Diluted Bullet Season 2 {heartless love} Episode 29


” I’m a f—–g b—h ” P2 said with a smile as she shot Ben thrice on his chest, making sure to target his heart and he fell down with a loud thud.

” I’m not taking chances love, heard you’re immortal ” P2 said with a smile as she aimed the gun at Ben’s head.

She had almost pull the trigger when Toy shot her a dart bullet containing some liquids which was supposed to make her sleep if it had penetrated her body but she held it few inches away from her chest as she raised her head up to see where it was from.

She saw Toy standing few meters away from her with a smile on his lip as he click on the small remote in his hand and the dart in her hand exploded releasing some gas.

She dropped to the ground at once as she inhale the gas.

” yes ” Toy said with a smile as he move closer to them.

He helped Ben whose memory has return to him up from the ground.

” wow, she shot me thrice ” Ben exclaimed as he saw the bullet holes inflicted on his leather jacket which he was wearing.

” yeah, she sure did and you would have been dead if not for the five scaly bulletproof you’re putting on ” Toy replied him dragging P2 up.

They didn’t take off their helmets because of the gas residue might still be in the atmosphere.

” let me go get her bike ” Ben said as he head to get her bike which she parked few distance away from where they were.

Ben ignited it and rode it over to where Toy and unconscious P2 were standing with the support of Toy.

” I got her ” Ben said signifying to Toy that P2 is going to ride with him.

The tablet strapped to P2’s bike suddenly started ringing, Ben and Toy shot themselves a surprised stare before Ben unlock the tablet from the bike.

” it’s a video call ” Ben said to Toy.

” pick it, they’re going down soon, so it doesn’t matter now ” Toy said to Ben.

” alright ” Ben replied as he answered the call.

The face of a beautiful lady appear on the screen at once.

” who’re you and where’s the owner of this phone ” she asked Ben as she saw him.

” here’s the owner ” Ben said turning the phone to P2’s face.

” Katherina ” Toy said collecting the tablet from Ben’s hand as he drop P2 to the ground. .

” sorry ” Katherina { P2 instructor ” replied.

” it’s me, Toy, remember me ” Toy said as he swiftly unzip the jacket he had on, ripped his jacket off, as he started zipping down the scaly bulletprof he had on.

” here, see this ” Toy said showing her the tattoo on his chest. It was a picture of her smiling when she was younger and it looked so real.

He swiftly took off his helmet and brought the tab to his face.

“Still don’t remember me ” he said as he made a gun shape with his hand and placed it on his head and made the sound of gunshot with his mouth

” I’m gonna kill you like that if you don’t marry me in future ” he added as he made the gunshot sound with his mouth.

” Toy ” Katherina said with a confused countenance as she watched Toy.

” yeah, Toy ” Toy replied.

” Toy ” she suddenly screamed out loudly.

” do you remember me now ” Toy asked.

” yes, I remember you ” Katherina said as tears had already started appearing on her face.

” rea ” Toy wasn’t able to complete his words before his eye shut and was about to fall

Ben swiftly collected the tablet in his hand before he dropped to the ground.

” Toy ” Katherina called from the other end.

” he’s now unconscious ” Ben replied her.

” what, why is he unconscious and why is P2 also unconscious ” She asked Ben.

” no, you’ve to answer the questions I have for you first, why are you able to remember Toy easily and P2 can’t remember me and why did the mask kept the two of you alive and make everyone believe you’re dead ” Ben asked.

” we’re not working for the mask, this is another organization closer to mask and I was able to remember him because they failed in wiping off my memory, that’s why I was trained to be an instructor instead of field agent, now what did you do to him ” Katherina asked.

” nothing, he inhaled the gas he shouldn’t have inhale because of you, he’s going to be alright ” Ben replied.

” and P2 ” Katherina asked.

” right here ” A feminine voice reply beside Ben. Before Ben could make any movement, the tablet was already flying in the sky, with Ben following it, Ben landed on the bike behind him, as he went down with the bike while the tablet fell and scatter on the tiled road.

A flying knee cap was flying towards Ben as he looked exhausted on the bike on the ground, but Ben swiftly rolled away from the bike and did a Chinese get up while his attacker propelled herself upward without the support of any of her body.

” Precious ” Ben exclaimed seeing her.

The sedative used on her was supposed to keep her sleeping for at least an hour.

