False Pretense Episode 61


“So you mean you won’t talk to your son, ehn?” Mrs. Omotunde Williams had been hounding her husband since Ise had told her he was taking matters personally into his hands.

“Motunde, Ise is a grown man and I won’t interfere with his decisions, he has enough sense of his own, if he feels he can do this, then I can’t stop him.”

“You can’t stop him? Wole? This is our only son! What if anything happens to him? What if.. what if… he gets shot! Wole, are you not worried? Anyway, thats how you men are, I was the one who carried him for nine months, I was the one who took care of him till he became this so called adult!” she spat. “Now he has become a man and doesnt have to listen to me anymore!” Chief Wole Williams shook his head as he watched his beloved wife ranting and raving her head off

“Calm down, Motunde. Ise will be alright, I’m sure his security detail will not let anything happen to him. Oya, come and join me here on this chair.” She stopped her pacing and sent furtive glances at the space beside him on the sofa, he patted it and urged her to come “Ise will be fine, don’t worry too much.” She sighed, giving in

“I just don’t understand how you allow him to make rash decisions like these. We are his parents, our children should listen to us!”

“My dear, there comes a time in life where your children don’t have to listen to you, they have minds of their own. You just have to trust that you brought them up to make the best decisions…. it’s not like you know everything yourself, you’re only human and you also go with your instinct.”

“Yes but, I’m older and wiser, I can see things these youngsters cannot.”

“Oh.. like how you saw that girl was bad for him?” She looked at her husband, considering her next words

“Okay, maybe I might be wrong once in a while.” she said grudgingly. She owed that young girl her life, the way she had bravely given herself up in place of her. Wole couldnt help the chuckle that escaped him at this his wife, she was really something.

“it’s not funny o, Wole! theres nothing funny here, our only son might be in danger and you’re laughing.”

“Ise will be alright, my dear. Stop worrying your pretty self, he will go and come back safely with the young woman.”

“Amen o! only then will my mind be calm, I thank God Jeje returned alright, I pray my son also comes back the same and that young woman too, I really hope she’s fine.”

“They’ll be fine, I’m sure.” Wole assured her.

“BUt the way Ise is so into that lady, I really don’t get it…… he hasnt eaten a thing for four days, hasnt even had a wink of sleep. In four days, my son turned into something else, bloodshot eyes that looked so haunted, I’ve never seen him like this before. Not even when you were sick…. Is this what true love does to someone?”

“You’re talking like you don’t remember how it was for us in those days, Tunde…have you forgotten how I used to chase you around that time?” Omotunde Williams laughed, giving her husband a playful hiss as she rolled her eyes

” Please Wole, If your wooing was half like Ise’s I would have agreed a lot sooner.’

“Indeed, you just loved being cajoled and chased. I knew you liked me, you think I never saw the sideways glances you used to steal at me?” Omotunde burst into more laughter, her worries about her son forgotten for a while.

Her husband was right, she did like him, she’d been attracted to him from the very first day she’d began the job as his assistant then when the company had just been a construction firm.

“Now your son is head over heels for his own P.A and you’re against it.” He told her. She sighed

“You know our time and now isnt really the same….. women were modest then but girls of these days are something else. Most especially beautiful ones like our son chose, I just thought…’ She never got to finish her statement as Jeje burst into their private lounge, phone in hand, jumping and screaming in glee, tearful and laughing at the same time.

“They’ve found her! They’ve found her!” Omotunde was the first to jump up

“Is she Okay? Is Ise alright?”

“yes, they are fine but he’s taking her to the hospital for some minor injury but they are fine!”

“Oh thank you Lord.” Omotunde said clutching at her chest, her husband coming to take her in a hug.

“I told you they’ll be alright.” Omotunde smiled looking at him, maybe she should listen to him more often, he was almost always right. She nooded at him

“Yes dear, you did.”

“Alright, lets get ready to leave for the hospital in a few minutes, we thank God this is finally over.” Wole said to his two ladies.


Ise was reluctant to leave Kite’s side but he had to answer this call from her ex boyfriend. The guy had to know Kite had been found and was doing well now.

“Hey.” He said picking the phone.

“Hi, sorry I’ve been away for a while but I had to get concrete information.” Izu said.

