Ogechi And I Episode 10


The airport securities tried to cut down the crowd that followed Ogechi as she led me to a more restricted area in the airport.
‘(With much excitement) I missed you like hell. It was almost like I was going to explode if I didn’t see you soon enough. Ogechi said to me.
‘I missed you too Ogechi, but’…(Ogechi interrupts)
‘Say less my dear. There’s a whole lot of time for words. I can’t wait to hear you say those things that captured my heart. For now, we have to board a flight to Enugu. We’ll talk when the plane is in the air. By the way, how did you know I was coming in today? Don’t tell me it’s one of those your IMAGINARY REALITY stuff. I was planning to pay you a surprise visit’
‘Well, Ogechi, our meeting here is a coincidence. I’m actually on my way to the United States for a Master’s Degree program. All plans regarding that has been concluded. If not that my flight got delayed, you wouldn’t have met me here’
‘You are on your way to America? Thank God your flight got delayed! Sweetheart I came back for you. You are the reason I let go off a multi-million dollar contract with my label. I came back to be with you. How come you didn’t even bother to talk to me about it? I would have stayed back and waited for you instead’
‘How was I to know you were coming home? Besides, our communication was on the low, so there was no way we possibly could have talked about that’
‘You could have at least tried to inform me. I’m not just anybody to you’
‘I contacted you a couple of times and got to speak with some guy who kept telling me he was your manager and that you were unavailable. After a couple of times, I stopped because it was obvious I wasn’t going to get the chance to speak with you’
‘oooOOOhhhHHH!! Is there really nothing you can do to cancel this trip? I can’t stand being here without you. It’s going to affect everything I do. My music career might even collapse as a result of your absence’ she said.
‘God forbid! I countered. How can that be when you’ve been in America without me for months and it didn’t collapse?
‘It was about to. I came back because I started losing concentration on everything I did. My manager noticed and talked to me about it. He told me my label owner had started complaining about my poor stage performances during the last few months of my contract with them. I was the only one aware of the problem I was having. I tried to hold on, but to no avail. There was only one way to solve the problem, and that was being with you. Seeing you every day and knowing you are close to me. Jesusboy, that misery that made me leave America will surely come upon me if you continue with this journey.
(She held my two hands and wrapped my arms around her waist, wrapped her arms around my neck, held me close and kissed me PASSIONATELY) CHOI!!!!
‘I LOVE YOU JESUSBOY’ she said in the most romantic way ever. Neither Romeo nor Juliet ever professed love in such manner.
Honestly speaking, I didn’t know what to do again. Onye’s relative had spent a lot of money and time trying to get me a visa. How would she feel if I told her I wasn’t going to push through with the journey anymore? I needed council but there was no time to get enough of that, because I needed to be counseled before my flight was ready, and there was no way that was going to happen. I went deep in thought while Ogechi was just staring at me and hoping I would change my mind and stay back. 
After thinking about a whole lot, I released a deep breath and said to her; why don’t you come right back to the United States? I have already declared publicly that I have come to stay. Secondly, my recording label had brought in another singer to replace me the moment I left. If I go back there, they might not give me preferential treatment as they should. I don’t want to be ridiculed by anyone. Even you wouldn’t like that for me would you? 
No oo! I answered sharply.
I then explained why I couldn’t cancel the trip abroad. I told her about how Onye’s relative had been so kind to me. How she spent a lot of money on my visa and all that. After I told her, she saw reasons why I had to go, but still didn’t want me to go. While we were still arguing, Onye called me and asked; 
Guy! Where you dey nah? Plane don ready! I dey come now-now,
 I replied. I turned to Oge and said; 
I have to go now, my flight is ready. She cried and held onto me tightly. I could tell she was willing to hold onto me till the flight took off if she had the capability to do so. Her tears moved me. As her tears rolled down her eyes, she raised her face, looked me in the eye and asked; are you really going? I looked at her watery face, which her wet eyes had rained tears upon, and I changed my mind. She looked beautiful, tender, soft, and adorable. I’m definitely staying.
Onye, found us. When he saw us he screamed; Guy wetin dey worry you nah? People don dey enter plane finish. Abi you want disappoint my cousin? As soon as I heard the word ‘disappoint’ I came back to my senses. I embraced Ogechi and then let go off her. I promised her I was going to call her every day till I returned. I also promised to return more regularly than I had planned to. All those promises didn’t appeal to Ogechi’s emotions. She kept weeping and following after me closely as I and Onye headed for the plane.
 When we got close to the door I stopped and looked back at her. She was weeping more bitterly. I couldn’t take it anymore. Everyone had gotten on board the flight except I and Onye. Onye held my hand and was pulling me gently towards the door as I looked at Ogechi. I shook Onye’s hand off me and stood firm. What do you think you’re doing? Onye asked. I turned and looked at Onye, turned again towards Ogechi. Her mood changed automatically when she noticed my actions. I turned again to look at Onye, and he said; come on guy, let’s go. There’s no more time for all these. Then I turned towards Ogechi again…..,,,
To be continued.