles who was obviously scared of what the leaflet contains carefully collected the leaflet.

He checked it and raised his brow

“That is a cheque of $5, 000, 000 , go and start something with your life, you can not keep working for me” my mum said and I watched Charles for his reaction

He simply nodded

“Thank you ma” he said and walked away

“Mum, he is no more working for you, won’t you miss him” I said facing my mum

“I won’t, I will employ a better driver who is not gonna spoil you like him. So, tell me, you said you went to meet a friend , who is this friend” my mum asked

“His name is Leonard and I like him” I said

“Oh really! I will like to see him, I was also informed that you stopped living with the X girls” my mum said

“Yes ma’am, they are lesbians, so, I had to leave” I said

“Spoilt people everywhere” my mum said

“Intact, when I got to school the following day, they turned my classmates against me and they all molested me” I said

“Sorry dear, I’ve already opted for your transfer, you are gonna change school” my mum said and I giggled

“Really!” I exclaimed

“Yeah” She replied as she nodded

I frowned my face all of a sudden

“What?” my mum asked

“Leonard, I will miss Leonard” I said

“If he is willing, I can work the school transfer out for the both of you”

“Oh, he should agree to following me to another schooll, I will tell him, thanks mum”

“Its alright my daughter ”



“When I got to Leonard’s house, before he began to show me how beautiful his house was

I sat down in the sitting room and I was watching the television, mum! Did you believe I saw the devil and his boss” I said

“The devil?” My mum exclaimed

“Yeah, my dad and that pastor that raped me then” I said

“What! What were they doing on the TV?” My mum asked

“They were being accused of raping hundreds of girl and had being persecuted to die by hanging” I said

“Oh! Your dad and that pastor are gonna die by hanging” My mum said

“Yes mum” I said and I saw the image of my real mum

How we use to play together, how she helped me and raised me up all alone .

I remembered the day I went to the kitchen to greet my mum as usual only for me to discover that she was dead

The pain of loosing your loved ones cannot be quantified

Tears had already being rolling from my eyes , my adopted mum hugged me tight and I kept remembering both lovely days with mum and that painful day with pastor and dad

The day my own father raped me and the pastor too

How they disposed me in an unknown street

Thank goodness I rejected the offer of that Prostitute rich woman who gave me an offer to become a prostitute , If not, I would have being a prostitute today

All thanks to Mrs. Beatrice, my adopted mum, who had mercy on me and made me her adopted mother

“Thank you mum” I said

My adopted mum sighed and pecked me on my head

The End.