Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 44


A knock interrupted the silence in the off, come on Amara said, the two security men walked in closing the door behind them.Amara opened her mouth to talk but Kelvin shut her up, she strangely obeyed him , she kept quiet despite her anger. her staff were surprise to see her composed may because of kelvin.
you went for us ma’am one of them said.
actually I sent for u Kelvin said, sounding differently from his normal voice, she guessed this was the tone he uses in his company, a commanding tone that no one can argue with, I understand this company was broken in to’ can u please explain how it happened!
The men frowned looking unease as they stared at Kelvin. they glance at Amara and then kelvin, Amara fought the urge to come at their rescue of her staff and the scene before her, kelvin was passive, not smiling and not frowning as he looked at the two men before him, he looked different, like a man that use to be in charge, the two men squirmed before him.
I don’t understand sir, Amara heard Hazzan said,
I asked a straight and forward question and I believe that the two of you where on watch and you.must have witnessed what happened right and what I want you to tell me is how it happened Kelvin demanded.
the men shifted nervously and Paul quickly spoke up, I was out of the company yesterday for some hours, miss Ara asked me to drop her car at home and when I came back I didn’t feel anything until this morning.
so you are trying to tell me it happened when you where away, kelvin asked quietly.
am not saying that sir,
nothing happened when he was away hazzan snapped angrily looking at Paul.
Amara didn’t know what to make of what she was seeing, so you mean someone came in behind ur nose without ur knowledge?
what are u protecting this place for amara yelled angrily.
OK even if they get passed the gate what about this place it always locked, this place is locked and as the security u have the keys isn’t it?
what are you trying to say sir? Hazzan asked looking pale.
we didn’t do it sir, Paul said , how can we seek the destruction of our own company? he looked at Amara finding her support but found none, Amara was too confused to think clearly.
you must have helped someone, kelvin said and stood up, thou not huge he looked imposing and his gaze was too much that both men became scared, he put his two hands into his pocket, if the keys went tampered with, the person who broke in must have the keys mind you, this office was also broke in and we found something odd here. so tell.me beside you and ur boss who else have the keys to this company?
complete silent greeted him, and Hazzan lifted his face, we are not the only once with the keys.
what Amara shouted,
yes ma” taga also have the spear keys she asked for it recently, because she comes too early I got tired I’d always opening the door before time.
Amara eyes widen, why didn’t you tell me?
I always wanted to tell you ma but it skipped my mind am sorry ma, am sure u gave her the spare keys to ur boss office kelvin said. sir we don’t have spare keys to her office, taga might be in better position to answer that sir.
Amara almost laughed, Taga? no it can’t be. she can believe anything but not this.
OK, you can go now kelvin said and the two men vanished.
this is impossible Amara shouted, Tina is the last person I will point fingers at, for goodness sake is not enough that Tina bag is here? no she raised her hands in bewilderment , I trust taga she can’t do this.
kelvin almost said something but changed his mind, why not call Tina we might get some explanation.
u will call her amara said instantly, I won’t have u accusing her, Kelvin came behind her and put his hands on her shoulders comforting her, she took a del breath calling Tina number. Tina doesn’t deserve this she said to her self, but she could explain what her bag is doing here.
Hello she heard from the other said, but the voice was sounding strange nothing like Tina’s voice. the voice sounded Tina and height pichted she said Tina looked at the number again to be sure it was her number she was calling.
No ma’am this isn’t Tina it Alisha she returned.
Amara remembered Tina mentioning that name as one of her staff, what are you doing with Tina’s phone she questioned.
miss Tina had been in the hospital for the past five days.
what amara jumped up, and her headache increased, what is wrong with her.
Oh she would kill me if I tell you the girl .
soil it out amara shouted at her,
she has been diagnose with kidney infection and she needs kidney transplant.
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