Even Your Boo Get A Boo season 1 episode 2


Be right back. Let me check… Okay, I remember now. I was talking about that BBM notification. So, when I checked what the notification was, I found out it was a BBM friend request and the name showing was “Clara” Who be Clara? My head clicked. Wait, Clara. I went to Jaga’s name and started typing.
“Wetin be your cousin name?” I typed and sent. “Clara”. Jaga typed back. Okay, I thought, this is starting to get weird. I suspected it was a trick though. I accepted the friend request, viewed the picture and raised an eyebrow. d–n this girl is fine, what da… I want you to get a picture of how this girl looks.
Shey you know Juliet ibrahim? (na her name be that abi? The Ghanaian actress) – she looks just like her. Well, not really like her but close. She was fine like that. I waited. She didn’t send a message. And mehn, I no won do as if my blood dey hot so I still waited. An hour, She still didn’t send a message. Dammit, I thought, and started typing…
“Hey. I will need your password if you must continue staying on my list” I typed then added a little smiling smiley so she no go think say na beef and sent.
“Check my picture. That’s all the password you need” I smiled. She was exactly my type of girl, I thought, just the humor I like and the cocky attitude too. So, like that like that o. We would chat everyday. Then it went over to calls then Vam Vam – two weeks down the line I told her “oya, Anty C. I think we should meet now. Take me out for a movie”
“Mumu”. She had replied over the phone. “It’s me that will now take you out abi. Tell me when you are serious” I laughed and fixed a date. Sha the day I called her it was a tuesday. Shebi? Can’t really remember. But the day we decided to meet was on a Friday (I remember that perfectly well). We were supposed to meet at that shoprite mall in Enugu by around one so we could catch a 2.30pm movie showing that day.
So, on that Friday – I baffed. Rub cream. Wear clothe. Spray spray perfume anyhow like this eh. I looked at the mirror and noticed I was starting to get fat small small. Who cares. I still looked good. I stepped out mehn. Piam piam, I dey mall. But I too over go early. It was the mall I even noticed. I reached there like around twelve. One freaking hour early gan. I nearly laugh myself.
I waited though . One o’clock she didn’t show up. Around 1.20 pm (yes, I was checking the time like that), she still didn’t show up so I decided to go and buy tickets for the movie. I bought two. 1.40pm. 1.55 pm – no calls. No pings nothing. I still didn’t want to call her. She should know to keep appointments.
Why I go call am?. Mumu, my mind voice told me, better relax and call that girl. Na your pride go always dey spoil show for you. By 2.15 pm she called me. Choi, I rushed the call. Then calmed myself and slowly and very calmly said
“Hello” into the mouthpiece “This boy. You can’t call someone abi? I’m at the mall. Where are you?”
To Be Continued


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