False Pretense Episode 19


Kite had just put finishing touches to the report she’d been typing up for her boss when he stepped out of the office, locking it behind him. He was a young enough guy, seemed to be in his mid thirties but un married. He was one of the good bosses a girl was grateful to work under. A workaholic, he stayed back late when she packed up and left for home in the evenings, but she guessed he had to, being the manager of the sales department. He did most of the work, organizing and managing the sales department and then answered to the sales director. He didn’t stress her over and encouraged her to take her work home to complete.

He was quiet and more like the reserved type, didn’t talk much or unnecessarily. Kite had tried to be as professional as she could at the office. She’d never worked in such a big company and sometimes felt overwhelmed by her position, P.A to the sales manager although she tried not to show it.

The job was awesome and her salary was really good too. She’d purposed to give it her best, she would be the best damn P.A in the building, all twenty floors of it.

“ Kite I’m stepping out, I have a meeting on the third floor with the other directors and managers. I’ll be leaving from there, I had Martins send you last weeks sales report, please have them consolidated on worksheet and sent to my email, the director needs to go through it first thing tomorrow morning.”

“Yes Sir.” She’d been bobbing her head up and down at all he was saying. Consolidate what? Was that even part of her job?

“How bout the report on yesterday’s meeting?” He asked.

“I just finished it.”

“Okay, but I need it since like yesterday, send it over now.” He told her

“Will do, Sir.” She replied and he smiled.

“Good job, see you tomorrow?” He told her as he walked out. She smiled too as she quickly scanned over the report for the last time, satisfying herself that it was perfect, she posted it to his mail and began downloading the sales reports she’d received from Martins. She didn’t like the guy, he was always hitting on her when ever he had the chance. Not only him but many of the guys, ever since she’d began working there.

Awe from the H.R office had taken her around when she’d resumed, introducing her in the various departments and Kite had felt so self conscious at the ogles she’d gotten. The guys falling over themselves, some of them making jokes that weren’t funny, trying to feel good about themselves while some of the females beefing.

Only Mr. Adeniyi seemed indifferent to her and acted really professional towards her. She respected the guy for that. He was so young and was a Junior manager already, Awe who had become somewhat a friend had gisted her that he along with Mr. Kenny, the finance director where really intelligent. That was why they held such high positions at such young ages.

Adeniyi was so busy he had no time to hit on her, that was for jobless people like Martins. The guy couldn’t even take a hint, She’d tried explaining to him that she was engaged but he still hadn’t stopped his advances. Awe had also told her to beware of Kenny, the guy was bad news, if only she knew that they already had an history. A chronic womanizer, he’d gone through most of the ladies in the company. The way Awe had been bitter while saying it, Kite was sure she’d also been among the list. She was really glad she wasn’t in the finance department, how awkward would it be, having to see the guy everyday?

It had been a shock to her when she’d seen him at lunch with Mr. Williams the last week, who would have thought the douche was actually the Finance director? She’d asked for information about Mr. Williams too and Awe had happily obliged. He’d been single for about two years now after a nasty breakup with his fiancée. He had an occasional fling here and there but nothing serious. He was a perfect gentleman and all the ladies in the office were in love with him, Awe included. The guy was so intelligent and of course wealthy and good looking so what lady wouldn’t be?

When she’d pumped Awe for information about his P.A, she’d hissed. There was definitely bad blood there, the P.A was a bitch. She held on to her position like it was a royal title or something, Princess was so rude and proud, it remained for her to float on the air. Nobody crossed her, if one did, it was one word to the H.R and the person was gone, just like that. She acted like she had a lot of power because she was the CEO’s P.A. She had minions everywhere. In all the departments, Awe had pointed them out to her.

There was Tola in Sales, she was the Sales director’s P.A, there was Dara, the finance director’s P.A , Sarah from project management and then Florence from technical. There were so many others but these were the main ones, they supplied information on what was going on in their various departments.

Kite decided they all had too much time on their hands, or else they would have been busy doing other profitable things. Kite didn’t send any of them, if they crossed her, she wouldn’t hesitate to give it to them hot and spicy!

She was about opening the files she’d just downloaded when her intercom rang. Checking the caller Id, she saw it was the reception.

“Yeah?” She asked.

“You have a caller on the line, says his name is Izu Ukwu.” She said. Kite sat up, if she wasn’t shocked she would have smiled at him calling himself Izu Ukwu, it was a private joke between them.

“Patch him through.”

“Hello? Izu?”

“Hi love, how you doing? She raised a brow, ‘love?’ How in hell had he even gotten her number?

“Good, Izu? You’re not supposed to call me when I’m working. How did you even get this number?”

“You know I’m resourceful babe, besides why haven’t you called? it’s been a week now, you promised you would call!”

“I’ve been extremely busy.” She told him which was quite true but she knew she could have made out time if she wanted to. She’d wanted him to squirm for a bit before calling him. If she’d waited for six months before seeing him then she guessed a week or two wouldn’t be too much for him.

“I don’t believe you.” He told her

“I’m telling you the truth Izu, I just got the job, I have to impress my employers.”

“Okay, can you spare some time now? I’m waiting for you in the parking lot.” He told her. ‘Parking lot?’ She knew she could spare sometime since Adeniyi had left for the day but she wasn’t sure she wanted to leave the office just like that. She knew could have the receptionist take her messages for her while she was away but she didn’t like it, stepping away from her desk during office hours wasn’t professional but she guessed since it would just be for a few minutes, not much harm would be done.

“Izu, I’m coming down but I don’t like it and whatever you have to tell me better be good!” She warned dropping the call.


