All around I hear and see people talking about how white people are treating black people, people are outraged, some are calling out for blood.  We want to fight for our own right?  We want the world to know that the black race is important don’t we?
But there is a very big question at hand. Do black lives matter to black people? How do we treat our fellow people? 
Reports flow about black girls who travel outside the country to work as house helps and get mistreated. Whites are mean aren’t they? Well… do you treat your own house help,  like a relative,  better than the white one does….or equally?
You say the young ladies out there are choosing white men over blacks right?….and you believe the black man is better for her….how exactly are you going to treat her better? Have you ever taken the time to ask the ladies why? What was their answer, did they tell you the differences I treatments?
How do the black authorities treat it’s people in Africa and how do the people respond?
Will it be worse for a white man to post nudes or sex videos of his black lover on social media than a black man doing it?
Seriously we need to wake up and learn to treat each other better….Our problems don’t start with the whites, it starts with us.
Have we solved our tribal issues? If there is a problem between Ga’s and Ewe’s, who will support a Ga man when a white man mistreats him?
And before we start this black lives matter thingy, we should know and I believe those who mistreat their fellow black people should be ashamed of the fact that there are white people who actually treat black people like any other.
There are white people who really care more about us than we care about each other,  who help and stand for us….so what stops us from taking care of each other, from watching out for each other?
Before we say black lives matter we should say to each other ‘black lives matter to blacks’ then we can take it from there.
Have a beautiful day