Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 28


Maxwell went still as the felt Amara , his blood ran into his head, he knew what was happening he just had a bad terms coming up with it. she is using me? me! he was too shock that he couldn’t believe it, at first he felt her hands and she was smiling to Alex. he couldn’t point if her goal was to annoy Alex or make him jealous.
what ever the case may be it didn’t taste good to him, but for this life of his he couldn’t call her bluff. swallowing hard he looked at Alex, looking annoyed, that is right he said playing along with her. i can’t believe someone is making my woman angry when I just came to take her for lunch.
Amara stiffed, her smile leaving her face instantly, she quickly corrected her self. she smiled up to maxwell, making him blink, she wondered how a simple smile can make someone look so breath taking. oh Max, the visit of an unwanted pest can not spoil our mood. where are u taking me to Honey she said smiling.
he raised his hands and brush away the hair on her face, it a surprise darling.
Alex burst out with rage coming toward them.
will u two give me the pleasure of getting out of the way, the sight of you make me sick.
Amara looked at him and said, I hope u remain sick, that way u keep ur disdainful self from disturbing my life’ she said angrily moving away so he can pass. do not let me see ur stupid face around be again and I can get a restraining order.
Alex laughed out, that law can not stop me from doing what I want woman .
but I can maxwell responded, no one interfere to what is mine, it will do u good to remember that.
Alex looked back at him and said, this woman is not yours. and walked out of the office.
Alex was really mad as he stopped a taxi and went in and hit the door forcefully. the desire to hit Amara and maxwell was too strong: it had been a miracle he left the office without creating a scene, the fact that he married Amara secretly in his fathers sitting room made no one knew he was married. and those who knew about it kept quiet about it. Alex admitted she now has a man in her life, but d–n it, he never expected the man to be this handsome, he had been so handsome that he was called beauty enough to put any male model to shame, his look was enough to make any man who trys to take his woman bow in shame , any woman will take a look at max and dump any mab she’s with and on top of it he is wealthy, Alex thought angrily.
he shouldn’t be angry, he didn’t eben have the right to be angry. but here he his boiling with rage over his ex sister and ex wife was with another man, but he remembered that his wife and daughter were in abuja where he ought to be but his mind didn’t dwell in it. he just discovered there was nothing wrong in getting involved with Amara: that was only the good thing he liked about the news he heard this morning. he will be damned if he did not make use if this opportunity. he picked up his phone and called Toba.
the phone was answered almost instantly.
hey man what trouble are u in that u are calling me? toba asked.
cut that off am not in a good mood for that now, Alex barked in to the phone.
wow someone offended you his lordship, if it not Lisa I doubt it Amara
since she is in abuja that is out of question , I want u to run a check on Maxwell babs for me.
what about him, toba asked out of curiosity.
I want to.know about his past relationship and any of his ex that is willing to have him back.
let.me guess he his involved with Amara.
that’s none of ur business just do what I asked u
she is ur sister toba said, y are u so senseless.
news flash she is not my sister, it along story just get me the information.
OK man, just to.add to ur heavy load Lisa night be in Lagos as we speak.
what! Alex shouted, the taxi driver almost lost control due to shock, what is she doing here Alex shouted.
saving her marriage toba said, I went to ur house and I was told she left the house the day after you left and she kept ur daughter with her friend.
Alex put his hand on his head and said this woman will bring my death, wondering what she had been doing without confronting him, he ended the phone without saying a word he closed his eyes with his brain running wide. when he embarked on this journey he never planned on dealing with Lisa too.
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