Evening With Eva Season 2 Episode 2



Previously On Evening With Eva…

Sophia covered him, her back to the gate while Max opened the gate and went out. Sophia moved slowly to the gate still shooting at the Colonel.

She got out of the gate, got into the car and sped out of the estate.

“How are you?” She asked Max as they sped along the road.

“I will be fine. Gerrar is dead.” Max replied.

Sophia did not say a word. Gerrar was her cousin. Her eyes were red.

She stepped on the accelerator and bit her lower lip.

Someone was going to pay for Gerrar’s death.




Eva spent three days with her mother in the mansion. A separate suite was arranged for them where everything was provided adequately, ensuring satisfaction and comfort.

She was upset initially that she was not allowed to leave the mansion. She questioned why her mother had to be brought in to see her as that was not the original plan. She got over it after Shina explained that plans had changed.

The corporation constantly changed plans and made last minute cancellations just to throw any tracker off guard. Besides, she was safer here than anywhere else.

On the third day, Eva explained to her mother that she would be going on professional course outside the country. The course would span three years after which she would set up her own company. Her mother did not ask too many questions. She was glad that her daughter was moving up the corporate ladder.

She admonished Eva to remember her younger brother and to always check on him from time to time. As Eva helped her mother pack her bags, pangs of guilt enveloped her. She knew she had to tell her mother the truth. But she knew her mother could not handle it. Besides, she was afraid of what Sophia would do if she spilled. The very thought scared her to her very bones. She shuddered.

“Eva, please seat down. I want to talk to you.” Eva’s mother said moving on the bed for her daughter to seat.

“What is the problem mama?” Eva asked sitting down, concern on her face.

“I know you have been working hard. And I am very glad that you are doing very well. Your father would be very pleased with you. Only if he were alive.” Eva’s mum started. She sobbed softly wiping her face with the edge of her wrapper. Eva pulled her mother close, hugging her.

“It’s ok mummy. We will pull through.” Eva said, rocking her slowly.

“I know my dear.” Eva’s mum said sniffing and continued,

“I was at the window area yesterday. I saw a number of men in black suits and wearing dark shades. What was happening?”

“Oh, those men. They are the security details attached to my boss mummy. She came into town yesterday.” Eva replied.

“Okay my daughter. God will bless her. I have to thank her before I leave.” Eva’s mum said.

“No problem ma. I will arrange for you to see her mummy.” Eva said.

Eva got up from the bed and went into the bathroom, shutting the after her. She left the shower to run while she sat on the toilet seat. She put her face in her hands and began to cry. She hated the fact that she just lied to her mother. She was sad and scared.

Deep down inside her, she was troubled. She may never see her mother again.

Sophia drove into the gate of The Mansion, parking the car in the garage where there were other very expensive cars. She turned off the ignition. She closed her eyes for a few seconds and opened them again. She unlocked the seat belt around her, looking at Max. He held his arm and winced as he unstrapped himself from the seat.

“I think someone should check that out. It looks pretty messy” Sophia said.

“No! I am fine. I just need a few stitches. Can I get first aid in your room?” Max asked.

“Yes I do. Let’s go.” Sophia said.

They got out of the car and walked to the front of Sophia’s wing. As they entered the house Max collapsed on the couch in the sitting room. He passed out. Sophie shook her head as she sat in a chair opposite him.

She took off the holsters on both ankles, setting the guns on the table. She kicked off her flats, walking barefooted to the bar in the far right of the sitting room. She poured herself a full glass of strong vodka and drowned half the contents. She had not been this shaken in a very long time.

She was renowned for her ability to keep her emotions in check, and her clear thoughtfulness in very unpleasant circumstances. But the emotions were flooding in now. This was getting too much for her to bear. She blocked every thought of Gerrar from her head. All she wanted to do was to get back at whoever killed her only living relative.

She finished the vodka, looked at the glass cup for a while then smashed in angrily at the wall. It broke into a million pieces. The noise was not even enough to wake Max

She pressed a button by the bar. A young man dressed in a white shirt and black pants came in from a side entrance.

“You rang ma.” The lad said.

“Yes Jeff. Clean up that mess over there and get Emmanuela to attend to that man over there” She said pointing at Max
He nodded and hurried out of the house.

Sophia walked sluggishly to her room and opened the door.

The Colonel dragged his nephew inside the house. He looked for the first aid everywhere and eventually found it in the store. He took the big box into the sitting room where Ahmed lay, groaning and breathing softly.

He searched the first aid box and did not really find what he was looking for. He had to make do with what was available. He got out some disinfectant and a towel. He sterilized a pick-scissors with warm water and the disinfectant. He dabbed the blood off Ahmed’s wound, cleaning it and getting it ready to be closed. Ahmed winced.

“Steady boy. You are lucky son. The bullet grazed past your flesh. You quite some amount of blood. But you will be fine.” The Colonel said,

“Did we get them uncle?” Ahmed asked

The Colonel kept quiet. He concentrated on bandaging the wound.

“I think we did. But we were outnumbered. So I had to retreat.” The Colonel said.

“I am sorry Uncle. I should have listened to you.” Ahmed said, very sober.

“It’s okay. I will give you 15 minutes to get yourself together. We have to leave here immediately. I will inject you with a serum that will make you feel no pain. It will help you move faster. Pack only the things you need. They would come back. And this time, we may not be so lucky.” The Colonel said.

“I am fine uncle. I don’t need 15 minutes. I can start now.” Ahmed said trying to get up. A tearing pain seared through his body. He screamed and lay back down on the bed.

The Colonel looked at him and shook his head.

“I may be retired son, but whenever I tell you to jump, you jump. And if I ask you to run, or crawl, or hold your breath, you do exactly as I say! You do not know what you are dealing with here. I do. I will be back in 15 minutes.” The Colonel said and walked out of the bedroom.

A black kia optima parked six houses away from The Mansion. A tall man with average build got out of the back seat and strolled leisurely forwards. He walked confidently towards the gate of The Mansion. He knocked.

A very small rectangular part of the gate opened which gave room for the gateman’s eyes only.

“Yes, wetin you dey find?” A rough speaking gateman said, eyeing the man suspiciously.

“Please sir, I am looking for one woman. She said I should ask for Oga, and that you would direct me. She gave me this card to give you.” The man said. He resisted the urge to poke out the red eyeballs that were staring at him

“Which nonsense card? Make I see.” The gateman said.

The man put the card through the small rectangular hole and the gateman collected. After a few seconds of scrutiny, he handed the card back to the man and opened the door for the man to come in.

The gateman directed him to Sophia’s wing of the house and told him he would meet someone at the door. He thanked the gateman and walked to the door leading to Sophia’s wing.

He pressed the bell a few times. A very pretty steward opened the door for him. She asked him what business he had and he showed her the same card. She smiled at him, handed back the card and led him to the visitor’s lounge.

“Please make yourself comfortable sir. I will let her know you are around.” The steward said.

Five minutes later, the steward came back.

“I am sorry sir. She is not around. She will not be back till tomorrow.”

“Okay.” The man said, raising his head from a magazine he was reading.

“Can I show myself out when I am done please?” The man asked, showing all the charm he had.

“Okay sir.” The steward replied, chuckling.

Ten minutes later the man got up. He did not go outside. He climbed the stairs and went into Sophia’s room.

Sophia felt weak and exhausted. She decided to just relax a bit after taking that much liquor. She climbed the stairs, heading for her room.

She opened the door to her room, shut the door behind her and switched on the light.

She almost jumped out of her skin at what she saw.

“Hello Agent S”.

It was the General.

To be continued