Ise rode the elevator reserved just for him up to his office on the last floor. He’d just returned from Tel Aviv and although the deal wasn’t still settled he wasn’t too bothered, he knew by the time TANOIL looked into AXEL’s proposal thoroughly as he’d advised them, they would see that WOLCORP was the better option in a partner. He’d come straight to the office while Kenny had pled fatigue and gone home instead, the lazy drone.

Ise had come to the office on the pretext of diving straight into work which had piled up in his absence but he also really wanted to see Kitty, find out how she’d settled in and her performance so far. They might even have dinner that evening if he was lucky, he smiled to himself as he thought about it. A girl had never gotten to him this way, not even Izy.

The elevator doors opened into his floor and Princess was there beaming “Welcome back, Sir? How was your flight?”

“Fine, thank you Princess. How’ve you been?” He asked back.

“Good Sir.” He continued to his door, princess following beside him

“ You have the VILDE group contract on my desk?”

“Yes Sir, you have a meeting with them tomorrow morning, nine a.m. Conference room 2, the Chinese are for noon and CyberTech by two p.m” Filled day, he thought

“ Noted.” He said, he would have to rise early tomorrow morning. He was greeted by the secretaries as he passed through their office and he waved back.

“The rest of your appointments have also been scheduled on your calendar, you can go through it later but you should receive the alerts on your outlook. The reports of the last week’s meetings are also on your desk, including the one with System Soft. That’s about it, Sir.”

“Alright then,” His hand was paused on his door knob “Could you please put a call through to the lady who I sent in last week for the appointment? She’s with Adeniyi now, I take it?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Okay, patch me through to her, that’s all for now, will let you know if I need anything else.” He said going into his office, he couldn’t wait to hear her voice once again.

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Princessa was pissed again, not five minutes since Ise had returned, he was asking to speak to that girl. The girl that had the office abuzz. The guys were all falling over themselves because of her and she suspected her boss was also among them. What was it about the girl self? She’d set her spies to check on her every chance they got but so far no news had come up. So far she and Adeniyi were going well and she seemed to have struck up a friendship with that annoying Awe girl. She planned on listening in to the conversation between the two of them.

She placed a call to her desk but it wasn’t being picked. After trying a few more times she decided to call the reception, maybe Tessy had some information on her whereabouts.


“Yes, Princess?”

“Have you seen Adeniyi’s P.A?”

“Yeah, she stepped out a while ago.”

“Like how many minutes ago?” Princess asked irritated, was a while ago time?

“About fifteen minutes back, she gave me the impression that she wouldn’t be too long, asked me to take her calls.”

“How about Adeniyi?”

“He’s also left, I think for the day.”

“Right.” She dropped the call and called Ise.

“Yeah?” His voice came on.

“She’s not in the building, Sir.”

“Since when?”

“About two hours ago, sir.”

“What?” He shrieked and she smiled getting the reaction she needed.

“Adeniyi?” He asked.

“He’s left for the day.”

“Have her call me when she gets back!” He spat ending the call. Princess grinned feeling good with herself.

“Now that was more like it.”


Izu let himself into his house feeling better than he had in a long time. It had felt so good seeing Kite again and being able to explain to her the reason behind his sudden disappearance. Letting her know that it had actually been for her own protection. After the deal he and Chinedu had been into had gone south, the senator whom they’d meant to play a fast one on had put the police on their tail while some dangerous guys whom they’d lent some money from had also been searching for them. If they’d caught him interacting with Kite, her life would have also been in danger, so he’d skipped town to keep her safe. She’d never known she’d been followed by both the police and those other guys, they’d both kept a heavy watch on her.

After a while, he’d settled debt with the bad guys and the police had also gotten tired and slackened in their search for him so he was able to move around but by then he’d not been able to locate Kite since she’d moved out of the flat they’d shared. He’d been really worried about her for the past few months and had been so surprised and happy to see her at Transcorp Hilton. She’d managed really well without him and now had a good job.

He was proud that she’d been able to sustain herself without him but had become apprehensive when she’d not called him in over a week. He’d known she was still pissed and a pissed Kite would want him to stew a bit before finally calling him, he knew he had to do something because he couldn’t stand the waiting, so he’d checked the company up online and had found their numbers.

She was still quite angry with him but he’d been able to plead his way back into her heart and things were looking up for him. It was easy to see that she’d enjoyed being in his company like old times, he’d teased her about the job and she’d laughed. They’d joked, he’d caught up on what had been going on in her life and the walls had finally been broken when she’d hugged him and told him how much she’d missed him.

His heart had skipped a beat to have her so close to him again, he’d really missed her. It wasn’t like they were back together fully but little by little they would get there, he was sure.

“Hey honey!” Izu turned to see someone in his living room, going through a magazine, what thr hell?

“Brenda!” were his eyes deceiving him? “What the hell are you doing here in my house?”

“Oh baby, is that how to greet your baby you’ve not seen in a long while?” She was coming in for a hug but he held her back.

“Who’s your baby?” He asked frowning “How did you get a key? Brenda, What’s the meaning of this?”

“Baby?” She asked as if shocked, looking up at him. Brenda was the last person he’d thought he would see in his house, she was such bad news. He’d had to squat with her for a while in Benin, where he’d lain low for a while when the hunt for him had been on. Worst mistake of his life.

“Brenda!” He called her “How did you get the key to my apartment?”

“I’ve always had a key, I got you the place remember? So I got an extra key from the owner.” She made to come closer again “I missed you babe!”

“Brenda,” He removed her hands off him “What we had ended in Benin, I was very clear about it. It wasn’t meant to happen but it did but I never led you on or lied to you. Besides you know I have a girlfriend. I don’t know what you were thinking coming over here.”

“So Izu, are you telling me we’re over? Just like that?”

“Oh please, Brenda, you know it never even started between us, what we had was purely physical. I’m in love with Kite and you know it.”

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