Evening With Eva Season 2 episode 4



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The Colonel put the car in reverse. As he reversed, he aimed at the fuel tank on the jeep. He fired. The jeep went up in flames.

Ahmed curled up in his chair as he watched in awe at everything his uncle did. The Colonel turned the car around, moved forwards far away from the burning car and parked.

He looked at Ahmed. He smiled as he opened the door.

“Take the wheel son, Let’s get out of here.”




Sark’s private jet touched down at exactly 6pm. He wore a white tailored shirt, his black tie slightly loose. His sleeves were folded and stopped a few inches just below his elbows, while his jacket was on the seat opposite him.

He looked very handsome and rich. His hair was cut very low and dark with sporting waves flowing on it. He wore finely shaped pretty side burns.

As the jet taxied to its hangar, he finished the glass of champagne on his table, looking out of the window. The limited edition diamond watch on his left wrist glittered. A man in black suit walked over from the cabin, handing Sark an Ipad. Sark brought out a Cuban cigar from a small gold case.

“We are here sir. This is a list of five star hotels we have for you to choose from.” The security detail said, swiping the screen of the Ipad.

“Wait. Wait. Go back. Yes. That one. What hotel is that?” Sark asked with confidence, nibbling his cigar.

“That’s Golden Tulip Hotel, .” The man replied.

“Take me there.” Sark demanded.

“Wonderful choice sir. I will make the arrangements.” The man said.

“Thank you, Austin.” Sark said.

The door to the jet opened, and the automatic ladder was released. He picked his jacket and got up from the leather seat. He put the jacket on, his cigar in his mouth and walked to the door.

As the cool evening breeze blew his face, he smiled. He had missed home. He walked down the ladder to a waiting black limousine stretch. Austin who was behind him, got the door for him. Sark got in the luxury car, relaxing his muscular frame in the chair. Austin entered through the opposite door, reading out the itinerary of the evening.

Sark put up his hand, signaling that Austin be quiet.

“I really want to close my eyes for one hour and not have you rambling in my ears Austin. Okay? I would really appreciate it.” Sark said.

“Okay Boss” Austin replied, putting off his Ipad.

He pressed a button and a small black barrier which separated them from the driver opened sideways.

“Hotel number three.” Austin said to the driver.

The driver nodded.

As the compartment closed again, the driver pressed a button on a screen to the right of his steering wheel. Different hotels appeared on the screen with a navigation guide to each destination. He continued to press the button until he got to the third hotel. Golden Tulip Hotel showed on the screen. Beside it, a navigation route to get there.

The driver knew the place perfectly well. He did not need the navigation system. He shut down the screen, put the Limousine into gear and drove away from the airport.

Sark opened the small gold case he took the Cuban cigar from, got out a small cutter, and took a little bit off the head of the cigar. He put the cigar back in his mouth. Instinctively, Austin got out a lighter, feeding Sark’s cigar. Sark puffed and blew smoke.

He could not wait to really relax. He was happy to be home.

Eva kissed him passionately like her life depended on it. As she kissed, she rubbed his pot belly and pushed her other hand inside his pants. He grunted as she touched him, squeezing her breast through her gown and scattering her hair.

He was experiencing pleasure from a professional runz girl. He had only his trousers on. Eva used her tongue on the sensitive parts of his upper body, caressing the massive hair on his chest. He almost went into a spasm, blabbing incoherently. She kissed him lightly on the cheek, getting up from his bulky frame.

“No baby, don’t stop.” The man begged.

“Relax honey. The fun is just about to begin.” Eva said, winking and blowing him a seductive kiss.

He licked his lips and rubbed his palms together.

“Baby, let me freshen up. Better be ready when I get back.” Eva said slowly and deliberately, dragging the ‘ready’.

“How about the pool, baby? Do we have it to ourselves? You know how I am with other people in the same water I swim in.” Eva asked pulling off her top over her head.

“Oh, that. Give me a few seconds.” The man said.

He made a phone call.

“Done sweetheart.” The man said.

She blew him a kiss, got her purse and took out a female contraceptive. She brandished it in front of the man seductively and turned. She wriggled her bum as she shut the door behind her.

Eva took out a lipstick from her purse. She turned the lipstick anti clockwise. It opened. There were two drugs. A red capsule and a green one. She put the drugs in her mouth, hiding them under her tongue. She stripped naked and had a quick shower.

