The One I Love Episode 4



Previously On The One I Love…

Stella was painting the image of her father in her memory until a vehicle almost collided with her.

The young guy who was heading to his own office ran down from the car and helped her up. She was already in shock, shivering. “She can’t be left this way…” he said to Favour and carried her into his car


Tobi was about leaving the house when his grandmother knocked at his door. He was provoked because he wasn’t expecting anyone

. “I came for an important discussion.” The grandmother walked in and left him by the door.

‘What discussion again?’

“Come in here and let’s discuss.” She kept on walking in.

Tobi shut the door and walked behind her slowly.

“I won’t waste your time and I don’t want you to waste mine. It has become an anthem that you should stop drinking but you’ve turned deaf ear to my words. Now, the advice I have for you is to get married or have someone that will be close to you..” she stopped, expecting him to pass a comment.

“Granny, I’ve told you that I don’t wish to get married, marriage is just like hell.” He uttered and dropped his briefcase.

“Either you like it or not, you must marry and stop this your useless drinking with these friends of yours. I’m going to bring a lady to this place tomorrow, thank God tomorrow is Saturday.” She stood up.

A lady.. He repeated.


Episode 4

Lo and Behold, Granny meant her words. She headed home and visited Stella’s place only to meet an empty house. She went to her own house which was beside Stella’s, hoping to go back there very soon to check on her again.

The Grandmother was a very nice woman who often give Stella and Favour her foods. It was the day the Grandma was fully dressed and was about leaving the house a car on great speed splashed mud water on her.

Stella who was around assisted her into the house and made sure she helped her wash her clothes. So, since then, she did visit her place to know of she had any work she could help her with.

She was obedient and respectful to her, which made the woman like her so much like her daughter. After working at her place, she did give her money, and would tell her it was just a gift, she wasn’t giving her the money for coming to help her at home.

She was also beautiful, what else would she want? She had studied her and saw how neat she was, obedient, reserved and shy. She knew that if not that she forced her, she wouldn’t be collecting a penny from her because she was a old woman.

She had also helped her against her joblessness and idleness by telling Tobiloba to help her search for vacancy wherever he knew. But to Tobiloba, he did think his Granny was always talking about an uneducated person but he never knew Stella was educated.


Tobiloba got to his place of work and quickly headed to his boss’ office. He greeted him and told him he was late, due to the traffic. He sat down after been told by his boss, Temitope Williams. “I guess you’ll be the one to represent the company, together with contract department.” He said to Tobi.

Tobi was surprised. Though he knew his boss wouldn’t scold him for being late but he expected him to stand at once and follow him because he had saying it frequently that he wished to follow him.

“Sir, what’s the problem?” Tobiloba asked.

“I almost hit a lady this morning which shocked me so much…. I’m still in shock and can’t go there like this.” He exhaled deeply.

“I’m sorry about that Sir. Don’t worry, I’m assuring you that everything is going to be fine, we shall win the contract.” He smiled.

“Thanks for your understanding.” Temitope shook hands with him gladly.


Favour was sitting beside her friend. She seemed worried, she didn’t want to accuse her in the hospital because she thought she’d be disturbing other patients and she wanted her to be better. She’d imagine it again as if the car hit her, what if it really hit her, where would she go to for help? What if the driver wasn’t a cool and nice person like Temitope Williams?

She was grateful Temi assured them he’d be back again in the evening, probably to take them home and pay for the bills.



Temi walked into the hospital and demanded to check on Stella. He had checked on the Doctor likewise to hear from him, if there was no problem any longer and his bill. He walked into the ward she was in and located her bed instantly.

He bowed, greeting the ladies. He asked Stella various questions about how she was faring and if she’d be able to walk. He also apologized again for driving the way he drove  but he wasn’t at fault, Stella also told him.

He told them the Doctor had discharged her and he’d like to assist them home, Stella was glad he came back, at least the hospital bills, transport fare would be out of it.

He drove them home and at the end gave her the provisions he bought and a sum of money. He told them he’d be back to check on her; the following day.


After Temi’s left, the Grandmother of Tobiloba came to Stella’s place to discuss with her about the help she’d like her to render to her. She discussed with her about herself, Tobiloba and the help she’d like her to render.

If she wouldn’t help, no other person would like to. If she’d only change his mind off drinking, she should at least help her. Stella was confused, she remembered the time the woman would give her tubers of yam, rice and other foodstuffs. She was also nice and a friend in need is a friend indeed.

“Alright ma.” She simply said but didn’t want to do it.

After she left, she told Favour about it and asked for her advice. “It won’t kill, moreover it’s not neccessary you marry him and remember all what this woman had done for us, help her.”

Stella sighed.


SATURDAY, 9:11 am.

Stella was set, dressed up to follow Tobi’s Grandmother to Tobi’s place. She had discussed with Favour a lot, she had been advised to help the woman, and make sure she tried her best to change Tobi for better.

It meant they’d visit the Hotel for the job on Monday morning. As she was about to leave the house, she met the Grandmother by the gate.


Stella admired the house as she walked in with the grandmother. It was a beautiful apartment. She put on a beautiful face as she stood beside the Granny. She knocked softly, together with the Granny and patiently waited for him to walk out but there was no response for a while until Tobiloba walked out of the house slowly and opened the door.

Concievably, he just woke up due to the drinks he had with his friends the previous night. He knew it was Saturday, he had no important place to visit. He became self conscious as he sighted his grandmother and opened his eyes widely.

He greeted her and let her in with Stella. He had been wondering who the young lady beside the mother was. He got to the sitting room, wearing an angry face. He gave Stella a long look and the splendor of her beauty awed him into silence. Though he wasn’t comfortable, but he didn’t want to complain at first.

“This is the lady I promised you.” The woman addressed him.

“Lady…” he kept staring at Stella.

Stella had caught him about thrice, while glimpsing at him likewise. She was feeling uneasy as they kept making eyes contact with each other. Looking at her hadn’t changed him, it would even make him more wicked and merciless to her. He had been mulling over it and still wouldn’t let his guards down because nothing good would come out of a relationship.

“Granny, haven’t I told you?” He sounded ballistic.

“Hey! shut your mouth. I wouldn’t see a wrong way and push you there, if you don’t, don’t bother talking to me again, I’ll disown you.” She was also getting livid.

“Granny, I desperately know you wish me good but you bringing in a chicken is going to add to the problem.”

Stella was still quiet, she hadn’t spoken since the discussion had started. She had already been told earlier that Tobi wouldn’t want to accept her but everything neccessary would be done to make sure he did. Even if she was called a Cow, she wouldn’t be moved.

“Don’t add to my anger!” Grandma exclaimed.

She was getting serious, getting more annoyed with him. Tobiloba likewise didn’t want anyone. “Alright granny.” He waved his hand trying to dismiss the discussion.

“You’ve accepted?” She asked eagerly.

Tobiloba tried to smile. “Yes.” Within him, he was assuring himself he’d make Stella suffer so much that no one would beg her before leaving. “Good!” The Grandma laughed and stood up. “You people should be gisting, let me get you something to eat.” She stood happily and walked into the kitchen to prepare food.

This time, Stella was no longer glimpsing at Tobi, she was also staring at him as he was. “So she brought you right? You’re also happy?” He said, trying to threaten her.

Stella chuckled and clapped her hands together. “What’s your name?”

“You should have a phone there, Google it out.” He hissed

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