Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 59


Amara sat in a taxi looking at the mirror, she had envisioned when she would be making this trip. over and over again, she never imagine she would be in such a hurry.all her life she had never felt completely alone, it was a feeling she was used to, in away but then she wasn’t used to. maybe because she had Kelvin to rely on, and now she had no one, it will be foolish to tell her troubles to Tina. who had her own problems.
Amara wiped the tears from her eyes when the taxi slowed down to a building. she got out and paid the driver, rushing inside the compound, as she got into the door she paused and too a deep breath, she raised her her hand to knock but stopped. she hadn’t come all this way to look like a chicken, taking another deep breath she tapped the door three times as her heart beat increased. when she heard no respond she knocked again. who is it?
the voice entered her head bringing back memories she had kept locked away. her hands shook uncontrollable as her heart beat raced.
she jumped back as the door opened, tears formed in her eyes as she tried holding her self.
immediately the door opens, she couldn’t hold her self again, mama she cried out.
Alex looked at the Lady before him, I heard that something happened to Amara company and I know you are involved, I never told you to tampered with her company did I?
the lady walked to the window of the hotel room, if you want to have Amara to your self u must let me do it my way, she answered.
Alex hissed, and you want to do that my destroying all she had worked for? do you know how hard she must have worked to get to where she is now, he barked at the woman standing before him.
if I wanted to destroy her I would have done that by now, she said softly.
you are a snake you are using me to get back at Amara, I don’t even know what she did to you to deserve such hatred from you.
she laughed, you have no ideal.
you should be careful the way u do ur things, I can’t be implicated In what ever you are doing , he warned her.
she pulled away from the window, walking towards him her tight fitted leggings making him imaging things and he kept his eyes on her long leg as she advanced. she smiled and sat on his lap , wriggling gently, you don’t have to worry about that” do you have my money?
her body was enough to distracts him, he nodded and gave her the money, she collected it and smiled. she kissed him on his lips jumping instantly before he could take advantage of her, she walked away from him shaking her waist as she opened the door and went out gently.
Amara jumped into Mrs peters hand crying seriously, Mrs peters hands shook as she held Amara close. my daughter” she said, is this really you? she asked not believing she was holding her daughter in her hands.
it me mama” Amara said”
oh my God Mrs peters cried as they both held each other in mother and daughter embraced, I never thought I will ever see you again she said in between sob…
am sorry mum” am sorry Amara cried.
“shhhh” it okay”
that was what she bedded a shoulder she could lean on, not just a shoulder, a shoulder of a mother who always understand, a mother who would look beyond her mistakes and still loves her unconditional, she missed her mother. she pulled way from her mother, mum” please forgive me I should have come earlier.
it okay, am just happy that u are here now, oh my God’ look at you, given amata an accessible look, you look so mature now and totally different.
Amara wiped away the tears in her mothers eyes and manage a smile but ended up crying again, she hugged her mother again, I missed you so much mum”
oh amara if only I could say how much I missed you”
Amara pulled back and quickly asked, where is Papa?
he went out not quite long he would be happy to see you we talk about you all the time my dear holding amara face with her hand, come inside you must me tired but how did you know where we stay.
Amara did not want to begin to explain because it is a long story, she made sure she knows the where about if her parents even thou she didn’t visit because of her father, apart of her was happy because she didn’t meet him at home, she had been secretly been sending money to their account because despite all she was still grateful to them, and would always see them as her parents.
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