Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 46


So that is what Nadia’s mum whispered to him the other time, Amara wiggled trying to break free. you flatter your self am not jealous she said increasing her step.
kelvin lean over kissing her fore head, tightened his hands around her waist, she would be fine he said to her.
Amara forgot her anger towards him and turned her worrying eyes to him, are u sure? she only needed his assurance. it is not common malaria kelvin, this is kidney disease.
I don’t want Tina to…
shhh kelvin whispered , nothing would happen to her, she would be fine.
Amara hugged Kelvin involuntary drawing closer to him, the nurse leading them suddenly turned towards a door and without warning opened it, Amara stood frozen at the door too scared to go inside, she avoided too much emotion with might bring tears to her eyes. but she felt strongly that going in would change that. crying now wouldn’t help any thing, she should be the one comforting Tina. Kelvin pulled her to him, she raised her watering eyes to him. come on” kelvin said. she nodded her head as Kelvin pushed the door wider. Amara noticed a frail form on the bed, dressed in a shabby shapeless clothe. the nurse stood by her smiling and a girl who looked like a teenager with mature body sat by the bed. the urge to cry came over Amara as Tina turned and their eyes met.
Tina looked so tin and weak, almost like she had sick for years, her cheek bones showed more than flesh, her eyes had entered their socket.Ooh Tina , Amara moaned taking Tina head kissing her cheek.
Oh Amara don’t tell me u are a lesbian, Tina said jokingly smiling weakly.
Amara on the other hand found nothing to be smiling about.
am sorry Tina I should have been hear through out with you, why didn’t you tell me?as Tina trued to talk amara stopped her, don’t say anything. if I was the one I couldn’t have told you am a bad friend.
pls don’t say that you are just going through a phase”
Amara cut her short, no’ don’t make excuse for me Tina, for God sane I have been behaving stupidity, have been pouring my misfortune without thinking, nothing taking my time to appreciate what my misfortune had brought me. I should be here taking care of you.
Tina smiled, I never wanted anyone to find out, I have been diagnosed with kidney problem several months back and I have been on drugs but instead of the drugs improving my condition it made it worst. I was admitted three days ago, she raised her hand and held amara’s own, fear came into her, would I be fine? am really scared Amara.
Amara sat beside her and said you would be fine Kelvin also said that, and everything he says always happen.
Tina raises her eyes and saw kelvin for the first time, then her eyes widen in mischievous . I would have wonders who inspired the change in you. then she looked from amara to Kelvin.
Kelvin swept a bow, with a smile that is enough to lift everybody’s spirit, Kelvin to the rescue any time, any day. he murmured
Amara yelled at him, this isn’t the time to joke around Kelvin, what the change are u both talking about, am still the same Amara and still the same person”
thanks to the Knight and shineing armor Tina said laughing.
he his not my Knight and shining armor Amara said frowning.
Kelvin touched his heart bending down, am wounded.
Tina looked like might laugh but smiled instead the light mood is working, Amara noticed Tina bright face, and she looked less worried. have you eaten? she asked Tina.
before Tina could respond the girl sitting beside them who amara thought to be Alisha , the girl that picked the call earlier, spoke up: I have been asking her to eat but she refused.
well that would not happen when am here amara stood up am going to get u ricebe.
oh I wished u never came Tina murmured.
that wish is too late Amara responded.
I would get it instead you ladies have a lot to discuss kelvin said, am sure u might want to discuss without me staying . then he smiled at Alisha u too deserve a treat.
yes Tina responded she is hungry, she had been guled To my side since this days, she is a good girl.
the thought of food brought smile on the girls face, I would go with you sir she said bouncing up, you would be OK boss, she said with concern on her voice.
yes kelvin said, your boss isn’t going anywhere she would be bouncing out of here in few days he said it too much convincing that even Tina believed it.
kelvin dropped a kiss on Tina’ s head and kissed Amara directly on the lip, I will be back he whispered.
Amara was too shocked to make a sound, she just blinked watch kelvin leave the room with Aisha walking behind, she could tell her face burned bright red with shame, but she couldn’t help but feel the thril that went through her ,she felt like a bride who is been Kissed by the alter with everyone watching, she forcefully brought her eyes back to Tina and find her laughing, so you love him?
what? love? I don’t love him, don’t be ridiculous amara said.
Tina laughed out the more, I can see it in ur eyes and it obvious, see the glow in ur eyes I have never seen it before, not even with Alex.
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