Facebook Girl Episode 5


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“Immediately I heard the word ‘surprise’, I suddenly smiled and became restless. I dashed into my wardrobe, picked up a shirt and took my ATM card.
Just as I was about stepping out of the room, her phone started ringing……”

#Episode 5
She picked the call and though I
couldn’t hear what the caller was saying, Nana Akua was responding “ok, alright, ok, ok” on the phone till she cut the call.
Before I could say anything, Nana Akua said “that is my room mate at school. She called to ask the time I will get to
I dashed out of the room and stood outside my house for about 10 minutes thinking about all that has happened.
I asked myself “Am I actually a fool?” “what if she is right about having a cousin?”. After all, she promised to have sex with me before leaving so I will actually have a feel of her but should I tell her about what I saw on
What if she asked me how I got to
know her account details?, but if I don’t give her the money, how will she get to Accra?.
Or should I delay her till tomorrow so as to enjoy her over the night?
But NO, she is having a 4 credit hour paper test tomorrow and Nana Akua is very beautiful, I think I like her naturally because if not, I’m sure I wouldn’t be acting this foolishly******.
The thoughts were just coming in and overlapping in my mind that I didn’t  even know which one to opt for.
At some point, I just made up my mind to give her GHc50  to manage.
After all, I won’t pay more than 50GHc if I should invite a prostitute for home service.
My mind was made up. I am paying only for the surprised sex and I will assume that I lost the 100GHc I gave her earlier.
I stopped thinking and flagged down a taxi.
Me: Take me to Amakom.
He said “Its 3GHc”. No problem, I replied.
He  drove by the WAEC office and finally   alighted me in front of Bank of Africa. The queue at the ATM was so much and i couldn’t wait so I decided to go
to GTB ATM adjacent Bank of Africa. The queue wasn’t long as compared to Bank of Africa even though I was number 12th in line.  I was so anxious to withdraw the money and return home for my surprise package, in fact, I insulted anyone who stayed longer on the machine.
When there were about 6 people in front of me, something just struck me to go on facebook and check her recent chats. This time, I got the greatest
shock of my life. What I saw as I opened her recent messages angered me.
She had started a chat with swordman about 5 minutes ago.
Nana Akua: Sweetie, I’m fine. I so much enjoyed the way you made love to me. It was the best I have ever had in my life.
***I developed a headache instantly. I scrolled up to read again incase I didn’t
get it very well and continued reading***
SWORD:. Same thing here. I really miss your blowjobs. In fact, if not for the test you said you needed to write tomorrow, I wouldn’t have let go of you today.
Nana Akua: Baby don’t worry, I will be back after the semester break because I can’t wait to feel you again
SWORD: That’s my baby. How is it going with the place you said you’re going for your transport fare. I mean your daddy’s friend. The one you spoke to me about?.
Nana Akua: I’m there already but he went out to the bank to withdraw money for me.. .
SWORD: Why not come here for a quickie plssssss???
Nana Akua: Time is far spent and he will be back soon
SWORD: Baby please; It won’t be long. I promise it won’t exceed 10minutes.
Nana Akua:Are u sure?
SWORD: I promise
Nana Akua: Ok dear, set the stage and don’t let me meet you with clothes on. Also, make sure its a hot ride. I will be there in a jiffy.
SWORD: OK dear, I will be waiting.

Ahhhh!!! I shouted and it attracted the attention of the people in the queue. They asked me what the problem was
but I couldn’t say anything.
** I stepped out of the queue and wondered if I was dreaming. Just
as I was thinking of what next to do,my phone beeped with a message from Nana Akua saying
“Baby, pls I left my school ID card at my cousin’s so i’m going to get it. I will be back in 20minutes. Please.
I don’t know when I started crying.
I was crying like a baby on the busy road. I said to myself
“This time, I must teach this bitch a lesson she will never forget in her life” EVER!!!

***watchout for Episode 6***