Have you ever felt like you were supposed to get something or receive something but have waited and waited and waited to no avail?
     Don’t lose it. You aren’t the only one. What is important is to not take your eyes off the person who made the promise “God”.
     In the story of Abram amd Sarai, Sarai made an Ishmealic decision becaise she had forgotten and grown weary of the promise of God to give her a child and we all know the consequences of that Ishmealic decision.
     Let’s not forget about Adam and Eve. Eve made an Ishmealic in the garden of Eden, to satisfy her curiousity when she could have waited. We all know how that ended and till today, are still facing the consequences of that Ishmealic decision.

What are Ishmealic decisions?

Ishmealic decisions are rash, quickfix, snapshot decisions that one makes in a moment. Decisions that one takes without proper consideration of all vital elements but to try and fix a situation quickly or get quick results to something that could have flourished if they were patient.

Dangers of Ishmealic decisions

– Grave consequences (long term or short term)
– Feuds between people, family, etc
– Derail of one’s destiny

     Note that, it is better to wait and receive a wise man’s blessing than to rush and receive the counsel of a fool.
     The urge to make Ishmealic decisions are around us every second, every minute, every hour and day of our existence. It is up to us to fight the urge and impulse to jump ship and get a quick fix.
BE PATIENT! GOD IS NEVER LATE! #whatwouldJesusdo?

By Nana Wilma (