Evening With Eva Season 3 Episode 5



Previously On Evening With Eva..

“Stop!” pointing their pistols at him.

He was already twelve meters away, zigzagging through the crowd. The cops could not risk taking a shot as innocent civilians might be harmed.

Half a dozen cops pursued him threatening to shoot and shouting at civilians to give way. The whole train terminal was in commotion as Ambrose pushed bystanders aside and ran through the crowded station.

People dived away from the path of the ensuing fracas as the cops gradually closed the gap between them and Ambrose.

Just then the train began to move. It started to move slowly and gradually picked up. Ambrose moved to his right and ran after the train. The train gained momentum and was picking up pace.

Ambrose tried to get in through the last door but it closed before he could put his hand in between the doors to close it.

There was a tunnel approaching. The cops were eight meters behind him. The crowd was thinning. He had no choice.

He took one last bold step and plunged forwards. His right hand caught a panel at the back of the train while his boots grazed the rail track.

He managed to pull himself up and hold on to the panel that saved his life. The cops paused and shot into the darkness at the train. Ambrose was already on the roof of the train.

“Set up a blockade at the intersection. I need eyes in the sky! I want him dead or alive! I prefer the former. Somebody, get me that bastard!” Special Agent Ken shouted to no one in particular.

The cops around him scrambled away, making calls and walking away.

The Agent did not move. He continued to stare surprisingly into the darkness of the tunnel.



The General paced the huge sitting area in the mansion. He was furious. His face contorted with rage. He looked at Sophia for the umpteenth time.

“How the hell was he uncovered?” The General asked.

Sophia was surprisingly calm. She sat on the single sofa and crossed her legs, with a glass of champagne in her left hand. She had gotten used to the General now.

He had stayed with her for days now and the enigma which she saw him as had gradually worn off. She had huge respect for him. She still saw him as a father figure. Even though she no longer cowered or trembled at his every bark.

She sipped the alcohol slowly and dropped the glass back on the table beside her.

“It was The Colonel.” Sophia replied after a few minutes looking straight into the General’s eyes.

“Haruna?” The General asked surprised and continued

“I thought Ambrose’s cover was 100% fail safe. I need a damn explanation!” The General screamed hitting the glass center table with his right fist.

The table broke in pieces with some pieces of glass lodging in between the General’s knuckles. He showed no sign of hurt or pain. He stood straight and carefully picked out the tiny shreds of glass that his knuckles had embraced.

“Tell me how it happened” He said, taking out the last two visible shreds of glass.

Sophia was unmoved by his sudden burst of anger. She knew he was losing it. She had only seen him this uncontrollable once, when he was denied autonomy over the South West Region of the African Conglomerate of Undercover Operations.

Sophia was able to calm him and help him re-strategize. He later went on to win the appeal and was the head of the Conglomerate till date. That was seven years ago.

She was not ready for all that at the moment. She had her own demons to take care of, which included finding Eva and Sark.

“The Colonel left clues. He wanted us to know he did it. He was able to crack the server codes and bypass the rigid firewalls. He had help from a certain Frankenstein. Bee Hive is finding a hard time tracking Frank. The Colonel has not made any demands yet but I am sure he will soon.” Sophia said.

“I should have killed him when I had the chance!” The General retorted.

“It is not your style. You bit the tiger’s tail when you smoked Ahmed. You know how much he cared for the detective. I wonder how you got desperate and lost control of the calm and demeanor that made you the most feared person in all quarters.” Sophia replied.

She had long dropped addressing him as sir. They had returned to the way they were years ago when she lived under his roof. He preferred it that way.

“I needed to stamp my authority! Killing Ahmed was the only way to send that message S. Don’t you see?” The General replied, sitting on a chair opposite his ward.

Sophia felt sorry for him. His hand was bleeding slowly.

“You need to take care of that.” Sophia said.

“I’ll be fine. What else do I need to know?” The General asked

“Bee Hive deployed a smoke screen and they now have the coordinates of The Colonel’s location. We are looking at a very wide area and it will take about fifteen agents to flush him out. It’s too risky and a long shot.

I would not advice it. Besides, something tells me he would be expecting a barrage of agents. He has most probably set up bosom traps and little diversions.” Sophia advised.

“What’s our best course of action?” The General asked. He took out a handkerchief from his shirt pocket and bandaged his bloody knuckles.

“Wait him out. If we rush, we would be playing directly into his hands. He is on his turf. We need to draw him into our terrain. We need to look unconcerned. Act nonchalant. But we would be vigilant.

