False Pretense Episode 60


Vicky had enjoyed her little chat with the gold digger, most of all she’d enjoyed the fear in her eyes when she’d realised she wasn’t getting out of the ordeal alive. She laughed as she pulled into the compound she was residing. She would soon be leaving and wouldn’t miss any of it, her parents were due back in a few days. She’d spoken with her mother that morning assuring her that the place would be left intact and her father wouldn’t notice it had been lived in all the while he’d been away. He would definitely blow his top if he found out, he’d meant it when he’d said he never wanted anything to do with her any more.

Men! She thought to herself, it was so easy for them to turn their backs on someone when they realised they didn’t need you for anything else, they only stuck with you when there was something to gain. She recalled how proud her father had been of his intelligent and beautiful daughter, the high point of his existence had been when she’d been accepted as a resident surgeon at John Hopkins but when things had began going down hill, he’d distanced himself from her, trying to force her mother to do the same. Were not one’s parents supposed to love one unconditionally? She knew her mother did, the poor woman always tried to help her behind her husband’s back.

Men! Vicky sighed as she got out of the car. She’d given that gold digger some really good advice, not that she would live long enough to put it to use anyway. The tramp’s end was near, she was definitely going to die, Ise Williams was going to cry, and she would be off to the Cayman’s with her money. Yes! Her money! Her’s alone, she wasn’t too sure about Moss tagging along to the Cayman’s with her. He was so shaky and quite unpredictable and being a man, she was pretty sure he was only with her for what he could get from her. She’d kept him for this long because she hadn’t wanted to be alone, she did like him and unlike the other bastards she’d been with in the past, he was different even though he’d introduced her into drugs- well, becoming a junkie had been her own undoing anyway. After the first few experiments with the thing, she hadn’t been able to get herself away from it. Moss had tried to help but she’d been so stubborn, he had stopped supplying her but she got it easily from others since she’d had the money at the time. She really did like him and letting him go wouldn’t be easy, they had promised each other that this time would be different, but promises could easily be broken.

With a sigh, she got out of the car, maybe she needed to give him more credit than she already was, he was squeamish but he had stuck with her for a long time and allowed her to do her dirty deeds. He did try to talk her out of it but always backed out when he saw there was no point. She always got her way.

There was something about this time which was different though, Vicky could sense Moss thought she’d definitely lost her mind killing an innocent lady. No one was innocent, and besides Vicky was doing this to cause pain to Williams, the guy had frustrated her plans, insulted her and picked a trashy, low life gold digger over her, that was really insulting and he needed to be taught a lesson. She was afraid this time Moss wouldn’t stick with her, she was afraid after they got the money, he would bail on her. She wasn’t sure but she had a feeling that this time Moss wasn’t going to stay even though he’d told her he was with her.

She sighed again, deciding she couldn’t trust him. First thing she would do after her bath was move her money to a secure account because Moss had all the details to this present account she was using. She’d had so much trust in him in the past which looking back now, she knew was stupid. He’d stuck with her like glue through her trying times but in the end he was still a man and this time, she wasn’t sure he could stomach what she planned on doing to the tramp. Unlocking the front door, she stepped in. She needed a shower and change of clothes before heading back to finish the deal with the tramp.

“Moss! Babe, I’m back.” She called out stepping into the mini bar, she needed a drink badly but stepping into the living area, a note on the coffee stool caught her eye. Cautiously, she stepped toward it, picking it up carefully, as if already knowing what would be on it, she read in Moss’s handwriting. Babe, I’m sorry but I had to leave!

“Oh shit!” She breathed,

“Moss, you low life bastard!”


Ise was on an adrenaline rush, the puzzles were beginning to fall in place as he had some information on where the abductors were holding his fiancée. He hadn’t confirmed the exact location but he would work with what he had, if in the next thirty minutes he didn’t get a definite address.

The damn company he was paying so much to keep track of Kite’s wristwatch were giving him excuses that the item was of a small size and it was making it difficult to pin point an exact location, also they were spewing some trash like the item was on the move. Ise didn’t need excuses or long explanations; he needed results and information, and needed it quickly! His gut told him Kite didn’t have too long anymore, the perpetrator was obviously not interested in money or he would have gotten back to him by now. It had been twenty four hours since he’d last spoken with Kite, he’d waited this long before acting because the damn security company had asked him to be a bit patient with them, they had promised they would get him something to work with but now, his patience had worn reed thin.

He didn’t know how he would live with himself if anything happened to Kite, he would never get over it, she was counting on him to get her out and by God he was going to get her out one way or another.

He’d given the company an ultimatum of thirty minutes before he went off on his own. He knew she was being held in an estate in Jabi, He knew the estate, that information had come in a few minutes ago.

