False Pretense Episode 42


“Excuse me, girls. I’ll be right back.” She told the girls as she walked over to meet him taking along her purse which contained her phone. It wouldn’t do to have Ise see him here, she would hear what he had to say and then get him to leave. He had a lot of nerve crashing the party, he definitely wanted her to get into trouble.

“Izu.” She said, when she got to him, he’d eyed her every step as she’d been walking to him with some sort of sardonic smile pasted on his face. What was he playing at? She glared angrily at him quite surprised that she’d actually been so in love with him not so long ago. Maybe somewhere down there a trace of what she felt could be there but right now it was buried under layers of hate, anger and betrayal.

“Sweetheart,” He drawled back “ You are looking very well taken care of, looking every bit the gold digger you are.” She ignored his remark because she knew it was meant to hurt her.

“Follow me.” She said walking off ahead of him while he walked behind her acting like they didn’t know each other. She led him behind the building where there were no people.

“What do you want now, Izu?” She asked as she turned around to face him.

“ It seems you are fitting in with the rich crowd now, aren’t you? The same kind of people you grew up around, who treated you less than shit, what makes you think they like you now? They barely accept you, you do know you aren’t one of them. it’s just because you’re with the rich boy they seem able to tolerate your presence. I know it seems your greatest wish of being with money has been answered but honey, it will definitely not be for long before his type gets over your pretty face and decides there’s nothing much you can offer. ” His words stung, those were the reasons she’d been holding herself back from him but Ise seemed to have been able to drill through that resolve of hers, her walls were fast crumbling, and the feelings she’d been holding away were taking their hold on her.

“ You’re talking like I always wanted to be with him. You drove me to him, remember? it’s thanks to you that I’m with him now.”

“And you seem to be reaping the benefit’s of warming his bed, anyway I know he can’t be half as good as I am under the sheets, money can definitely not buy my kind of experience.” He smiled sheepishly bringing a hand up to brush her hair which she’d let loose and was being blown by the light breeze. Kite slapped his hand away

“You wish!” She said quickly “he’s way better, you can’t even begin to imagine how good he is, sex toys are even involved, for your information” She lied and saw his brow raise. She then smiled, slowly “He’s a million times the man you’ll ever be, Izu and he’s disciplined, not someone who’ll just jump into the sheets with just anyone… Now, can you tell me what you want, so I can get back to my rich friends?” Izu was silent for a while and she knew she’d hit a nerve, good.

“You’re running your mouth now, right? Lets see how well you’ll run your mouth tonight when your boyfriend sees those compromising pictures of you.” Her heart skipped a beat

“What are you talking about?” She asked. It was his turn to smile slowly, obviously enjoying every bit of this

“I paid a visit to your boyfriends house and handed in an envelope, in it you’ll find those staged pictures of you and your former boss, although they didn’t look so staged thanks to my professional work. They looked like you were into the whole…….”

“You didn’t, Izu!” She didn’t believe he’d sabotage this whole thing himself. He wanted the money badly, so why would he do this? Why would he blow everything up before he got the money he desperately needed?

“Didn’t I, Kite? This will teach you a lesson, don’t you ever call my bluff, Kite! When I tell you to do something, I expect to be obeyed promptly” He was frowning now, glaring at her behind those glasses which hid his eyes. Kite was getting scared, he seemed serious.

“How about the money, how about Brenda, I don’t understand…” He laughed

“ Oh my goodness, I so love the look on your face right now, wish I had a camera here, would have been a lovely picture to keep.” His hand went to her chin and she slapped it away angrily and he laughed some more

“Well, as much as I’m enjoying the re union, I do have to run.” He said turning around, leaving, nothing more to say.

Kite felt herself go weak, as she watched his retreating back. What had he done now? She wanted to call him back, plead with him to stop this madness but she was too proud, she knew she would have to take matters into her hands. She had to tell Ise the truth tonight. She was scared what the outcome would be but here she was, stomped. She saw no other way out, she would take her chances with the truth.

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Ise was still looking around for Kite when he bumped into Isaac or rather ‘Ice’, Jeje’s former boyfriend. It had been a while he’d seen the younger man who worked in New York, He’d come all the way to surprise Jeje on her birthday but also didn’t seem able to find her. Ise told him it was the same with him, he couldn’t seem to spot his own girlfriend and so he’d invited him to come have drinks with the guys upstairs until both girls decided to show up. But just as he was about leading the younger man into the building, he thought he saw Kite’s ex walk past him, the other guy had looked him in the eye, even though he had dark glasses on, Ise knew it was him. He frowned, he’d seen the guy only about twice but he hardly ever forgot faces, he’d come from behind the building and to confirm his suspicion, Kite was coming from that end, following behind.

