I moved on with my life after the incidence
with Basheer’s dad, I avoided going to the
hospital but I call Dr. Imran from time to time
to know how he was coping. I went for my
lectures and retired to my room immediately. I
preferred to be alone always. I avoided having
a long conversation with anyone including my
mum. I told Azizah all that had happened and
she tried to console anytime I needed it.
My life had taken a U-turn within a short
period of time. I hardly smiled and had no
appetite for anything. My mind was always
with Basheer, everything I did he was on my
mind. I also cried alot until my eyes became
sore and my head ached alot.
3 days later, it was a sunday and I woke up
after having a very bad dream,I was not
worried about it as it has became my habit
lately. I decided to call Dr. Imran as I haven’t
spoken to him since saturday morning.
“Assalamu alaikum” he greeted as he picked
up the call at first ring
“Wa alaiki salam”, I answered
He hesitated for a few seconds before adding
“Na’imah how have you been coping? Am very
sorry about Basheer”, he said
“Wha….what do you mean you are sorry about
Basheer?”, I stammered
He kept silent so I asked again
” What do you mean you are sorry about
Basheer?”. I was shouting now admist tears
He still wasn’t speaking so I dropped the
phone and ran out of my room. I met my
parents in the sitting room.
“What happened to Basheer?”, I asked Noone
in particular.
They looked at each other.
“Nothing happened to him”, it was my dad
My mum walked to me and held my hand.
“Relax Na’imah, he is alright. Basheer is
alright”, she said wiping my tears.
I released my hand from her grip and said
“No, he is not. Dr. Imran told me”, I was now
crying profusely
“Just tell me what happened to him”!!! I was
now shouting
“Is he dead?”


.”Yes, we lost him last night”, my dad said
looking at me.
I heard him right as I felt the sharp pain that
went through my head as I collapsed.