“Yeah, there’s really no need anymore… Kite has been found.” Ise broke the good news to him and heard the other man’s sharp intake of breath.

” Thank goodness!” He exclaimed “is she okay, will she be fine?”

“She’s good, a sprained ankle and quite dehydrated but she will be fine.”

“How in the world did you find her, or was she released?”

“No, she wasnt released.We had some information as to where she was being held and while on the way there, just at the entrance of the estate, she was in another car which was exiting the place….apparently she was being moved, she saw me and then… the crazy girl jumped out of the moving vehicle.”

“She did what?” Izu asked disbelievingly.

“Yeah” he wouldn’t have believed it had he not seen for himself, “she jumped out, sprained her ankle in the process.” Ise told him, Kite could be so crazy but brave, she kept marveling him.

“Wow, wow…. anyway, I’m not really surprised….She’s one hell of a girl.”

“Yeah, tell me about it.” Ise said

“okay, this is great news but I have some equally good news here, I have the abductors name, the woman who master minded the whole thing.” This was news to him,

“You do?”

“Yeah, it took some deep digging, she along with her american boyfriend were behind every thing. I don’t know if you know her personally, I could only get a first name, Vicky or Victoria. The person my guy interrogated said he heard her being referred to by that name.” Ise frowned, he knew only one Vicky! Dr. Victoria Sholanke, no….never! It couldn’t be her, but then….. he recalled her hateful words sometime back “you will regret those words, Williams!” and then his mom and sister had been on their way to her place when they’d been taken, she’d been the first one at his house, and then there was the phone conversation where he’d felt for a second a slight familiarity with the person…… It all started to fall into place.”

“Hey…are you still there?”

“Yes, I am.” Ise replied, quite shaken by this news.

“Okay, you’ve not said anything about the name, does it ring a bell?”

“Yes, I do know her.”

“You do?”

“She’s a family friend,” Ise said stonily, still trying to wrap his head around it all, how could Vicky had gone this far? She would pay dearly for this

” I’ll let Kite know about your tremendous help, I think I can take it from here.”

“Okay, good.” Izu said and then added “Take good care of Kite please, she’s worth so much.”

“I know.” Ise replied him, he could sense the loss in his voice, it was obvious he missed his ex girlfriend, too bad. “how about the girl in Benin, do I let her go? She’s been held for quite a while now.”

“Uhh, yeah, she would have been shaken really well by now, you can let her go…..thanks for not pressing charges and I’m really sorry about everything.” Ise hung up, just as he saw Sal approaching, he obviously had more news for him, not that it would be anything Ise didn’t already know, he was sure.

“Sir, secure trace got back to me, they were able to pin point a location where the object has been for a while now, although it might soon be…..”

“Dont worry all that, Victoria Sholanke was behind this. Get the police down to her place right now, I believe she’s residing at her fathers apartment in Lily’s court, Maitama. The house Kite was being held is another of her father’s properties, I’m quite sure.”

“Sir, Victoria Sholanke….” Sal was quite surprised and Ise almost laughed at the shocked look that crossed Sal’s face, he’d never seen his closest aide this shocked before “The address, Lily’s court, is right. Corresponds with what I have from Securetrace…. You sure there’s no mistake?” Ise shook his head


“Okay, also, Tolu, the IT guy traced the IP address of that computer that sent you the address, it’s for a personal computer and presently he’s reading it’s location at the airport, Sir.”

“hmmmm.” Ise thought for a while, trying to connect the dots. Kite’s ex had said Vicky had been in this with her American boyfriend, could it be that he was planning on leaving the country at that moment? They had probably had a falling out and he was running. So, they had a location but they didn’t have a name or an ID on this guy. Ise sighed

“Get the police to Vicky’s place first, she’s the only link to the guy at the airport, whom I’m sure is her boyfriend, they were in this together. When they get to her, they might be able to get her to ID the guy.” Sal frowned

“Sir, may I ask how you came about all this information? How you knew she was behind this?” Ise smiled lightly

“I have my ways.”

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“Shi’t! Shi’t” had been all Vicky could mutter since the plan had gone horribly wrong. Those nitwit’s had let the tramp escape “Shi’t!” Now she had no money, no hostage and no where to run, she had no options. The tramp was definitely spilling her guts out by now and the police had to be on their way to her place.

