Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 50


Amara read the paper the letter over and over again, husband? which husband? trying to come out with explanation, the only man she could think of in her life was Kelvin. and even thou he wasn’t technically in her life’ many people wouldn’t think that, is kelvin married? she asked her self , is she responsible for all her misfortune? she asked aloud with bewildered look on her face.
kelvin pressed the lock button on his remote car,answering his gate man’ s greeting with the wave of his hand as he spoke on the phone.
… so now Lisa is not responsible for it, then we are dealing with another person’ but who would that be?
“I don’t know Mr sinja responded on the phone. but am suspecting a business rival, probably someone who is not used to loosing” he said.
Kelvin shook his head entering into his sitting room. that might be’ but am suspecting it not business related’ this person is not just attacking her company her tyres where destroyed and I think the person have personal grudges.
interrogating her staff would be the best way to uncover this’ Mr sinja said.
I know but Amara is totally against this, she won’t let me question them : I asked some questions thou my prime suspect are the security men and her secretary, even thou one of them tried to discourage me by pointing out her secretary, I have my doubt about the men. even if the secretary helped or is the person who did the act, where were the security men when it happened.
Mr Sinja signed, you are right; I just wish I was there to help Amara now’: I would do a better job if I’m there physically.
present physically or not u are doing a great job, Kelvin smiled: I have spent too much time in your company that I fear I now think like a police man.
The older man laughed over the phone, that’s my boy’ if everyone think Like that we would all be safe, you are even performing better than most police men.
kelvin smiled then cleared his throat, bringing his voice down. “AND’?
you don’t need to ask, we are all fine, don’t worry about anything Mr sinja said.
Kelvin nodded and heaved out a sign; I will try and visit soon.
Take ur time boy and take care of my daughter.
Kelvin wondered why Mr sinja would stop calling him boy. no one had ever called him boy since he clocked 13: OK sir” he said and ended the call.
The next day was just busy as the previous day with Brackets event one week away all their supplies where in shamble, Amara was on her toes she still made out time to see Tina first thing in the morning, taking along food with her, she had spend sometime with Tina talking about their old memory to make her happy. she had talked with the doctor getting all the information she needed, they eat together and Amara was happy to see Tina smiles. throughout she never heard from Kelvin she pushed away that from her mind and the letter she had received .
As she entered her office an hour later she frozed when she saw Maxwell waiting for her, he stood up as she approach him .
Amara he called out smiling.
she quickly put a smile on her face, Mr Babs she said, I wasn’t expecting you, hoping he didn’t hear what happens to Ara p.
I.. just decided to pay u a visit he said still smiling.
she nodded and entered her office opening the door for him to enter. minute later when they where both seated, Amara put her hand on the table” how can I help you? Mr Babs she asked professionally.
“when would u be able to call me max? he said smiling..
Amara smiled, when we meet out the company that way I know am not bound with office rules.
His smile became wilder, oh I have of yesterday disagree with you.
His worlds made her remember Alex, y had her problem began after seeing Alex yesterday was he responsible for her problems?
Maxwell cleared his throat, bringing her back to the present. he put his hand in his pocket bringing out a cheque, Amara became still as he gave her the cheque, she collected it abs saw the same amount he paid to her some week ago for his event, I don’t understand we have already received the money u paid for ur event last week.
he stood up, yes I did but I heard of what happened to Ara p, Amara froze and held the paper tightly, am sorry he said looking with her with a sorry face, I know it might have affected many things, your staff were moving up and down when I came, this is the least I can do.
what are u talking about, you are paying me again for ur event
this is not a favour, am just paying double for my event he said.
what on earth is going on I can’t accept this she said pushing back the cheque to him.
he smiled, pls take it once I give out something I can’t take it back. I can’t allow what happened to affect my event even if I have to pay again I will, so don’t mind he said and left
Amara looked at the cheque in her hand, who told him what happened? how did he know what happened, she was still wondering about it as she drove into her house only to find Mrs bello standing at the entrance of her apartment.
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