What had the two been up to behind the building, he was wondering as his eyes met Kite’s. She hesitated on seeing him, pausing in her tracks as guilt and shock were written on her face, he knew that something was really up here, he would get to the bottom of it right then.

“Ice, could you excuse me for a moment? I need to talk to someone, you can go on up, I’ll join you in a bit.” The other man nodded and left while Ise went to confront his girlfriend who was still paused in her tracks. Ordinarily he would have thought nothing about the matter but with the way she’d acted gave him vibes that something was on here.

“Isn’t that your ex boyfriend?” He asked pointing in the direction the guy had left. She nodded. “What did he want?”

“Nothing really…” Her voice trailed. He raised a brow

“Kite, you really want me to believe he tracked you all the way down here for nothing really? Tell me the truth, Kite.”

“Now is really not the time, Ise, I’ll explain when we get home, I promise.” She told him earnestly. He sighed not enjoying being kept out of the loop like this and really wanting to pursue the issue but had to let it drop for now, she was right, this really wasn’t the place.

“Okay,” He grudgingly agreed, “Have you seen Jeje?” She shook her head

“it’s been a while I…..” She didn’t complete her statement as they both heard shouting from inside the building. Ise was positive it was Ice, he and Kite exchanged confused glances for a second before he went in, leaving her to follow behind. He followed the shouting and got to the staircase that led up, where he found Jeje and Olamide who seemed to be protecting Jeje from Ice who was yelling his lungs out. The young man seemed really angry.

“ So he’s the reason why you don’t return my calls?” Ice was asking when Ise stepped in.

“Whoa, whoa, Ice, what is it?” Ise cut into the drama

“What in the world is the problem? The younger man turned to him, anger written over his young features “I walked in on your sister here kissing your friend.” He said to ise before turning back to Jeje “You know what? You’ve gotten your wish, I’ll leave you alone, we are so done.” Ice said leaving.

Ise was still slow to understand, there should be some kind of mistake somewhere, her eyes widened as he recalled the conversation he’d had a while back with her and it now dawned on him that Olamide had been the older guy she’d been talking about that evening, suddenly Ise felt anger at his friend for taking advantage of his sister. He lost all control and lounged at Ola himself, landing two punches before anyone could know what had happened and then he continued throwing punches at his so-called friend who’d lost his footing and was more concerned with shielding himself from Ise’s assault. He didn’t fight back.

“Ise, no! Please stop, you don’t understand!” Jeje screamed but Ise barely heard as he kept punching the other guy.

“Ise!” It took Kite’s scream to get him to stop, suddenly realising she’d been pulling on his jacket but he’d been too angry to notice. He glanced at Jeje who was on her knees trying to see how much damage he’d done to her lover, weeping softly

“You,” He pointed at her “You’re going home now. I don’t care if this is your party or whatever, you leave now!”

“No!” Jeje defied him “I’m not going anywhere, you brute! Look what you’ve done to him.”

“I swear if you don’t leave this place this very minute, I will drag you out of here and it won’t look very dignifying.” He warned.

“Do your worst, I’m not leaving him here like this.”

“Ise please-“ Ola tried to talk but Ise cut him off with a murderous stare. He yelled at him at the top of his voice

“I swear if I hear one word from you….Of all the girls in the world, why her? She’s like a sister to you….. ” Kite intervened now

“Ise please,” She said tugging at his sleeve “lets just leave; you need to calm down, please.” Her voice and words were like a cooling balm to his anger, she continued “Today is Jeje’s day, we don’t need to embarrass her like this. Lets go home.”

Ise decided they should indeed leave, looking at Olamide made him want to punch the guy some more. He turned to see that a crowd had gathered behind them. That was just great! He thought sarcastically leaving hurriedly, Kite following behind almost having to hop in order to keep up with his quick long strides, it would have been funny if he wasn’t so bloody angry. He was perplexed at how a friend he’d trusted so much, could have acted like this, weren’t there a lot of other girls he could have picked from? He’d had to go for little Jeje who had been like a sister to him for years now. That was just plain wicked, he felt like he should have punched his face in some more, maybe it would have helped him feel a little better than he did at the moment.

How could a day that had started out so well turn out to be so crappy? He wondered.

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