She got out of the bathroom with only a towel on. Her hair fell behind her shoulders as her sparkling dark skin shone in the bright room. She smiled as she shut the bathroom door. She walked erotically to the bed where the man was lying down, wearing nothing but his boxer shorts. She kissed him again, igniting his whole body with fiery passion.

She kissed his ears, trailing her tongue from his earlobe to his fleshy neck. As she kissed his neck, she kept her eyes on him, waiting for his most vulnerable point. As he closed his eyes, enjoying the tease, she released the capsules from under her tongue and broke them with her teeth still inside her mouth. As the capsule began to melt in her mouth, she immediately went to his lips and began kissing him furiously, passing the contents of her mouth into his.

He was too excited to notice. The odorless and tasteless candy capsule melted in both mouths as she kissed and touched his most sensitive parts.

The red capsule was designed to stop the user’s heart 15seconds after melting. The green capsule was going to neutralize the detection of any foul play when the forensics team checked for cause of death.

He would be certified dead from a heart attack. They were called Twin Silencers and had to be administered at the exact same time. As Eva kissed him, she began counting down silently. She kissed him faster and kneaded his nipples. When she had counted up to 8, she began to feel her heartbeat slowing. She got up from the man.

“Hey baby. Where are you going?” He asked trying to get up

“Hold on baby. Let me get the contraceptive from the bathroom.” She said pushing him gently back on bed.

She felt herself getting out of breath. She hurried into the bathroom and got her purse. Inside one of its very thin pockets, she got out a small syringe about the size of a toothpick. She tapped her arm, got a vein and quickly injected the syringe.

It contained the antidote to the Twin Silencers. She was already losing breath when she injected herself. Her heartbeat began to rise and then stabilized.

She opened the bathroom door and got out.

The Chief of Army Staff was dead.

Now she had to leave the premises. Their suite was on the first floor. She went to the balcony and looked down from the railing. The pool was empty and there was no one in sight. She put on her panty and her sexy bra. She had practiced diving at this height twice a day for six weeks.

Missions like this irked her. They were too simple and straightforward. It did not really give her the kick and adrenalin rush she was used to for eight months now.

She took in a deep breath and plunged from the railing of the balcony, into the pool. She felt tempted to remain in the water and enjoy the cooling sensation it gave. But time was of the essence.

She got to the edge of the pool and came out, dripping wet. As she approached the changing room she silently prayed that Shina had her escape route ready. She entered the changing room. She saw a shopping bag on the floor. The bag contained everything she needed. She smiled.

She took out a towel from the bag and mopped her body. There was a waitress outfit in the bag. The exact type as the one used in the hotel. She dressed up as quickly as she could. By now she was sure that the Chief’s body would have been found.

She removed the blue contact lens in her eyes and replaced them with green ones. She took out her artificial detachable fingernails and the eyelashes. There was a face contortion, a piece of gum, a lighter, a wig and scissors in the bag.

She removed the wrapper of the gum. A small map was designed on the gum. It was her escape route. She memorized the map, threw the gum in her mouth and chewed. She closed her eyes. She loosened the Brazilian hair the chief had bought for hair earlier in the day and cut it into tiny shreds.

She wore the wig and the face contortion. The face contortion was like a transparent mask. It changed her facial features, giving her an oblong face and high cheek bones. She put the shreds of hair into the shopping bag and set it on fire. She threw the lighter in the flames and shut the changing room door.

Eva opened the back door. She walked through a long corridor till she came to the kitchen entrance. There was only one Chef on duty and he seemed to be more concerned with the carrots he was chopping. He looked up, saw Eva and continued with his carrots. Eva took an aluminum tray from the cutting table and moved to the restaurant section of the hotel.

There was no one in the restaurant. She went left and opened a door leading to the reception. A pretty lady was at the desk. Eva leaned forwards on the reception table, hiding the tray behind her and mumbled a few incoherent words.

The receptionist could not hear what Eva was saying so she came closer. As the receptionist leaned forwards, Eva hit her hard on the side of her face with the tray. The receptionist slumped.

Eva smiled at the cameras. She knew that everything was being captured by the cameras. She cat walked out of the reception, with the tray in hand.

A parked black Lexus Jeep to Eva’s left flashed it headlights twice as Eva stepped out of the hotel. She crossed her hand across her shoulders. The Jeep sped to where she was.

She got in and they sped away.

“How was it?” Shina asked at the wheel, looking sideways at her.

“Piece of cake, Mission Accomplished.” Eva said.

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