Dirty Diana Season 3 Episode 5


Previously On Dirty Diana
“Nice for you to join us Louisa,”          
“Sorry sir, I over slept,” I

“Yeah, that’s what you say all the time.”

“Just take a seat,”

. Of all the people I could sit next to, I end up by Kojo.

“Hey, where is your little friend? Um, I think her name was… Dirty Diana?”

“What did you say about Diana?”

“You heard me,”

“Diana is not Dirty, so stop calling her one!

“Oh well then that’s a good thing.

I got up from my seat

“Diva what are you doing?”

“Something I should of done years ago,” I replied before I punched him.

He fell out of his seat, covering his broken nose as he looked at me like I was crazy.

Everyone else in the room was shocked that I had just punched the hottest guy in school.

“Miss. Rose, office, now!”

“Whatever,” I said shrugging my shoulders, grabbing my things and heading out to the  principal office

As soon as I left the office I texted Diana,

“Guess what?”


“I punched Kojo in the face! ”.

“What, really!?”

I’ll tell you more when I come over tonight,


As I walked inside my World History class, though I noticed Jason. Wow, I didn’t know I had this class with Jason.

I guess this should be interesting, I thought as I took my seat near the front of the classroom.



Diva’s POV~ 

I soon found out that Jason had transferred into my “world history” class just this morning, which made me feel relieved that I wasn’t completely observing

All through class I wanted to ask him about the party, but since I couldn’t really call him out in front of the whole class, I did the next best thing, I wrote him a note. 

“Jason, why did you do that at the party? Why didn’t you stand up for Diana?” 

I ripped out the note and folded it in half before I looked over at Jason who was sitting a desk across from me. I looked over to make sure the teacher was still at his desk, then I asked the girl next to me to pass the note to Jason. 

A few more minutes later, I got a note back. 

Diva, I didn’t mean to stand there and do nothing. I was just shocked to hear her confession, I guess. 

I scoffed and threw another note his way.

So if you were shocked to hear her confession, what do you think about it? 

There was a pause before I got another note.

Well to tell you the truth, I like her as a friend, and I don’t see myself going out with her. Sorry! 

He could only think of her as a friend? Why does everyone say that? Sure, Diana isn’t the skinniest girl at our school, but she has a really pretty face and a great personality, I don’t see why people don’t notice that.

I angrily scribbled on the paper and sent it back to him. 

Well, she doesn’t like you either! 

What? It was kind of the truth. I mean I don’t know if she was really over him, but I do know that she doesn’t like him as much anymore. 

A few more minutes later, Jason wrote back again.

Well I guess that’s fine, I understand if she doesn’t anymore, but I was wondering where she was? She wasn’t in my first period class this morning and she never misses school.  

So he noticed she was gone. Well, let’s see how he responds to this. 

She dropped out of school, didn’t you hear? That’s why I got in trouble for punching Kojo in the face this morning. 

Man good times, I thought, thinking back, while laughing at the memory inside my head. 
“Louisa, is there a reason you’re laughing instead of reading pages 201-210?” Mr. Donkor asked. 

I guess that laugh wasn’t in my head. 

“Um no, sorry I’ll be quiet,” I said. 

Just don’t let me catch you disrupting the class again,” he warned me, before returning back to his computer

I waited a moment and opened the note that had been craftily thrown onto my desk. 

So that’s why Kojo was bleeding between classes. Is Diana ever coming back?… And why were you laughing? 

What should I write to that? I mean I don’t know if she wants him to know about her plan. I thought about it for a moment before responding back.

I can’t tell you that, sorry. I was laughing because you brought up Kojo and his broken nose, so it made me think about it again.

I gave my note to the girl again, and she gave it to Jason. I was surprised at how she wasn’t getting mad at all these note passing. I made a mental note not to be mean to this girl. 

His reply came faster this time, so I opened it and read it.

Alright, I understand, well I better actually start the reading, so talk to you late.

I answered him back one last time saying:

Yeah alright, bye.

Wow, I can’t believe I wasted half of class time talking to Jason of all people. Well I guess I better get to work on actually reading these pages, I thought while flipping open my textbook to page 201.

~Diana’s POV~

I finally got done with my tutoring and my training for today. Tutoring was okay, I guess. It was just like a regular day at school… just without all the teasing and name calling. 

Training was hard again. My trainer had me run on the treadmill again

When I was finally done with everything, I took a shower and changed, I wasn’t feeling really hungry, so I decided to just watch some TV in my room until Diva gets here. 

An hour later I fell asleep watching it, and the next thing I knew I heard a sound coming from the door which woke me up. 

“Yeah?” I called out groggily after I realized it was someone knocking. 

“It’s Diva!” she called back cheerfully. 

“Oh, come in!” I yawned, stretching out my arms and legs.  

She came in, and closed the door. “Did you just wake up?”

“Yeah, I fell asleep watching TV.”

“Oh, well want to hear about my day at school?” she asked, her eyes sparkling with excitement.  

“Sure,” I said moving over so she could sit on the bed. 

“Well, do you want to hear about how I punched Kojo in or me talking to Jason first?”   

I thought about it. As much as I wanted to hear about Jason, I wanted to hear why she punched Kojo even more. 

“Um, punching Kojo please,” I answered, smiling. 

“I knew you would pick that first,” she said, smiling back. 

“You would too, but anyway why did you do it?” I asked, eager to know.  

“Well, I woke up late this morning, so I got to class late and had to sit next to him. He asked where you were and called you names. Of course I got mad, and I punched him. I’m pretty sure his nose is broken now, but then I was sent to the Principal’s office.”

“So you were standing up for me?” I asked, feeling touched. 

“Of course I was. I hate when he says means things about you and I wasn’t going to let him get away with it again.”
“Thank you. You’re really are a true friend, Diva,” I said giving her a hug. 

She hugged me back just as tightly, “No problem Dee, that’s what friends are for.” 

“And I’m so lucky to have you as one.”

“Same. I’m really lucky to have an awesome friend like you,” she said, pulling away. “Now do you want to hear about Jason?” she asked, grinning like a small child.  

“Yeah sure.”

“Well, I guess he switched his classes or something, so now he’s in my second period World History class. We were passing notes back and forth, and I asked him about the party.”

“Y-you what!?” I yelled, shock probably written all over my face, my mouth hanging wide open.

“Nothing bad,” she said putting her hands up, “I just kind of asked him why he didn’t stand up for you back there.”

“And what did he say?” I asked, afraid of the answer. 

“He said he was shocked with your confession, since he only thought of you as a friend,” she said, whispering the last part.  

I knew it! He didn’t like me like that… and nobody probably would. I mean why would anyone like a fat, ugly girl?

Guys want skinny, pretty girls, not “Dirty Diana. I guess that’s it then. I should stop liking him,” I finally said. 

“You’re gonna stop liking him?” she asked surprised.

I stood up and grinned. “Yes, Diana will never like Jason Amoateng ever again!”

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