What he needed was an address, a definite address in thirty minutes or he would go on a door to door search himself, hell, he’ll have the whole estate on lockdown if he had to, no one would go in or out until he had ransacked every nook and cranny of the place. At the moment, he was on his way to Jeje’s room as he couldn’t sit still, his whole being was itching to get something done, he’d worn the rug in his study thin by pacing around.

Izy had left early this morning, after staying up all night waiting for information from the damn security company. Her presence had been good for him, she’d taken his mind off things for a while and he’d even had a really short nap, the first in four days. It had been troubling, he recalled a vague dream where he’d been in some sort of foggy forest searching for Kite but all he’d been able to see was a glimpse of her dark silhouette which had kept disappearing when he got close. He wasn’t going to lose Kite and that was final, he was getting her back within the next few hours and the perpetrator was going to pay dearly for what he had put his family through the past few days. He would regret messing with him and the life of the ones he cared deeply about.

He was outside the door to Jeje’s rooms, he’d not seen her since she’d come in that morning and thought it best to see her now before he went on his rampage. He knocked and the door was opened by a member of the staff.

“Good afternoon, sir.” She greeted

“Yeah…..” He replied going in, there was absolutely nothing good right now about the afternoon. Hearing voices coming from Jeje’s private living room, he made his way there to see his mother and sister talking in hushed tones. They both looked up when he entered the room. It had been about forty eight hours now since Jeje had been released and he’d not seen her since then. The look she gave him suggested she was quite shocked at the image she was seeing before her.

“Ise…” She breathed getting up and coming to him “Ise are you okay? You look…..you don’t look too good.”

“Yeah, I don’t feel too good either, where’s Olamide? Hi mom!” He called to his mother who obviously was at a loss of what to say to him.

“He only just left, Ise I’m really sorry about Kite….I wish I could be of more help but….”

“I understand, Jeje, it’s okay. I’m here to see how you’re doing?”

“I’m fine… but worried about you, you don’t look good, you….”

“Jeje, I’ll be fine” He didn’t need fussing or babying “I’ll be fine once Kite is found, I don’t have much time but I thought I should let you know, I’ll be leaving for the estate where you were being held .”

“What ?” Ise looked up as his mother had finally found her voice “You are going there yourself? But thats dangerous!” She said getting to her feet and approaching them.


“Ise, leave this for the police to handle, please, it’s too dangerous. They are trained for this kind of thing!”

“Mom, I’m not putting Kite’s fate and life in someone else’s hands! I’m doing this and thats final, I’ll have Sal and two others with me. They are well trained and they have the necessary weapons to engage these perps if it comes to that.”

“Oh my goodness! Iseolu please…..think about this”

“Mom!” Ise said sharply in a tone that wasn’t to be argued with “I have made my decision and it’s final!” His mother sighed, her eyes narrowing, she wasn’t giving up

“I’m going to call your father, maybe he can talk you out of this madness!” She said, taking her leave. Ise turned back to Jeje who had witnessed their exchange quietly

“and you… do you also think I shouldn’t do this?”

“No!” She said firmly, holding his gaze, he thought he saw something in there anger, a fire brimming in their depths “Get these guys and make them sorry they ever crossed us!”

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It had been twenty four hours since Vicky got home and found out that Moss had run along with her money. The damn coward! His lines were unavailable-naturally! It had thrown her off course and she’d been confused as to the next step to take and had spent the night going through her options, trying to come up with another plan. She was broke again, she needed money but most importantly she needed the tramp dead! She might have to demand for that five million dollars Williams had offered, maybe ten even but waiting for another ransom settlement would take time which she didn’t have but did she have any other options? Just then a text came in and she ran to the coffee stool where her phone was kept. It was Moss.

Get out while you can, I’ll be sending the address to where the girl is being kept to Williams in the next thirty minutes. “Dammit, Moss!” She screeched. Suddenly making up her mind on what to do but she had to act fast, it wasn’t too late, she could still have everything she wanted and the tramp would still die most definitely. As for Moss, she would deal with him at the right time.


Kite looked up as the door to the room suddenly burst open. “ Remove her ropes, get her out, right this second.” Vicky came in ordering around the guys following behind.

“What…where are you taking me?” Kite managed weakly as she was being dragged to her feet by really strong hands. She wasn’t really weak but was acting that way till she saw her chance of escape. She’d spent the past twenty four hours getting her mind ready, she was going to get out of this one way or another. She wouldn’t resign to her fate like some kind of docile lamb being led to slaughter, even if Ise failed, she definitely wouldn’t! She was Kite and she would get out of this.

“Vicky!” She said purposefully and the woman finally turned to look at her “Where are you taking me!” She demanded again but the only thing she got for her efforts was a taunting smile.

“you’ll see!”


