Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 60


Mrs Peter’s eyes was full with happiness, what can I offer u Amarachi she asked.
Amara smiled for the first time, oh mama am not a guest now.
No I want yo pamper my baby girl, don’t blame this old woman” she said, smiling
The years hadn’t really changed, Mrs Peter’s and Amara noted happily that she was still beautiful as ever, she stood up and wrapped her hands around her mothers waist. well I won’t mind having this lady pamper me. papa had been taking care of you ooo, she smiled at her mother and kissed her cheek. oh she had missed her .
she shook her head, oh you haven’t change” I have missed your meal ”
Amara knew she had no appetite to eat or what so ever but her mothers meal can change that.
Mrs Peter smiled, well you can’t get another mother who can cook well. she walked into the kitchen and Amara followed her.
A good meal it was and Amara couldn’t eat the news of her child being alive was still fresh in her mind and the thought of Kelvin’s betrayal, her fingers shook as she held the spoon playing with the food in the plate, distantly she heard the voice of her mother as it filled her, she had missed it for the past six years, she was the one who asked her mother not to do so. and now she wasn’t listening, not because she wasn’t interested in knowing how they were doing. the silence filled the room and she couldn’t left her eyes up because she knows that her eyes would give her away.
what is wrong Amarachi? Mrs Peters concerning voice filled her head, the voice made her weep, amara shook her head not trusting her self. something is bothering you Mrs Peter said, I can see it clearly .
The urge to tell her mother her problem filled her but she shook her head again, no it alright mum I don’t want to bother you.
Mrs part was out of her chair at once, what do you mean by that, there is nothing wrong if u confined in me, she pulled a dinning chair and sat down with Amara she put her hands on Amara chin forcing her to lookup, am listening.
Amara burst into tears at that, Mrs p pulled her close holding her head with a frown. oh mama I can’t really say what am going thru now, she raised her head to look at her face as more tears came out of her eyes, my son is not dead he his alive.
Mrs peter almost turned in to a statue, her face became pale as she looked at Amara as if she had lost her mind. what…what are you saying Amara stop this nonsense.
Amara stood up from where she was sitting, it not nonsense mum” I almost fainted when I heard it today, my son is alive and he had been alive all this while.
How, how come?
Kelvin told me this morning, she told her every thing that happens and betrayal, that wasn’t important now , what was important was her son.
Mrs peter face grew more paler as they continued talking , and she was looking into space as Amara finished talking silence descended on the room suddenly she said I have a grand son? as though she couldn’t believe her self.
Amara nodded her head gently as she kept on crying, yes a grand son”
Mrs p jumped up suddenly with happiness that Amara had never seen before. OH MY GOD AM A GRAND MOTHER” she grabbled amara for a hug and started jumping up and down again, why do u look so pale my child this is a good news
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