Evening With Eva Season 3 Episode 4



Previously On Evening With Eva…

“My name is Special Agent Ken. You just passed your interview.” The man said panting and bringing out a badge from his pocket. He threw it at Ambrose. Ambrose ran his hands through the gold crest of the elephants on his badge. It was genuine.

“What interview?” Ambrose asked.

“What you had at the Capitol was just a courtesy visit. This WAS the interview.” Special Agent Ken replied.

“One of us could have been killed! What sort of crazy people am I working with?” Ambrose said, standing up. The man got up too.

“This is my job. I have been interviewing members for the SPPS for eight years. Let’s just say, I like to gamble with my life.” Agent Ken said.

Ambrose was about to retort when the speakers above them came alive.

“We have two minutes before we reach Accra. Please get ready.”

“Time to go.” Agent Ken said.

They cleaned up themselves and went back to their seats.

“What have I gotten myself into?” Ambrose wondered.

As they got off the train he got a message on his phone.

“Code Red. Abort Mission.”

It was from Sophia.



The Colonel spoke in hushed tones captivating the attention of Sark and Eva with his unique plan. He told them about his history with the General and brought to light secrets they never knew. He explained how his son was killed and how he had been on the trail of the Ghosts Corporation.

He made his speech quick and straight to the point, with no emotions. He spoke as a matter of fact and did not hide his intentions. He wanted the General dead which also meant taking down GhostCorp. They were either with him on this or against him.

He explained that he had killed Tawo in self-defense when he was ambushed in his hotel room. In return Ahmed was killed. The Colonel wanted retribution. And he would not stop till he got it.

“It was so easy to get to you two. If I wanted you dead, you would be dead. Taking you down along with Marcus would be silly when I know I can have you on my side. Think about it.” The Colonel said.

He handed them a little chip attached to a small paper. Sark looked at the note.

“This whole room is bugged. Get to a safe place and use this chip on a brand new phone. Make sure you are alone.”

Sark looked up at the Colonel and nodded.

“One more thing. I have relocated your parents. I have released both your mums from the men who were keeping them hostage. They are currently on a plane out of the country as we speak. You are not required to act under duress anymore.” The Colonel finished.

Sark could not believe his ears. He had tried to locate his mum but all his efforts were futile. He knew his mother was safe. He spoke to her regularly. He knew she was in South Africa but he did not know where exactly she was. She was moved around a lot and she was not allowed to disclose her location.

He had called her one night and she had broken down in tears. She was scared. One of the goons that the Corporation had protecting her had just shot and killed someone in front of her. She was scared and was begging Sark to return home as soon as possible.

Sark reassured his mother that all that was happening was for her own good and that he would be home soon. Now this man had taken his mother from under his nose and relocated her. He was beginning to take this man seriously.

“How do I know you are not leading me on? How can I trust you?” Sark asked.

“For one, you are still alive. Second, no matter what you decide, I will hand your mother to you. I just want you to read up everything you have on that chip. Then make your decision. We’ll go on from there.” The Colonel replied.

“How do I get in touch with you?” Sark asked.

“You don’t find me. I find you. I will establish contact at 18:00hrs.” The Colonel replied.

He turned and looked at his daughter. Emotions welled up in his heart. He wanted to reach out to her. Hug her. Listen to her and catch up on all the years they had been apart. But he couldn’t. At least not yet. Before now no one new that he had a daughter. The people closest to him were all dead. Ahmed was dead. Albeit his son was dead. His wife died during a complication while giving birth to his son. Involving Eva in an emotional triangle would not be good for any of them.

“Eva, I know about all your take outs. I have passed some fake information to the police and it has taken them off your trail. I am aware of every move you have made thus far. You were pretty careless.” The Colonel said.

He brought out a tiny mini disc from his hip pocket and handed it to her.

“Here is all you need to do to take the agency off your trail. Marcus had been so blinded by his desire for revenge that he forgot to cover his loopholes. I have done that for him. However, when you finish cleaning up the mess, you need to get out. Lay low. By the time I am done, you will be a free woman. And if I am still alive, we will talk.” The Colonel finished.

Eva made to get up, but the Colonel gave her a very stern look. Eva remembered the infra-red target marker and relaxed again.

“I am done here. I will contact you in nine hours Sarpong Kwamena. Or is it Agent Bravo? I think this would be a good time to call your Sidekick, Max. I intercepted his email too. He is waiting for your contact. There’s a full chicken in the oven in the kitchen. It would be completely cooked in ten minutes. When you hear the sound, then you can get up. Not before.” The Colonel finished.

He picked the cartridges on the floor and inserted them back into the guns. He put them back in the double gun hostler he had strapped on. As he walked towards the door, he looked back at Eva. They were still rooted to the spot their bums on the chair.

He shut the door after him without another word.

Immediately they heard the sound of the Oven that the chicken was done, Eva and Sark got off the chair with light speed in opposite directions. Eva turned the table in the sitting room and hid behind it. Sark crouched behind the couch, using it as a shield. Both were expecting a barrage of gun fire. They stood still for seconds expecting the windows to shatter any moment. Nothing happened.

