Estranged Episode 15


A month later
Ana scrolled on her phone’s screen as she read articles about people whose marriages had been wrecked as a result of one partner having amnesia. She was already feeling like their marriage was on the rocks.

At first Rick would go with her to the hospital for review, but of late she felt like Rick made excuses not to go with her. She thought that it probably was because he wasn’t seeing any improvement in her condition.

It was a struggle for Ana not just with relating with Rick, but as well as with family and friends too. Some however felt sorry for her predicament, but Ana was much more concerned about something else: she was feeling estranged from her husband.

Every night she would silently shed tears. Little did she know that Rick was also disturbed about the whole situation. He wished to help, but he didn’t know how to.

He subconsciously decided to give her some space, but unfortunately, Ana interpreted that as he not wanting to have anything to do with her, since to her he wasn’t making the effort to help her know him anymore.

She began to feel like Rick was getting tired of her as he wouldn’t make her do doing things for him. Mostly in an effort to do something for him, it would turn out to be some sort of tutorial.

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Rick wasn’t comfortable with that. He felt like that rather got Ana sad, and he didn’t want to see her sad. The two of them lived as strangers in their home.

Later in the day as Ana was getting to the kitchen, she met Rick who was also coming out after getting water to drink.

“Uhm…I’m going to meet Randy. I’ll be back later in the evening” he said. “And don’t worry about supper for me. I’m sure I’ll get something outside… Would you care for something too?”

“No thanks.” She replied.
After that he left, and shortly afterwards the doorbell rang. Wondering who it was, she went to open the door.

“Good afternoon Ma’am” the man at the door greeted.

To be continued