False Pretense Episode 59


“I’ll get you out of there, I promise but in the meantime, please….. do as you’re told, no funny ones Kite!”

“Yes, boss,” She joked

“I…I miss you…”

“Alright, love birds…..thats quite enough.” That voice came up again “You guys had a field day, didn’t you? All the I miss you’s and I love you’s… how romantic-”

“Cut the crap! What do you want? Another two million? Five? it’s done! Hell, I’ll pay whatever, just don’t harm her….” He paused and then added through gritted teeth “Please.” The voice laughed, a sinister sound, the mask not helping. Ise was sure he was dealing with a mad person here. Was it the woman?

“Oh Williams, it feels so good hearing you beg. I’m sure you have enough money in the bank to throw around….but… five million dollars for her? Really, you’re that whipped?…… You know what…… I’ll have to think about it, five million does sound tempting…. I did have other plans for her….. but then….. I’ll just have to get back to you on this. Have a great evening, Williams-“

“Wait! Hold-“ But it was of no use, the line was dead. He turned to Sal, handing him the phone he ordered

“Find out where that call came from….also, get in touch with SECURETRACE, have them run a trace on Kite’s watch, I need both locations within the hour! Get on it immediately.”

“Yes Sir.” Sal said hopping to his feet and leaving the room. Ise let out a sigh of relief, he was getting somewhere at last, thanks to that magnificently intelligent girlfriend of his. He looked up, his eyes clashing with Izy’s who was looking at him strangely.

“What in the world was that about?” She asked. He smiled

“ We might have just found a way to get these guys, thanks to Kite.”


“You tricked me.” The reporter accused Princess

“I didn’t trick you… I only tried to make more money.” Princess said weakly, she couldn’t think of a better excuse. Did this idiot think she wasn’t going to make as much gain from the situation as she could? She was broke here and desperate.

“You gave the tip to the police before you even called me, i got there to meet the place already secure and a million other reporters there along with me! You promised me a scoop, that wasn’t our agreement.”

“it’s not my fault the Nigerian police arrived there before you, who knew they would be so fast? I guess when a high profile citizen of the country was involved, they drop all else and move in.”

“You owe me, Princess! You owe me a scoop, I did not pay you all that money to get swindled like this!”

“Hey, Hey, I can’t help you anymore, I’ve done my part!”

“Okay…I guess your boss will be happy to hear how reporters and police got to the scene before he did and how the newspapers got the story that he’d paid two million dollars for the release of his sister!”

“Alright, alright, Japheth! You need to calm down now.”

“Oh? Do I?”

“Yes! When something else comes up, I’ll get it to you, you’ll get your exclusive, are you happy now?” She screeched, this was actually trying to get her into deeper shi’t.

“Make sure you keep to it because I’m serious about going to your boss.”

“Relax, I said you’ll get your exclusive.. why are you still on with the threats?”

“ I’m making sure we are clear on this!” Princess shook her head, what had she gotten herself into now?

“Clear as crystal!” She replied.

“Good.” Was his final word before the call went dead. Princess dropped her phone on the desk taking her head in her hands, now she had to start hoping the abductors would send her boss another mail. She hoped that once again she hadn’t bitten off more than she could swallow.


Kite was surprisingly calm when the phone had been rudely yanked from her, the call had been too short, she’d not had enough of Ise’s soothing voice calming her nerves, giving her comfort. She resisted the urge to breakdown in tears, she missed him and couldn’t wait to see him again. She was sure he would do all he could to get her out of here. She should be happy she had gotten her message to him and now they had a chance of knowing who this person was.

She sighed, resting back on the wall. She thought about her family, her mom and brothers, it wasn’t the first time thoughts of them went through her head. She hoped they were okay, especially her mother, and she hoped Ise hadn’t told them yet, it would only get them a lot more worried. They had to keep this under wraps till it was behind them.

She looked up as the door to the room was being unlocked. What was it now? Were they coming to collect what she’d promised them? The Cartier wrist watch? It was the woman, that came in, a portable stool in one hand and a gun in the other, the mask was on. Kite was too sure she was the mastermind behind the whole thing and couldn’t help wondering who she was? She closed the door behind her, set the stool down and sat.

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“So…I guess I should get a ‘thank you’ for the phone call?” She started and Kite all but jumped. She knew that voice! She hadn’t bothered with muffling it this time. Kite sat up, peering at the woman as if some how if she looked closer she would see through the mask.

“You and your fiancé, all lovey dovey….” She scoffed. Fiancé? Kite wondered, Ise wasn’t exactly her fiancé yet, why did she think he was? She continued, “love is a facade, you know? It isn’t real, at the moment all that’s going on between you two is pure lust…. You think you’re going to get married and live happily ever after with him?” She laughed, a low mocking sound

“My dear, don’t delude yourself, I know men…. I’ve been around the block a few times and I realised, love isn’t real….All a man is good for is to be used for whatever can be gotten from him because trust me honey, when the lust wears off and reality sinks in…. he will dump you.

“You’re pretty, you might last a while…. but his family will look down on you, they know you are after his money, they will never respect you. I know, I’ve seen it happen many times, in the end, he’ll listen to them, he’ll heed to them….he’ll see what a mistake he made and wonder what he ever saw in you in the first place aside your beauty….and he’ll dump you. Oh and if you get married, lord help you if you signed a prenup, a wise woman never signs a prenup.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Kite asked, wondering if the woman was talking more to herself than her, had she gone through a similar experience? She was seeing some sense in what she was saying and she didn’t want to. She tried to tell herself Ise was different but this womans words were cutting deep. “Did you go through this?”

“Oh no of course not, I’m from wealthy background, but I have been used one too many times and been stupid enough to fall in love with a man. Now, I just milk them for what they can offer and then do away with them.”

“Ise is different.”Kite muttered, trying to believe her own words but was fighting an almost losing battle with herself.

“Ise is a man, they’re all the same. it’s only a matter of time, tick tock…..” Kite’s eyes widened and before she knew it, she muttered “ Vicky!” There was a pause in the room and one could literally hear a pin drop. Kite was stunned. It was Vicky doing this? Vicky laughed, pulling off the black cloth as she did so, revealing her face

“I knew you’d guess who I was eventually, thats why I didn’t bother to mask my voice!”

“Why are you doing this? What did Ise ever do to you?” Kite asked shocked and bewildered all at once.

“Oh no, dear, you got it all wrong….it’s you whom I have a real problem with… you see, Ise and I were having a great time until you came in and spoilt our fun. it’s you I have a grudge with, if not for you Ise would have been my next husband but you had to come in, didn’t you? Sunk your claws into him and refused to budge, I seriously do wonder what he really saw in a tramp like you?”

“Maybe he saw you for what you really were!” Kite retorted “unlike you, I like him for who he is and not what I can get from him. He must have sensed your wicked heart, he has really good instincts, you know?”

“Oh please, I bet he didn’t sense the abduction coming….” she said laughing at her own joke, a dark sound that sounded quite crazy “anyway we’re done here.” She got up and walked toward her, still speaking and she came closer

“He offered up to five million dollars for you but I’ve made my decision…. hand me what you promised” She said stretching out her hand. Without another word, Kite reached into her weave and pulled out the watch. Vicky smiled,

“such a slippery thing you are, no wonder my guys couldn’t find it on you.”

“You won’t get away with this! I’ve seen your face, the authorities will be after you….” Kite started but paused as Vicky burst into laughter

“Oh sweetheart, don’t you get it? That’s exactly the reason you won’t be going back!” It took a second to understand the meaning of her statement

“Oh my God!” She breathed, the woman was going to kill her!

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