She should never have revealed her identity to her, but she’d been so sure she would get rid of her. She should have just put a bullet in her head when she’d had the chance and had the body buried in some shallow grave somewhere but instead she’d been having her moved.

She’d kept her alive incase Williams had asked for proof of life before parting with the second ransom amount she’d sent him but her plan had gone horribly wrong. Those incompetent fools had let her slip past them “Shit!” She exclaimed again.

There was no way she was going to jail in this hell hole! Her father wouldn’t do a thing to help her, no one could help her, not even her mother this time. She had gone too far and had brought shame on her family, they were such good friends with the Williams but to hell with all of them, she didn’t give a damn about their friendship.

Scratching her hair, she needed her fix once again, she’d gone too long without some coke in her system. She would deal with that in a bit, right now she needed to get out of this one way or another but she couldn’t think of anything. All she could see was that she would be jailed, Could the Williams forgive her actions since they were such good friends with her family? No! She decided that she needed no ones pity! She could do this herself. There was only one option left and she was going to take it. She wasn’t going to rot in some Nigerian cell, she’d heard nightmarish things about those places. Also She wouldn’t give Williams the satisfaction, he would never get her alive, Never!


Kite felt herself coming to as she breathed in the cool air in the air conditioned room, her eyes opening, she struggled to make sense of her surroundings. It was unfamiliar, dark drapes shrouded the room giving it a cozy feel, the kind of feel she liked. It reminded her of Ise’s room but she knew it wasn’t his room. Remembering Ise seemed to bring in a flood of memories, everything that had happened just before she’d passed out in the middle of the road came tumbling back in and she recalled vividly the feeling of joy and peace that had enveloped her when he had found her, and although she’d been barely conscious, she’d recalled his last words as she’d drifted off

“ it’s alright, you’re going to be fine now.”.

The groggy feeling began to clear somewhat from her eyes and she looked down to see the person of her thoughts, sitting beside her, head on the bed, fast asleep. Smiling, she could tell he’d not had some sleep in a long while and didn’t want to wake him up even as she was tempted to touch him, feel that this was real, that she was back with him. Instead, she held herself back, content to just look at him. She had missed him, he looked tired and quite lean, four days of her disappearance had done that to him. It was so obvious that this guy cared for her deeply and she did really care for him too, she was in love with him but she knew they couldn’t last, not with the kind of animosity exhibited by some of his family friends and his mother.

The talk she’d had with Vicky, came into mind and she felt saddened, he might love her at the moment but there was no way they could survive this rocky relationship they were in. Vicky, who she was sure was missing a few knots and screws in her head, had been right, they could never work out. they were so far apart and even though at that moment Ise did love her, he would eventually see that they weren’t compatible. Kite just couldn’t fit into his world and she knew she would never be accepted, she would always be a gold digger to his friends and to his mother. While he would always be suspicious of her true intentions of being with him just like their last fight before she’d been abducted, and with time, she was sure that it would all take it’s toll on their relationship. She loved him, they loved each other but maybe sometimes, love just wasnt enough.

Just then the door burst open, jerking Ise awake from his slumber and introducing the arrival of his family. She was surprised to see his father in the flesh, he’d flown down to be with his family during this trying period.

“What the hell…?” Ise muttered, groggy from sleep. Jeje was the first one through the door, rushing to hug Kite, who managed a smile at her, glad that she looked really well.

“hey Jeje,” Kite called at her “you’re alright, thank goodness!”

“I’m fine, but it’s you we were really worried about, Oh, Kite…..I’m so happy to see you, I was so worried.”

“I’m fine, thank God. Good….” She paused on greeting Ise’s parents, as she wasn’t sure it was afternoon or evening, she didn’t know how long she’d been out for “ er… Hello Sir, and …ma.” She said nervously, what were they both doing here? Did they all have to come see her? It was quite overwhelming, them being in the room with her like this, now when she couldn’t receive them well.

“Hello Kite.” Chief Williams replied her calling her by her name “you’re feeling comfortable I hope, if not we could have you moved to another room.” He said then turned to Ise, “Why isn’t she in the VIP suite?

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