He is currently out for blood. He wants to avenge Ahmed as soon as he can. And he knows he has an advantage. When he sees that we are not acting, he may feel that we did not get his message.

He would want to strike again. This time, a little deeper and harder. And he can’t do that in hiding or on his turf. He has to come out. And then, we’ll have him.” Sophia said.

The General pretended to think for a while. Sophia’s intelligence had always astounded him. He had initially been thinking about storming the coordinates Bee Hive had given and take out The Colonel with brute force.

He had done that before. 15 years back, he had stormed the Gold Coast when he got intel that Drago was hiding there. Drago had cloned Bee Hive and was negotiating with the British to sell the information.

The General had been searching for Drago for months and when he had finally gotten his location, he stormed the hideout and took down Drago, assault style.

He was thinking of taking similar action against The Colonel but he had doubts. The Colonel was very smart. He had taught The Colonel many of the things he now knew and could use them against him.

The Colonel could predict his moves. He had to do something he would not normally do under the circumstances. Sophia had given him the perfect alternative.

“Where are we with Bee Hive?” The General asked.

“All data files have been rewritten and coded with Radium encryption. All agents’ history have been wiped and replaced with forged identities. All missions have been changed. Our database is safe. If The Colonel were to present his hacked evidence anywhere, he would be running a wild goose chase.” Sophia replied.

“Hmmmm…” The General snorted.

There was a moment of silence between the two veterans.

After a few minutes, the door to sitting room opened. Austin came in, supporting Ambrose on his shoulder. Ambrose was holding his stomach. His once white starched shirt was now stained blood red.

Sophia got up instinctively and helped put Ambrose on the long couch. The General just sat on his chair looking. He showed no sign of emotion, care or feeling. He just stared coldly at the events unfolding in front of him.

“How is he doing?” Sophia asked, putting two fingers on his neck to feel his pulse. he got a weak pulse.

“He’s lost a lot of blood. I tracked his distress call to a toilet in a filing station in the outskirts of Konongo. I could not take him to a hospital. It’s a miracle he is still alive.” Austin replied.

Just then Ambrose groaned. He opened his mouth but no words came out. The General got up and walked to where Ambrose lay.

“Lieutenant, how are you feeling? What really happened?” The General asked.

“He needs to rest sir. I think he’ll come around. Can I have some time alone with him sir?” Sophia said, looking at the General and then Austin.

The General folded his arms while his right arm came up to his jaw. He scratched his hairless jaw for a few seconds as if in deep thought. He needed to know what exactly happened. He needed to be there when Ambrose came to.

However he needed him alive. He put his hands in his pant pockets. He felt the tiny but powerful voice transmitter in the depths of his right pocket.

“Okay. I will be in the Visitor’s lounge. I demand that he be made available to me immediately he comes to. And that is an order.” The General said, walking towards the door.

“Roger that sir.” Sophia replied.

Austin also got up from the arm of the four-seat long cushion settee. He looked at Ambrose, shook his head and went after The General who was already ahead of him heading towards the door.

The General brought his right hand from his pocket to open the door. As he turned the knob, he released the tiny bean sized bug that was in his hand, blocking the bug’s landing with his legs so no one would see. It landed softly on the Persian rug that filled the wide room.

The General opened the door and stepped out, turning right towards the visitor’s lounge. Austin wasn’t any wiser. He had no idea what had just happened he went out after the General and turned left heading to the guest bedroom.

As Austin shut the door behind him, Sophia smiled.

She had seen the little stunt the General pulled. Her trained eyes had caught the fall of the transmitter. He was hiding something and she had her doubts about him. If he trusted her, why did he want to eavesdrop on her?

She walked to the door and squatted by the tiny bug. She did not touch it. She examined it carefully. It was an ultra-powerful listening device. The NODE-01 Jaguar. It had the capacity to relay sounds clearly up to 100 meters. She got up, leaving the bug where it was.

She went back to Ambrose and whispered in his ears.

“Coast is clear. Meet me in the bathroom now!”

Ambrose opened one eye. Then the other. He looked around. Sophia was already headed towards the bathroom. He got up from the chair and grimaced. He actually hurt himself when he jumped on the train.

But it was not as bad as he made it seem to Austin and The General. He had contacted Sophia when he got off the train and thanked her for saving his life. She had asked him how bad the situation was and he had told her everything he knew.

