Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 27


Immediately the door closed, Amara smiled. what are u doing here Alex? she asked again. wait where are.my manners? she walked around as if mocking her self, what may I offer you dear brother? she said angrily . I can see all the wines in the mansion can not quench ur thirst, making no move toward the fridge.
you can cut it off Amara, am not ur brother he said as he sat down.
Amara smiled, oh no, oh no Alex don’t tell me u forgot the words of ur dear mother so easily. how can u manage bello crew with such a forgetful mind, I won’t be surprise if u bring ur father’s company down.
Alex didn’t look offended but he brought his eyes down , looking sad and dreamy. I found out this morning that Mrs bello isn’t my birth mother, Amara smiled died instantly.
what nonsense are u talking about? she asked looking surprise. as she processed the meaning of what she just heard.
I knew there was a reason why I kept thinking about you, y I couldn’t let go of ur thought.
oh I wasn’t in ur mind before, just a stupid lust occupied it, now. if u would take ur lying self out of my office now, I won’t have my past disturbing my present.
I am not lying, we are not related Alex said.
Enough. Amara shouted, she couldn’t believe she had been killing herself over what wasn’t real. get out she shouted, get out this instance.
she screamed on top her voice willing to get him out of her head.
the door jerked opened and Maxwell stood there, I heard screaming, his eyes took two seconds to look at Amara before looking at Alex who stood looking at the intruder. Maxwell arrogance was fulling matched by Alex as they stood looking at each other both wanting to prove something. despite his arrogance Maxwell sweet smiling face did not change. Maxwell looked at Alex again and recognized him as the son of the senator, he didn’t need a seer to tell him there is history between him and Amara, remembering one trick he had always seen Kelvin use, he lifted his shoulders which didn’t make ant difference Alex was taller than him, he lifted his head to look at him eye ball to eye ball, who is this he asked , pretending he didn’t know him. he saw that his remark worked on Alex, who looked at him angrily.
at the corner of his eyes he saw Amara walking towards him with determination and she was also smiling, you always have the power of showing up anytime I need you darling, surprising maxwell the Moore she placed her hands on his shoulders and she kissed him.
who the hell is this Amara? Alex shouted. coming behind her boiling with rage.
she tuend with her hands still on Maxwell, really Alex you don’t psy attention on the business world and I pity ur father company, this is the owner of bracket” maxwell Babs she said smiling, he his my fiancé she said.
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