False Pretense Episode 62


Ise was quite awake now but couldn’t help a yawn escaping him“Theres a governors wife or so in there.”

“So? They couldn’t move her out? I need to speak with Dr. Adebayo about this …. She should be in a better room than this one.” Kite’s eyes widened

“ em…I’m really okay here, Sir” she said quickly “it’s really comfortable, thank you, Sir.” She was nervous as hell, this was the Chief, in the flesh, she hoped she didn’t faint again.

Sneaking a glance at Ise, she saw him looking at her, a small smile on his face, he knew what she was going through. Her eyes pleaded with him to help her out of this situation, it was too much for her to handle at the moment, being in the spotlight like this to his parents.

“You’re sure?” It was Ise’s mom now. The woman was by her side and looking at her differently, like she really cared. Gone was that stony, cold and demeaning look, Kite had begun to get used to every time she saw her.

“Yes ma, I’m very sure….. it’s good to see you’re also doing well.” Kite ventured, recalling the woman had been having some sort of attack when they’d been accosted on the road.

“Yes, it was all thanks to you, for stepping in for me the way you did, taking charge of the situation, negotiating with the kidnappers and taking care of this cry baby” she joked pointing at Jeje who frowned at her. Kite shook her head, but she hadn’t done anything

“ I….don’t think I did anything out of the ordinary, I just thank God they were willing to listen to me.”

“Seriously Kite, you did a lot,” Jeje interjected “You kept a calm head all through everything, how did you get out?” She recalled those few minutes, how she’d struggled with the guy in the backseat of the vehicle purposing to herself that she was going to get out. Ise was already there, all she needed was to get to him by any possible means, and then she’d gotten away but now, she suddenly felt quite emotional, she’d only just narrowly escaped being killed for crying out loud and the weight of it all was dawning on her.

She’d been through an ordeal where she’d known she was going to be killed, how had she managed to keep it together all through without breaking down? Ise read her discomfort and immediately stepped in

” Okay guys…. Can we please save the inquisition for later.” Ise told his sister “She’s still recovering from this, so she’ll need a little time to get a hang of things.”

“Yeah, that’s true. We just wanted to make sure she was doing alright.” Chief Williams said “We’ll leave now. I’d like to speak with the doctor first, Tunde, Jeje, let’s leave them for a while”

It was obvious Jeje didn’t want to leave just yet, she cast Kite an apologetic glance just before turning to leave “I’ll come back to see you.” She assured her and Kite smiled her thanks.

After his family had left, Kite let out her breath, she’d not even known she’d been holding it, having his parents around her like that had been so overwhelming. Is that how it would be every time she had to meet them? She wasn’t planning on sticking around for much longer anyway, his family was really scary even when they were being really nice. Ise turned on her

“Had you been awake long before they came in?” He asked.

“No, not really, I only just woke up.” She replied, why was he looking at her so closely, like he was trying to read her mind, did he suspect her change of heart about their relationship?

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” He asked

“I didn’t want to disturb you, you look like you need to rest. I know these past few days were not easy for you, it’s all on your face.” He nodded,

“Yeah, I was so scared something bad would happen, that I wouldn’t get to you in time and I almost didn’t too. I would definitely have missed you if you hadn’t jumped out of the vehicle the way you did. It was a close one, you’re one hell of a girl, Kite” He said, beaming at her “getting away with just a sprained ankle, it could have been worse. Vicky might be out of her mind, but you… you’re on another level.” He joked with a smile. Kite’s eyes widened

“ How did you find out it was Vicky?”

“Just some minutes ago, thanks to… thanks to your former boyfriend.” Kite frowned, confused and Ise continued “long story, don’t worry but he had a hand in finding you, he helped with Intel, the police is on her tail and I can assure you that we’ll get her.”

“so… you and Izu worked together?” She couldn’t believe it, she had a lot to catch up on. He nodded

“Funny right?”

“Yeah… and hows my mom?” she asked eagerly “My brothers, do they know?”