After two minutes of waiting, Sark got up and courageously walked towards the window. He kept to the dark side of the room, avoiding getting into the line of fire. He stood by the side of the glass windows and bent slowly, his eyes trying to catch a glimpse of the sniper who was aimed at them.

As a trained sniper himself, one of the trainings he had undergone was how to locate a sniper in the tallest of buildings. His eyes had been carefully adjusted and perfected to single out snipers at whatever distance they were shooting from.

He was careful at first taking care to make sure only his left eye was visible from the window. He quickly pulled his head back. Nothing happened. He repeated this again. Still nothing happened. He got bolder, put out his whole head and pulled back in one swift motion. No gun shot. He relaxed by the window and breathed hard.

Eva was watching him and was scared to death. She worried that Sark might get himself killed trying to dare the sniper who was somewhere outside the hotel. She shook her head at Sark. She knew he was about to do something crazy and she feared the outcome. Hiding behind the table, she shook her head vigorously at Sark, communicating with him not to try what he was thinking of doing. Sark winked at her and smiled. He nodded.

He put out his right hand expecting it to be shot at. Eva closed her eyes. Nothing happened. Sark waved it a few times. Still nothing happened. He noticed the infra-red target marker on his palm as he waved.

“What in hell?” Sark said as he came to a sudden realization.

He left the side of the window and stood in the line of fire, arms akimbo. The target marker was on his neck. He moved sideways to his right and stretched his left arm. The marker was on his shoulder.

“Come on out Eva. There’s no sniper out there. It’s a decoy.” Sark said, standing again directly in the line of fire.

Eva got up and came to where Sark was. She stood beside him, and waved her hands around the target marker. Nothing happened. She turned and hugged Sark very tight. Seeing her father had brought back memories and emotions that she had buried for three years.

She cried on his shoulder. Sark held her tight and didn’t say a word. He let her express herself.

Five minutes later he whispered to her ears.

“Your father is right. He would not have come all this way for nothing. Let’s get out of here.” he said.

On the roof of an insurance building 100 meters north of Sark’s window, The Colonel lay flat on his stomach. He knew Sark had an eye for spotting snipers, so he had already painted his sniper rifle blue. He painted his face blue as he drove to the building and wore a blue face cap.

He watched the drama in the pent house and smiled as Sark stood in the line of fire. He was tempted to take him out. When Eva hugged him tight and cried, The Colonel’s already weakened heart gave way.

A tear fell from his left eye, while his right was glued in the scope attached to the rifle. He pressed a hand to his right ear. He had dropped a bug in the room immediately he barged in.

He heard Sark say they had to leave and how he was right. The Colonel silently prayed that he had done the right thing by bringing Sark and his daughter in. He had no choice. He needed every one he could get on his side. He packed his weapons and left the rooftop.

Ambrose was walking towards a parked car when he got the message from Sophia. There was nothing he could do. He was walking with Special Agent Ken. He had no doubt in his mind that once he got into that waiting car he was going to be history.

He had about thirteen more steps till the door opened. Ambrose looked around the terminal. He picked out about 6 cops in strategic positions. They were watching him but were hiding it very perfectly. He smiled as he remembered the story that Agent Ken had cooked up.

He was good. Agent Ken was supposed to kill him but when that did not work he had quickly concocted a backup story and was now leading him to his end.

Six steps more.

Ambrose needed to take a decision. He needed to act.

As they got to the car, Ambrose hit Ken in the ribs with his elbow and broke into a run. Two cops got out of the car and screamed at Ambrose.

“Stop!” pointing their pistols at him.

He was already twelve meters away, zigzagging through the crowd. The cops could not risk taking a shot as innocent civilians might be harmed.

Half a dozen cops pursued him threatening to shoot and shouting at civilians to give way. The whole train terminal was in commotion as Ambrose pushed bystanders aside and ran through the crowded station. People dived away from the path of the ensuing fracas as the cops gradually closed the gap between them and Ambrose.

Just then the train began to move. It started to move slowly and gradually picked up. Ambrose moved to his right and ran after the train. The train gained momentum and was picking up pace. Ambrose tried to get in through the last door but it closed before he could put his hand in between the doors to close it. There was a tunnel approaching. The cops were eight meters behind him. The crowd was thinning. He had no choice.

He took one last bold step and plunged forwards. His right hand caught a panel at the back of the train while his boots grazed the rail track. He managed to pull himself up and hold on to the panel that saved his life. The cops paused and shot into the darkness at the train. Ambrose was already on the roof of the train.

“Set up a blockade at the intersection. I need eyes in the sky! I want him dead or alive! I prefer the former. Somebody, get me that bastard!” Special Agent Ken shouted to no one in particular.

The cops around him scrambled away, making calls and walking away.

The Agent did not move. He continued to stare surprisingly into the darkness of the tunnel.

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