Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 45


Kelvin drove his car very fast he didn’t like the way things are turning out to be, he had discarded Lisa issue thinking it was something manor but the way things are going shows that it something higher than Lisa. Amara looked tensed behind him she had been murmuring none stop since after the phone call.
I feel so bad that I can imagine Tina in such way, she had been so good to me, she doesn’t deserved to be paid this way Amara said looking at the road.
you saw her bag in your office, any one can do the same.
Amara turned to face him but he had his face on the road, but a good friend wouldn’t, but am a bad friend, I have always been. all I did was to ignore her, she had been sick and I am just finding out now.
kelvin took his eyes of the road and looked at her for a while, I guess change is in other.
Amara swallowed hard, you agree that am horrible, she bit her lips , hiding the bitter taste she felt when kelvin made that statement.
Am not saying you are horrible.
just try and change ur attitude towards people.
Amara faced the road griping the chair very hard. thank you very much Amara said why can’t he be nice?
kelvin looked at her stiff face, don’t take it that way we all know you have change towards everyone, it would be nice to see the old u again kelvin said smiling. ” although I think you are coming back.
Amara kept looking at her front and she was gritting her teeth, the truth is always bitter her mind said to her.
Kelvin face turned again as he grabbed the steering and made a sharp turn. do u realise what this means Ara? his voice was harder than his face, this is more than we think if Tina had been in the hospital for days someone must have kept her bag in ur office, them he turned to look at Amara, and he said intentionally”
Amara put her hand on her temple, this is terrible I have been thinking about it. let leave that for now I want to know how Tina is alright, Kelvin nodded and drove on. Amara laughed out weather from horror or from sadness. Franklin, someone thinks am so important that he wants to destroy my life.
kelvin looked at her I don’t find this amusing, how ever who is doing this does not like the closeness between you and Tina, I would need to question ur secretary Ara.
you would do no such thing Ara retuned sharply, she was having hard time processing the new information, she had done enough even suspecting Tina she would not have Taga added to her list of suspect. I wouldn’t have u question her with the way u are going u will end up questioning all my staff.
if that is what it takes, he horned at the car misbehaving at their front.
you are not a police man Amara said.
am beginning to think we need one he said sighting the hospital ahead of them.
no I wouldn’t have a bunch of incompetent police parading my company, it would create a problem.
but what if we got one who is desecrate? he said almost like a whisper.
Amara turned sightly looking at his handsome face, he looked stressed like he hadn’t had much sleep and she had the urge to touch him but she wise fully kept her hands to her self, u are sounding like you know one.
he looked at her, your father is one.
Amara froze turning lake and she didn’t know the car had stopped, which father are u talking about I have no father.
Kelvin looked st her why don’t we talk about this later, he removed his seat belt and came out of the car.
Amara ran into the hospital with many people she sighted a nurse and ran to meet her and the nurse smiled at her but as Kelvin stepped in they all turned looking at him and started flirting with him, Kevin did nothing to stop them instead he was smiling back at them in a play boy manner , amara bit her mouth in annoyance. this only got her more angry another reason for her to hate him she said to her self, I am here to see Tina she shouted at the nurses.
Oh you are here to see miss Tina one of the nurse said not taking her eyes off kelvin to
” yes’ I was told she was admitted here few days ago.
yes the drugs she had been taking had been taking had not been working because her case became worsened, Amara became afraid as she looked st the nurse, she didn’t know when kelvin circled his hand around her waist drawing her to his chest, so Tina had been hiding this she remembered the day Tina was coughing in her office, but she had been a bad friend for not askin further.
we would be glad if u take us to her Kelvin said still holding Amara the look of disappointment showed on the nurse face but Amara was past caring, the nurse came out ofvtge counter leading them into the wards they both followed her.
you can take ur hands off my waist now your show have ended, your spectators are no longer in view.
instead of Kelvin complying his hold became more firm, your nieghbour was right when she said you where jealous he said smiling.
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