False Pretense Episode 18


Kite was stupefied. Here he was, the object of her sleepless nights and worry. Sauntering carelessly into the hotel reception, she wasn’t sure if she was to be angry or happy. Angry because he’d disappeared without a word or happy because she was relieved to see him well. He looked like he usually did, good looking with such a careless abandon. The guy was fine. Kite felt Ise’s hand tighten on her wrist.

“Are you okay?” He asked, this brought her out of her trance.

“Uh…. Yeah.”

“Do you need me to stay?”

“Goodness no! Please go ahead, catch your flight….Jet, whatever!” She stuttered “I’ll need to talk to him, I’ll be fine.”

“you sure?” He asked searching her face trying to be sure she would be fine.

“Sure, I’ll be fine. Please go on and have a safe trip.” She managed a smile for him to reassure him.

“Thanks.” Ise Williams told her, finally letting go of her wrist “You take care too.” And with that he walked off but Kite’s eyes were on Izu all the time, she didn’t even see Ise turn to take one last look at her and her ex-boyfriend.

How could he look so undisturbed when he’d left her without any form of explanation? How dare he look this good?

“Kite.” He said looking amazed and also in shock at the same time. “Kite,” He said again, taking her hands in his and squeezing as if to confirm if she was real.

“Izu,” She found herself whispering, surprised at the tears that had suddenly sprung into her eyes. She shook her head as she stared at him trying to clear it. She was in shock but she was also greatly relieved that he was fine. He pulled her into his arms, holding onto her tightly, she inhaled that familiar scent of him and that was when the trance had broken. She immediately began squirming, trying to break out of his hold.

“Kite!” he said surprised but let her go.

“How dare you, Izu? How dare you hold me like you care about me? How dare you hold me like nothing happened?” She accused struggling not to cry. His eyes softened

“Kite, I’m sorry.” He made to take her in his arms again but she put up her hands holding him back.

“You’re sorry?” She was appalled “You’re sorry, that’s the best you can say, really?” She shook her head.

“Six months, Izu! Whatever did I do to you to warrant such treatment from you?”

“Kite, Kite, I swear I have an explanation.”

“Oh! I know you better! I’m not even sure if I want to hear it. I’m so angry with you Izu, I want to strangle you”. And then kiss you senseless, her minds voice said.

“Kite, please, lets not cause a scene here, I’m meeting someone here. I’ll come see you if you just give me your new address.” She rolled her eyes

“And why should I give you my address? You have my number , don’t you?”

“I can’t call your line for security reasons.” Security reasons

“Are the police still after you?” He nodded. She wanted to feel sorry for him but she remembered how he’d disappeared and she’d been arrested in his stead.

“Please, give me your address?”

“I can’t.” She told him. Lucky and Di would have her head if they knew she’d invited Izu over, they’d never liked him and the way he’d left her hadn’t helped either.

“Why?” He asked.

“I’m now staying with Lucky and Di, they won’t like it.”

“and since when did you begin to care what those two think?” She looked up at him

“Since you disappeared on me! Did you know I was arrested? Our account frozen? They took me in when I had no bloody where to turn because you left me!” She really wanted to hate this guy but she couldn’t. She was weak for him and if she wasn’t still so angry she would have grabbed him and kissed the hell out of him but she was wary and didn’t trust him….yet.

What kind of guy disappeared on the woman he loved without a word or warning?

“I am really sorry about that, Kite, honestly! You need to let me explain all that happened. Look, I’m running late for this meeting, I could give you my number but…..will you call?” She rolled her eyes

“Just gimme and we’ll see if I’ll call..” She said haughtily bringing out her phone from the tote and handed it over. He handed it over when he was done

“I’m so happy you’re doing good, I missed you so much.” She raised a brow like she didn’t believe a word he was saying. “Oh please Kite, don’t look at me that way nao, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry is just a word, Izu. it’s so easy to say.”

“ Okay, but I’m sure when I explain it to you, you’ll understand why I had to leave like that.”

“Yeah, yeah, it better be good.” She murmured rolling her eyes.

So..have you moved on?” he asked her

“What do you mean?” She frowned

“The guy you were just with that was fawning over you.”

“He’s my new boss, Ise Williams.”

“Oh?” his eyebrows shot up “ That was Ise Williams? Wow….and you work for him now? How in the world did that happen?”

“Theres a story there, I can’t go into it now.”

“Okay” He nodded“so what were you doing here with him?” Trust him to ask

“We had lunch.” He raised a brow again

“Lunch, what exactly does working with him have to do with lunch?” Trust Izu to get jealous on the spot?

“Didn’t you have a meeting you were running late for?” She asked back. He suddenly looked like he wished he didn’t have to go.

“You promise you’ll call?” He asked his hand going up to cup her chin “Please…” he pleaded again, “you’ll understand when I explain.”

“Okay.” She replied and he smiled, coming forward to plant a chaste kiss on her forehead. It still didn’t make her feel any better, she was still cross with him but she couldn’t deny that she still felt something for him.

“Bye Kite, please I beg of you, please call me.” He begged again and she nodded. He turned and walked off while she admired his retreating back recalling what he looked like undressed. Her boyfriend was fine – ex boyfriend, she corrected herself.

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Ise’s mind had been occupied with thoughts of Kite all through his ride to the airport. The girl was entwining herself into his system really fast which wasn’t good but he found himself not caring. He did like her, she seemed quite interesting and today he’d seen a side of her he would never have believed existed.

