Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 43


please take me to my daughter she pleaded with her legs sharking, moving closer to Alex ” lines of dried tears shone on her face and the sight stink Alex perceived indicated that she had not had a decent bath.
Alex held his nose as she approach him, stay where u are u might give me indigestion, he said. I will only take you to her on one condition,
Mrs bello eyes watered as Alex insulted her,but she swallow her pain and said, any thing I would do any thing” but please take me to her.
Alex smiled, first u would have to tell her that u are not my mother, then…. he paused a little, you will convince her to marry me.
what? Mrs bello shouted , marry you? you already have a wife and a daughter, even though I am not mother, I raised you. it would be like having two children married, you would hurt my daughter again and again…
Am not ur son Alex cut in sharply, and when did you start caring about ur daughter feeling? it is rather late for that don’t you think?
Mrs bello ignored Alex remarks, why do u want to marry Amara, you have a family already.
I don’t love Lisa, she had giving me hell right from the start Alex shouted, but …. I love Amara”
love? Mrs bello hissed, don’t give me that crab I wasn’t born yesterday.
neither was I, Alex returned, listen. that is the only condition available for you, you must convince her that am the best person for her and not that make model I saw with her.
“and what makes you think she would listen to.me, she had sworn never to forgive me.
she will, knowing she isn’t my sister will ease her anger towards you a bit, the rest is up to you, you are her mother and u should know how to walk into your daughters heart.
since I didn’t succeed with you I don’t know how that is going to happen with her, she said drly.
I am not your son Alex yelled, and am not a perfect experiment.
and what if I refuse, she’s my daughter I don’t want her to hurt again”
I will have to find another way to make her mine, you will be the one to me at both ends, because I will have her and you won’t get to see her, he said smiling, you taught me well remember? Mrs Mrs bello knew he was right and that knowledge hurt her very much,
she had feed him with negative thought not knowing a day like this would come that table would be turned, what would it be mum?
Mrs bello head snap up, it had been years since anybody called her mum, she had yearned to hear it so much even now,even after she discovered that he wasn’t her child she still long for him to call her mum.
I know I have been shitted towards you for years now, I just couldn’t forgive you for all you did however’ you can still make it right, you can have your two children and u would be happy together. seeing the effect of his words on her he smiled, what do you say mum? yes?
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