“I sort of kept them out of the loop, I didn’t want to get them worried, but you need to get in contact with them, just to assure them you’re alright. I did inform your friend, Lucky though and sent a text that you were alright now.”

“Oh, thanks. I really didn’t want my family knowing.”

“Yeah, that was lucky considering it was all over the news.” Her eyes widened

“It was on the news? You mean I was on the news? My picture or what?”

“Just your name, no picture. It had to be there, you’re my fiancée after all, that makes you quite important.” Kite paused, fiancée? When had she accepted a proposal request from him? They were still seeing if this relationship would work, she wasn’t in the fiancée zone yet. “What is it, Kite?” He asked, sensing the sudden mood change.

“What do you mean?” she asked back

“As soon as I said the word ‘fiancée’, your face dropped, it wasn’t hard to see.”

“Well…. I haven’t actually agreed to a proposal yet.”

“yeah, not yet but I don’t see why you wouldn’t …eventually.” She sighed

“You’re being too pushy, Ise. This relationship has issues and we can’t ignore them just because of what we feel for each other. What if our feelings aren’t just enough? Just before the abduction, we had a fight, where you accused me that I might have ulterior motives being with you.” Ise sighed

“I’m sorry about that, it was just part of my shock from Kenny’s revelation, I didn’t mean it, I know better.” She sighed wondering how long before another episode like that would occur again; this was the wrong time to be breaking up with him. She should at least get to spend some time with him, get out of this hospital and the damn bandages on her foot, but the more she prolonged it, the worse it would get.

“What is it?” He asked, now watching her closely.

“Nothing, I’m fine.” She clipped

“You’re sure? I’m getting some sort of vibe from you, like…..there’s something wrong.”

“there’s nothing really.” she said again, now wasn’t the time to discuss the inevitable end of their relationship.

“Are you mad because I couldnt find you in time? I tried my best Kite, I really did but I kept getting dead ends. I….”

“Ise, please, it’s not that at all. You saved me in the end. It was when I saw you, I found the courage to get out of the vehicle. You saved me, Ise, don’t you know?”

“Then what is it? I know you and I know there’s something.”

“Now is not the time Ise, please.”

“Kite,” he squeezed her hand “whatever it is , I promise you it’s not a problem to me, you can tell me, it won’t make a dent in how I feel about you. Did…” He took in a ragged breath “Did those goons do anything to you, physically, mentally?”

“Hell no, they didn’t touch me inappropriately, nothing like that happened.”

“Then please put me out of this misery and talk to me, dammit, I need to know whatgoing on with you.” Kite sighed

” I don’t think now is the best time to talk about this but since you insist, I have no choice.” She took a deep breath “it’s you and me, we’re not working and we’re never going to work!”

“Whoa!” He said taken aback

“Ise, theres no point trying to garnish things, or acting like we don’t see it when it’s glaringly in our faces, I could never fit into your lifestyle, I’ll always be an outcast to your family and friends. Vicky said somethings and she was right, you might be in love with me now but later…..when this feeling wears off, you just might come to your senses and realize we aren’t compatible.” Ise frowned

“So now we are taking advice from a psychopath?” Kite rolled her eyes

“She might be nuts but she is right! Your mother despises me for crying out loud!”

“My mom doesn’t …..”

“Yes she does, the looks she gives me and she even offered me twenty million naira to stay away from you!” She blabbed uncontrollably before she could stop herself and saw the instant change in him.

“She did what?” He asked quietly, too quietly. Kite became scared, she shouldn’t have told him, he was going to confront his mother and Kite didn’t want that.

“I…I.. didn’t mean to tell you that, I..look Ise, I get her, she’s only doing What’s best for you…I understand her plight, she has your best interest at heart.” She said hurriedly trying to calm him down but it wasn’t working, he was mad.

