Evening With Eva Season 2 Episode 3



Previously On Evening With Eva… .

Sophia felt weak and exhausted. She decided to just relax a bit after taking that much liquor. She climbed the stairs, heading for her room.

She opened the door to her room, shut the door behind her and switched on the light.

She almost jumped out of her skin at what she saw.

“Hello Agent S”.

It was the General.



Sophia was shocked. A million questions ran through her mind. When? Why? How? The General never makes himself available physically. On one hand she could count the number of agents in the Corporation that had seen the General face to face. Whenever the General makes an appearance, something was definitely not right. She opened her mouth but no words came out.

“Hello Agent S” The General said again

He was seated on the far left corner in the room on a wooden chair by the reading table. He crossed his legs and smiled.

“Good Evening General. What do I owe this huge visit?” Sophia replied with a little bit of restored calm. She backed the door and folded her arms.

“S. Of all my lieutenants, you are the closest to my heart. I place you even above my son, Tawo. So far, you haven’t given me any reason to regret my decision.” The General said, getting up from the chair.

He walked towards Sophia and stood less than two yards in front of her. His eyes pierced hers. His stare was strong, authoritative, and commanding. She didn’t flinch. She maintained her calm demeanor. She almost smiled.

“Sophia, is anything wrong? Is there something you need help with? I can reassign Project Eva to Shina and give you a long deserved break, maybe a vacation at the Caribbean.” The General said.

Sophia did not break the gaze.

“I am perfectly fine sir. I will deliver the project. Things are looking good. Sark is already on his prerequisite professional training and Eva has been emotionally stabilized for her role. Getting her to give up her emotions, her loved ones and her career was the tricky part, but that has been done. She understands what needs to be done and is ready to begin. We are getting her ready for the physicals.” Sophia replied.

“Okay. Anything else I should be aware of?” The General asked.

Sophia paused for a while. She tried to read the General’s expression but it was blank. The man was as cold as ice.

“I have everything under control General.” Sophia insisted.

The General shrugged and walked away from Sophia. He went to her bed, dipped his hand under the wooden support and dragged out a small bottle of Vodka. The bottle was half full. Sophia was surprised. How did the General know that she kept a bottle under her bed?

“Don’t look so surprised. I know everything about you.” The General said. He took the bottle and walked to the door. He turned.

“I know what you just did and where you went. You did your best. Sorry about Gerrar. I have sent an elite squad to pick up his body. I do not expect the Colonel to be around when the squad gets to Ahmed’s residence.

But if he is, he would be taken dead or alive. I know everything that goes on with my Lieutenants. If I keep doing everything myself, how would any of you be good enough to become General? I lie low because I need you to prove me wrong.

I am disappointed in all of you. You are still on track with Project Eva. I will still leave that to you. But just one mistake from you and you will be sorry. Leave the Colonel to me. I am going to handle him.” The General said and walked out of the door.

Sophia had had enough for one night. She didn’t bother taking off her clothes as she laid on the bed, drifting into a long, much needed sleep.

The Colonel entered the bedroom in exactly 15 minutes, holding a syringe. He grabbed Ahmed’s leg and shook them, waking him up. He sat up sluggishly. He still felt sleepy. The Colonel gently slapped Ahmed’s cheeks several times.

“Wake boy. We have to move!” The Colonel said.

He tapped Ahmed’s wrist. When he got a vein, he injected the serum into Ahmed’s body.

“That should fix you. Do not carry anything that would slow us down. Just your phones, your ATM cards and a face cap. Remember your guns,” The Colonel said.

Five minutes later, both men hurried out of the compound in Ahmed’s Mazda mpv with the Colonel at the wheel. As they turned into the freeway, two black military Ford Vans went passed them and into Ahmed’s street.

The Colonel sensed danger and stepped on the accelerator. The Colonel checked his rear view mirror as he drove, looking out for any tracers. He had driven for about 6 minutes when he noticed a black land cruiser jeep tailing him.

“Son, look in the rear view mirror. Notice anything?” The Colonel asked Ahmed.

Ahmed looked in the mirror. He studied the mirror for a couple of minutes.

“We have a tail Uncle.” Ahmed replied.

“Now, this is how you lose a tracker. Watch me” The Colonel said.

The Colonel stepped on the accelerator, increasing his speed to 100km/hr. There were few cars on the high way. The Land Cruiser jeep was no longer in view. Ahmed smiled.

“That was easy.” Ahmed said grinning.

The Colonel kept a straight face and his eyes on the rear view. A few minutes later, the jeep materialized.

“What took you so long?” The Colonel said to himself, a little smile creeping up his face.

“Put on your seat belt Ahmed. It’s going to be a very rough ride.” The Colonel said.

Ahmed quickly strapped himself in his chair.

The Colonel switched to the final gear and hit the accelerator. He sped past other cars on the high way, swerving left and right without reducing speed. The tires screeched as the swerved. Ahmed was surprised at how the Colonel was still able to switch on the traficator just before he swerved and overtook the cars.

The Colonel had completely forgotten that a brake existed.
The jeep was coming very close to them now, as both vehicles moved at high speed. The Colonel swerved to the right lane, taking his feet off the accelerator. As the car’s speed dropped steadily, the jeep got closer. The jeep left the car’s rear swerved left and was coming level with The Colonel.

“Yes. More…Just a little more…” The Colonel said,

“Ahmed, Give me your gun. Now!” The Colonel barked.

Ahmed handed over his .43 automatic pistol to his Uncle. As the jeep reduced speed, the colonel took the gun in his left hand. He rolled down his window, aimed and shot the jeep’s front tyre.

There was a deafening sound as the tyre burst and began to wobble. The Colonel suddenly stepped on the accelerator, catching his tracker unawares.

He was about 20 meters away when he suddenly stepped on the brakes and swerved the steering in a U-turn. The tires screeched. The jeep was moving at 40km/hr now, trying to balance and park properly.

The Colonel put the car in gear 2, approaching the jeep’s direction. He hit the brakes, got his head out of the window and aimed at the jeep’s driver as the car got closer. The man driving the jeep, sensing danger opened the door and tried to get out. The Colonel pulled the trigger. It was a head shot. The bullet pierced the windscreen, hitting the driver on his forehead.

The Colonel put the car in reverse. As he reversed, he aimed at the fuel tank on the jeep. He fired. The jeep went up in flames.

Ahmed curled up in his chair as he watched in awe at everything his uncle did. The Colonel turned the car around, moved forwards far away from the burning car and parked.

He looked at Ahmed. He smiled as he opened the door.

“Take the wheel. Let’s get out of here.”

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