She’d been so unlike the trouble making girl he’d met last week. She’d been subdued all through lunch, was it because of her mother’’s condition? Or maybe even the boyfriend thing, she’d seemed really hurt by it. He’d seen the way she’d looked at the guy she’d called her boyfriend, there were still feelings there, he was sure. She would be a fool if she went back to a guy who left her for months without an explanation and he trusted she was wiser than that. He promised himself that when he got back from this trip he would begin the wooing process.

Smiling, he relaxed into the plush leather seats in the G6, contemplating going through the folder Kenny had given him. He’d been struggling for the past few minutes to read through but hadn’t been successful. Instead, thoughts of Kite had occupied it. He gave up and decided to call Princess. He’d left Sal with instructions but he wanted to make sure Princess got it all, she usually did anyway but he would confirm.

“Hello Sir.” Princess’s voice came on.

“Hi Princess, I….er…left some messages with Sal, did you get them?”

“Yeah.” She replied “I got it and I’m on it. Your appointments have been cancelled and I’m attending the meeting with System Soft tomorrow along with Nick from Project Management. Also, CyberTech asked to meet with you urgently, I’ll set up something as soon as you return.”

“Okay, and have you delivered my message to HR about the lady coming in tomorrow for the job appointment?”

“Yes Sir, HR is aware.”

“Okay, Julia is to interview her and figure out a position for her to fill, she’s had some experience,so she could probably work as an assistant to one of the managers in finance or technical. I’m aware Adeniyi is in need of an assistant?”

“I’m aware of it too Sir. I’ll pass on the suggestion.”

“Okay, that’s all.”

“Okay sir…ummm….Sir?”


“I’m really sorry about what happened this afternoon, I promise it won’t occur again.”

“Sure,” he replied.

“Have a good trip, Sir” She told him

“Thank you.” He replied as he cut the call, now he also had to call his mother, that wouldn’t be fun, she didn’t like when he travelled on business, the woman always missed him.

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“Hello Iseolu.” Her voice came up.

“Hi mom. Hows your day going?” he drawled.

“Very fine, I’m having lunch with Bisola, Chief Badmus’s wife, you remember her?”

“Yes I do.” He replied, how couldn’t he when just last month she’d tried setting him up with one of the woman’s daughters.

“Okay, will you be back early today? Bimpe is here with her….” Ise rolled his eyes knowingly as he cut in

“That’s actually why I’m calling, I’m on my way to Tel Aviv, mom. Something came up that needs my urgent attention, so I have to leave immediately.”

“Ahhh, Ise, you know I don’t like these your impromptu travels. can’t it wait till tomorrow?”

“No mom, it can’t, I’m already in the aircraft, just waiting for Kenny to show up and then we’ll take off.” He told her.

“Okay o,” He heard her sigh “When will you be back?”

“I’m not sure yet mom, but I hope soon.” He told her, he would try to finish up everything quickly, he couldn’t wait to see Kite’s face again, those entrancing eyes of hers.

“Okay then, have a safe trip.”

“Thanks mom, good bye.” He told her hanging up. She’d not been so bad today, he thought to himself. Some days she could spend up to 30 minutes trying to convince him to stay for the night at least. Katie, the British flight attendant walked up to him

“Is there anything I can offer you, sir?” She was pretty and he was sure Kenny would hit on her the second he got into the aircraft, the guy had a serious problem.

“Ummm…Yeah, a glass of Orange juice, please.” He replied her. His mind was drawn back to Kite again. He would have called her if he had her number to find out if she was okay, if she was home by now and remind her about her meeting with H.R tomorrow. It was all an excuse just to hear her voice again, he knew but didn’t care. He was missing her troublesome but interesting company now, so soon, it was just a little past an hour since he’d seen her, why was he feeling like this? Like an addict or something. He shook himself, deciding he needed to get back to business.


Princess dropped the call on her boss, wondering who this lady was that was getting a job appointment directly from Ise without going through the proper channels. She hoped it wasn’t that tout that had come looking for a fight that afternoon. Who acted like that? Where had Ise met such a street queen? Wow, she’d been shocked that her boss had actually invited such a classless thing into his office and even gone out to lunch with her, the way he’d smiled as he’d been leaving, Princess had wanted to pour hot water on the girl’s head.

Ise Williams was really surprising, fawning over a razz girl like that when herself, Princess was here, classy, intelligent and everything a sane man would be begging for. She’d worked for him for four years now, ever since he’d taken over all the affairs of the corporation and she’d been the best damn P.A he could ever have.

Her social life was almost non-existent because she put her all into working for him, hoping he would notice her but all to no avail. She wore the hottest designer outfit’s, used the most expensive perfumes and cosmetics, all to no avail. When she’d begun working for him, he’d been with Izy but when they’d broken off their engagement, she’d thought she had a chance.

Ise had been single for almost two years now and all through he’d never hinted at being interested in her which made her feel bad but now she was really pissed. He’d overlooked her, a beautiful, classy chick and gone for a tout? Appalling!

She remembered the look the two had given each other when he’d come into her office, the undercurrent had not gone unnoticed. Even Ise’s ex Izy had felt it and then he’d cancelled all his appointments to have lunch? In all her four years of working for him, he’d never cancelled his appointments for lunch, he usually waited till he had a free window before going out to eat. Who was this chick? She wondered. If she was the one coming in for a job tomorrow then Princess would have to keep tabs on her. What did a classless girl like that have over her? She really needed to know.

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