Moss had been at the airport for over twenty four hours, the next available flight to the United States was at ten p.m that evening. He needed to get out quickly, he’d been unsettled, just sitting and waiting. He would only relax when he was out of this country. He’d done his best by Vicky but the path she was on was definitely heading toward destruction and he wouldn’t be a part of it. He already had enough to worry about, he couldn’t stay and be an accessory to murder, so he’d run, clearing her Caymans account. He would go back to the states, clear his debts and live a good life as he could.

He’d given her a head start though, sending a mail to her to leave the country as soon as she could because he’d sent the address to where Kite was being held via email to the Williams guy. He’d sent the address about five minutes ago but he hoped he wasn’t too late. He hoped Vicky hadn’t done something really stupid.


“Is this a joke or what?” Ise asked himself as he stared at his phone. He was just about approaching the gates of the estate where Kite was being held when he received a mail containing the supposed address to where Kite was being kept. The exact house address. Block B13, Blue Ville Homes. Get her out fast This was really strange because not quite fifteen minutes ago, he’d received a ten million dollar demand via email from the perp. What exactly was going on here?

“Sir?” Sal who was sitting beside him asked Ise was at a loss for words and handed the phone over to him. He frowned, confused as he was.

“Do we check it out?” Ise nodded.

“Still no police?” Sal asked his boss

“No, we do this alone! But have Tolu trace that mail immediately!”


Kite was ensconced in the back of the SUV, still thinking about the perfect escape plan but hadn’t been able to come up with something that wouldn’t involve her sustaining some injuries. She was seated with one of the thugs who was supposed to keep her secured at the back. Vicky wasn’t riding with them, she’d chosen to drive in another car, obviously leading these guys to where ever they were taking her. She sighed, even if Vicky succeeded in her plans, she would definitely get caught as long as she held on to that watch.

Kite could die a happy death knowing Vicky would be caught. She wasn’t planning on dying though, not at the age of twenty five when she had her whole life ahead of her. She would just have to find a way to get out of this. She looked up at the abductor beside her, the guy looked so strong and mean.

“Wetin you dey look?” He asked and Kite immediately turned her gaze away instead just in time to see a Black G-wagon that looked really like Ise’s. It was on the opposite lane, approaching them, she strained her neck to look at the plates, he had custom plates. They were approaching the gates to the estate where all cars slowed down so that the trunk of the cars could be checked but being that Ise’s car was an SUV, the one she was in also, she knew she didn’t have much time. The drivers of SUV’s didn’t need to open their trunks, the security guards just looked in through the back quickly.

Stretching her neck again, she didn’t need to look for the plates as Ise got down himself, approaching a security guard. Kite thought she would faint from disbelief. That was Ise, he was here, he was here! Looking for her! She wanted to jump but knew she shouldn’t, these guys would suspect something, and she knew there was a pistol under the seat in front of her seat partner. She had a few minutes and she had to make them count, she would do this, this was the only chance she would have to do this! She knew the only way of escape was to jump out of the car, even if it was moving. The car doors were locked, so she leaned back on the door as naturally as she could without drawing suspicion from her partner, pretending to scratch her hair, unlocking the door beside her, it wasn’t a shock they didn’t hear it, not with the music blasting from the speakers. She then waited the next few minutes for the car to slow down, she had to do what she planned at the right time or else she wouldn’t be successful.

Just at the moment the car began to slow down, she made her move. Jerking the door open and kicking both legs out at the same time. It wasn’t as easy as she’d thought as the other guy caught sight of her and grabbed her by the upper body trying to pull her in, but she went mad on him, her right foot pushing the door make it stay open while she elbowed and struggled with the guy in the back seat. She would cause as much a scene as she could, even if it was just to draw attention. The driver was shouting something which she couldn’t quite grasp, was it ‘leave am?’ but the other guy was arguing back.

Kite kept up the struggle, those few seconds felt like a lifetime to her. Suddenly, she heard, ‘them they come, leave am!’ and the grip on her loosened, leaving her to jump to her feet but she lost her right footing just as it hit the ground. So she fell but rolled away from the car quickly as it dashed off. Trying to catch her breath, she tried to bring herself up to a sitting position, in the middle of the road, she could see the other drivers had stopped to take in all the action of a few moments ago, a security guard was cautiously approaching her but that wasn’t who she was looking for. She turned,looking around frantically, as if possessed, was he still there?

“Kite!” She heard his shout as he approached from behind, she turned, he was running over, in as much shock as she was, she saw Sal following closely behind and she found herself laughing. She was laughing but she felt the tears also flowing freely. Tears from the relief that came from the feeling of being safe at last. It was all over! Ise was here and it was finally over, were her last thoughts as she lost consciousness but not before she felt his strong pair of arms cradle her to himself. She was home again.

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