She advised him to fake being hurt, get some more blood on himself and contact Austin. Ambrose had had a tricky moment when Austin tried to take off his clothes to access the extent of injury to his stomach area. Ambrose knew that he could not afford to have his fake injury found.

He had groaned and screamed terribly and Austin backed off. Austin felt sorry for him and promised to get him to the mansion so Sophia could look at him. He did not attempt to check Ambrose’s injury again.

When Ambrose got to the bathroom, the tap attached to the hand wash sink was rushing at full capacity. The shower was also running. The sound of rushing water would interfere with the transmitter’s reception, blocking the bug from detecting their voices. Sophia sat on the closed toilet seat and beckoned him to come close to her. He got in front of her and sat on the ground, leaning his back on the bath tub.

She got out her phone and typed a message:

“Did you bring the chip?”

She handed the phone to him and he read it. He cleared the message Sophia typed and replaced it with his.

“Yes I did.” he typed.

Ambrose handed the phone back to Sophia. He got up and walked to the hand washing sink and bent low before it. He put his ‘peace’ fingers in his mouth, gagged on it, and vomited in the sink. He put his hand in the disgusting goo and fished out a black rectangular micro sim.

He opened the tap, flushing the goo down the sink and rinsed the micro sim. He walked back to Sophia and handed it to her.

“How did you get it?” Sophia asked curiously in a barely audible whisper.

“As we approached the police car that was supposed to take me to the Capitol, your message came in. I freed myself from the agent and used the opportunity to grab his smartphone from his side pocket.

When I got on the train, I realized that I was being tracked with the phone that I had stolen. I took out the sim and left the phone in the train. It would be a while before they realize that they have been barking up the wrong tree.” Ambrose replied.

“Good job Ambrose. Are you sure you don’t want anyone to check you out?” Sophia asked, getting up from the toilet seat and heading for the door.

“I think I am fine.” Ambrose replied.

“Good. You need to keep up the act a little while longer. Maybe until after tomorrow.” Sophia said with a tone of finality.

“Can I get some sugar in my room? It would really speed up my recovery.” Ambrose asked with a mischievous smile on his face.

Sophia smiled, turned and walked up to him. She kissed him deeply and fully on his lips, sucking his lower lips, her tongues flicking in and out, teasing the palates of his mouth. Ambrose squeezed her breasts as his essence stood at attention, raging like a wild bull.

After what seemed like forever, Sophia detached herself from him, eyeing him seductively and stepping two steps back. Ambrose tried to come forwards, attempting to continue the action.

“Hey tiger. That was just to say thank you. Will send a hottie into your room in ten minutes.” Sophia said, putting a hand on his chest to stop him from coming any closer.

She licked her lips, bit her lower lip and looked at his groin area. His body went up in flames of desire. She turned her back on him and wiggled her hips as she shut the door behind her.

Ambrose unbuckled his belt and looked into his pants. His desire needed to be satiated. He walked out of the bathroom and went to his room.

It was a very hot afternoon. The sun was scorching hot and people were sweating as they walked along the streets. Sark walked along the busy Bantama road, heading for the lonely street North of the small roundabout. He got to a very tiny busy street.

He heard screams of “suame!!! Suame going trotro!!!” from the scores of commercial buses that lined the streets. As he took a left turn, someone bumped into him hitting him by the shoulders. Sark did not look back. He just smiled and continued moving. The person who hit him wore a hood which covered his entire head. He already knew who it was.

He put his hand inside the side pocket of his blazers and felt the tiny piece of paper that was not there a few minutes ago. He kept moving forwards, not knowing exactly where he was going.

When he saw an empty tricycle, he quickly sat in it. He took out the paper and read the content:


Tearing the paper to tiny shreds, Sark got out of the tricycle and tracked back the same way he came. He walked for a while, turning corners abruptly, stopping suddenly and sometimes just turning and heading back the same way he came. He continued to move around in circles, making sure that whoever it was that was tailing him got lost along the way.

When he was certain that he had lost any trackers, he moved beside buses, crossed the road a few times back and forth, and zigzagged his way until he got to the Barracks and opened the back seat of a grey G-wagon.

“How did it go?” Eva asked as Sark settled in beside her in the back seat.

He just looked at her and smiled.

He looked at the rear view mirror and met the gaze of his driver

“DRIVE!” Sark commanded.

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  1. Where is Austin, sarks driver???.There is a bit of disconnect of sarks character for me.
    Sark is nw being portrayed as d young unprofessional guy he ws; as to d assasin he been trained by the corporation.
    Dunno if am d only one feeling that way