Did he really meant it could last for years.
Well, not for Basheer, I hoped.
He took me to the ICU to see Basheer after
spending a little time talking to him. He
said it’ll do me no good seeing Basheer in
this state as it could affect me seriously.
“I learnt you guys were very close”, he had
“From what I heard from your father, seeing
him in this state could really affect you
negatively, So I suggest you stay at home
while he is still here”, he advised
He was right because seeing Basheer in
that state makes me feel as if am losing it.
But I can’t stay away from him, I thought.
I drove back to school, it was already after
2 when I got there so I went to the mosque,
said my Zuhr (afternoon) prayers before
checking on our co-ordinator again. He was
in this time around, so I collected my form
and left.
I was starving by now so I went in search of
something to eat.
I went to my favourite restuarant on
campus, It was Mama’s kitchen, ordered for
my food and waited while the waitress
brought it. I was eating when Azizah called,
she said she was already in the lecture
venue, so I told her I’ll meet her there in
some minutes. I finished up and paid my
bills then drove back to Yaradua hall 1.
I found Azizah seated in the front row, there
was an empty seat by her side and I knew it
was mine. I walked up to where she was,
told her I was going to pray as it was only
3:30pm, I had close to 30 minutes before
the lecture started.
The lecture which lasted for about 2 hours
was quite interesting, we learnt so many
things concerning our industrial training
and various questions were asked.
“The lecture was really helpful”, I said to
Azizah as we walked out of the hall.
“Am glad I didn’t missed it”, I confessed.
” Yeah, it was and am glad too”, she
answered smiling.
“I’ll see you tomorrow”, I said as she walked
towards her car.
“Okay, take care, bye”, she replied as I
walked down to where I parked my car.
“Where have you been?”, my mum asked as
I entered into the sitting room. She knew
my lectures never get that late, maybe she
was worried thinking I have been in the
hospital all this while.
“We had a lecture concerning our industrial
training”, I told her.
“How was your day”, I asked
“It was fine, did you go the hospital
today?”, she asked as I sat down
“Yes”, I replied, keeping what Dr. Imran said
a secret.
“Your father and I will be going there later”
“Okay, let me freshen up, I had a long day”,
I said as I headed to my room.
I had taken my bath and said my magrib
(late evening) prayers when my mum came
into the room asking me if I would go with
them the hospital, I answered in the
I still remembered my conversation with Dr.
Imran. She told me they would be leaving
soon and they may be late so I shouldn’t
wait up for them. I settled down after she
left to read through a copy of the notes I
got from Azizah, it was for the lecture I
missed yesterday.
I found it to be very boring and I wasn’t
concentrating, so I dropped the notes and
la!d down on my bed. I was trying to sleep
when my phone rang. It was Adam.
“Assalamu alaikum”, I greeted him as I
accepted the call.
“Wa alaiki salam”, he answered.
“The friend ( still trying to micmic Basheer),
I just called to inform you I just arrived
Kano, how is Basheer feeling”, he asked.
I sighed then replied;
“It’s getting worse”.
For once, I had to admit Basheer was not
getting any better. I told him the situation
at hand and he promised to go and see him
“I don’t think they will let you in if you go
alone, why don’t you wait till morning then
we shall all go together”, I advised
“His parents are coming too, their flight
would land early tomorrow morning”, I told
“Okay, no problem. Thank you”, he said
We said our goodbyes and ended the call.
I heard the Azaan for Isha (Night) prayers
so I went to the bathroom, performed
ablution and said my prayers. I kept
praying for Basheer in every prostration I
The time was 9:45 pm and my parents were
not back yet. I wasn’t worried as my mum
had told me they might be late.
I went to the kitchen to get something light
for dinner.
I retired to my room afterwards, changed to
my nightie and lied down to sleep. I was so
tired that I slept off almost immediately.
I woke up late the next morning. I had slept
off after saying my fajr (dawn) prayers only
to wake up at 10:15 am. My heart was still
heavy and breaking as I went to take my
“These two days has been the most
dreadful of my life”, I thought as I looked at
myself in the mirror. My eyes were abit
swollen and my head ached.
I was dressed in my casual wears as I came
out to the sitting room as I had no lectures
until later in the day. Both my parents had
gone to work as the house was silent. I ate
my breakfast and returned back to my
My phone was ringing as I entered and it
was my dad. He called to tell me Basheer’s
parents have arrived and they are all on
their way to the hospital. I called Adam
after ending my dad’s call to inform him to
get ready so we can go to the hospital. He
said he was ready and would pick me up in
a few minutes.
I changed and waited for Adam, he came in
less than half an hour.
Unlike Basheer, Adam was short, chubby
and he wasn’t that good-looking.
They were as different as a Mango and a
Adam kept asking me about things as we
drove, and just like Basheer, he sure knows
how to cheer up a girl.
“You really know your ways with a girl”, I
had told him on our way.
“I learnt it from Basheer”, He said smiling
I laughed as I knew he was joking.
“Basheer don’t like girls that much, I
wonder how you guys get along with each
other” he continued and I laughed again.
“That’s because I am different from the
rest”, I teased him.