Estranged Episode 16


“Good afternoon Ma’am” the man at the door greeted and Ana also responded.

“Please I’m after one Mrs. Ana Parker”

“Yes I’m Ana Parker” She replied.

“O okay! This diary here probably belongs to you. I found it lying under one of the plants in front of my home. I just decided to return it! It looks like it’s been beaten by the rains”

Ana thanked the gentleman and took the diary inside. She felt happy as she thought that the diary would aid in remembering some of her innermost thoughts and feelings, and who Ana really is.

As she read through she observed that she had used ‘Honey Bunch’ a lot in her diary. She figured again that Honey Bunch was the pet name for Rick.

Rick had apparently told her that one way in which he would be able to tell that she’s regaining her memory again would be when she’s able to remember his pet name.

She read about the places they had gone to, gifts he had gotten for her, and how he always reaffirmed his love for her.

However, the last memory she had shared in her diary struck her! It was written on the day on which she had the accident.

To be continued