He got up quietly from his seat beside her and took a short walk to the window peering out of it, thoughtful. What she’d just said about his mother had obviously cut him deep. He started, still looking out the window

“ Many people think I’m pushy, I’m controlling, I go after whatever I want and so help me, I almost always get it. That’s the way I am, I recognize what I want, why I want it and I go for it ….. at that time, it might not be the best decision to others but as long as my instinct and gut feel right about it, I go with it. I don’t give a tenth of a damn what any other bloody person feels or thinks, it’s what I want and I’ve got to have it. All I heard you talk about was how Vicky said this, my family and friends will feel this, my mom did that, but for once you never said what you,” he paused for effect “What you want for us. I want to hear you, I want you to talk about what you want for us because frankly, Kite, I honestly do not care what anyone else thinks. That is their problem, I only care about what do you want?”

“Ise, but…”

“What. Do. You. Want. Kite?” He said, closing the blinds and looking at her now, holding her eyes, unable to bear it’s intensity, she looked away.

“But you know they’re right.”

“What do you want, dammit!” He raised his voice this time making Kite jump. “Tell me what you want right now! If you don’t want us together anymore, let me know and I will never bother you again because….” His voice shook, he paused and continued, giving her an unwavering stare “because the only way I’m ending this is if you say so.”

Kite was looking at her hands, here was the moment of truth, she’d asked for this, this was what she wanted, wasn’t it? She felt so awful but she knew what had to be done, she would get through it eventually. Time healed all wounds, didn’t it? It would surely heal this one, wouldn’t it? The ball was now in her court and she had to do this. Still looking at her hands she said quietly

“ I… I want out of this relationship.” She heard his sharp intake of breath before his caustic

“Fine.” He began to leave the room, making his way for the door when he suddenly changed his mind and turned back to the bed, coming for her, her eyes widened, what did he plan to do?

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Ise wasn’t leaving without one last kiss from her, if he was indeed walking away, he needed a parting gift from her, something to always remember her by, so he charged back to the bed where she lay, Shock written all over her features and keeping her immobile. Placing his hands on either side of her, he bent, his determined eyes holding her confused ones, their lips met and he felt that familiar surge of energy go through his entire being. She closed her eyes feeling it too, letting out a light moan. She didn’t resist him, how could she? She was defenseless against him but refused to acknowledge it.

He deepened the kiss, his lips fawning over hers, teasing her till she parted hers for him, her warm mouth inviting him in, a hand creeping up his arm. That was when he stopped himself going further, he didn’t trust what would happen if he did and he had promised her he wouldn’t bother her ever.

So he pulled away from her, straightening up as he took one last look at that angelic face with the aroused eyes, the image engraved upon his soul. He would miss her, he thought, turning around and leaving her presence without another word.

As he closed the door behind him, he thought he heard her call his name but decided it was his mind playing tricks on him, she’d told him she wanted out and he would respect her wishes even if it killed him. Struggling to hold himself together he walked out to the lobby of the hotel where he ran into his family. They were also just leaving, Jeje was with his mother while his dad was having a conversation with the family doctor and owner of the hospital, Dr. Adebayo.

“Are you leaving already, Ise?” His mom asked him with a knowing smile, she’d missed the look of annoyance on his face “ I thought you wouldn’t leave her side now that you have her back?” He turned on her

“Well, thanks to you, she wants me to leave her! You’re relieved now, aren’t you? Your wish has finally come to pass.” He shook his head, fixing her with a demeaning look “I would never have believed that you could resort to bribery. Twenty million right? How did you feel when she didn’t take you up on your offer? Did it occur to you that she wasn’t after money? Or was it when she stood in your place, to be kidnapped on your behalf that you began seeing her for who she really is? I had a girl who was worth more than gold but thanks to you and others she wants nothing to do with me. Thank you very much, mother!”

His words hit her with shock and he was glad to see the pain that passed through her features. Good, he wanted someone else to hurt the way he was hurting. She deserved it, she’d contributed a huge deal to this. She should celebrate since she had won. Finally it was over.

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