Estranged Episode 17


“See Rick, you’ve got to handle the situation prudently! Yes it’s tough but how can you stop visiting the therapist with her, and not even allow her to do things for you all in the name of you’re giving her space? Man, I’m sure Ana is already beginning to feel like you’ve withdrawn!” Randy said to his friend.

“Randy! I’m really confused! I remember the assurances I gave her that everything would be fine! I was really hoping that she’d recover soon! Oh Lord, help me!”

“So until then what will you do? Just run away and not face the challenge? Look, I know God’s gonna make everything work out soon! I know how well you’re praying that Ana would recover too!” Randy said to him.

“But you’ve got to put in some effort Rick! See, take it like she’s getting to know you afresh and you’re also trying to woo her, just like you did some years back and got her to finally marry you! You know the very things Ana likes about you! She may not remember them, but just consciously do those things even as you pray to win her heart again!”

Randy was making sense. Rick realized that he had to face the situation as a man. Hurriedly he left Randy’s place and went home. He was beginning to imagine how lonely his wife might be feeling.

“Dear God, please make her forgive me!” He prayed.

“Ana!” Rick called out when he returned home. “Ana….”

“Honey Bunch! I’m in the kitchen please”

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“Honey Bunch?” He repeated with a surprised look. “Is she recovering?” He quickly got to the kitchen with beams of smiles on his face.

Ana just gave a faint smile and said, “Don’t worry. It’s no sign of recovery… Someone brought this diary home shortly after you left. I figured that it’s my diary. I got to know from it that Honey Bunch is your pet name!”

“Oooh….. Really?” He managed to say feeling somehow disappointed.

“Yes… Rick… May I ask a question?”

“Of course, you may! I’d like us to talk too Ana!” Rick intended making her know how sorry he was for not being able to manage the situation well, and how he was going to commit now to her recovery.

“Alright! Rick, what happened on the morning of the day on which I had the accident?”

To be continued