” hello handsome ” Precious said with a smile ” heard you’re tough, looks like that wasn’t a bluff and you f—–g need more than sleeping gas to keep me at bay ” Precious added laughing.

” precious, it’s me Ben, remember, we used to be friends ” Ben said trying to make Precious remember him.

” that’s why you betrayed me and make an attempt on my life right ” Precious said as she launched an attack towards Ben.

Ben was many steps behind her as her attacks were very calculative, brutal and fast, her skills were beyond ordinary, more like she was trained by ninjas.

Ben could only last two minutes before he was finally on the ground without registering a point on Precious tho he seemed to be on the lesser side and foolishly, he’s not attacking fully as he’s trying to get her to remind him, trying to speak during the fight.

Precious took out a knife, flipped it open. She looked more mean now and ready to kill Ben.

Ben got up, folded his hand into a fist as he was the first to launch the attack this time.

Ben’s memory was occupied by the final match he had with Precious before she was announced death.
He was fighting more brutal now giving him chance against her but still below her.

This time Ben lasted more than three minute before he was on the ground and Precious followed him at once and stabbed him a little below his rib.
Ben stared at her as tears started dropping from his eye.

” you’re hurting me Precious ” he said so emotionally even tho the knife hasn’t been able to penetrate the scaly bulletproof he was wearing.

Precious on hearing this stopped for some seconds before she added more force to the knife as she insert it into the same spot she had inserted it earlier with more force and Ben could feel it breaking it way pass through the scaly bulletproof he was wearing.
He could have shove her off him but he was keen on trying to make Precious regain her memory because that’s the only thing that could save him or Toy should wake up. That’s the only two option he’s got.

” P1 love you ” he said as more emotional tears drop from his face.

” and you also love him to sacrifice your life for him ” Ben added staring deeply into her eyeball as she also stared at his with confusion all written all over her face. Her hand suddenly went off from the knife as she suddenly seemed dumbfounded.

” Junior ” she uttered as she took off the helmet on Ben’s head.

” yeah, it’s me” Ben said shaking his head to affirm positive to her call.

” no, no ” she stuttered as she got down from his body as she stared at her glove covered hand.
Ben sigh deeply as he shut his eye.

Ben was surprised as he swiftly open his eye as he felt another person’s lip lock unto his.

He shut his eye back as he saw that it was Precious that was kissing him as tears rolled down her face. Ben held her by her waist as he pulled her more closer to him as they kissed deeply.

Ben suddenly stopped her as he heard the sound of siren from a far distance.

” we’ve to leave now, the police and the fire service are already on their way here ” he said as a smile eluded his lip. Precious got up and helped him up.

Ben place unconscious Toy behind him on Toy’s bike with him, ignited it and rode away while Precious followed behind him on her bike.

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In the blink of an eye, masked men has already surrounded the van with their guns aiming at it.

A chopper with a big object beneath it suddenly started flying in the sky but closer to the ground.

All the mask agents that were surrounding the van all look up staring at it not knowing if it’s a threat or not.

When the chopper was directly above the van, the object that look like a big cover was de-attached from it beneath and it fell directly on the van acting as shield to it before missiles were released in torrents from the choppers and other choppers that made appearance.

After the uproar caused by the choppers, men in khaki started trooping out from different corners and a shoot out started happening.
Wisdom was among the men in khaki but he wasn’t wearing full khaki, just its trouser and a black top.

After twenty minutes of sporadic shootout between the two sides, tons were already on the ground dead, both from the khaki side and the men on mask.

When the mask men quantity has been reduced to minimal, the commandos changed their guns and brought ones out with laser, with the laser guns, they’re able to bring down the remaining masked men without having to kill them. They’re all handcuffed and made to stand on a straight file.

After the shooting has subsided, two choppers return, one with a thick rope, which was attached to the big shield covering the van, four ambulances had already arrive at the scene.

The chopper got the shield off the van, while the second landed, Mr David and Mr Wealth alighted from it as everyone stared at the van expecting a movement as everywhere was suddenly silent .

Snap kick the door of the driver side off and roll down from the van.

” wow, I’m still alive ” he said as noise suddenly erupted from the onlookers.

Wisdom and some commandos joined Snap as they help the remaining people out of the van.

Everyone was alright except Cyber who didn’t fasten his seatbelt.
He’s procured a fatal cut on his head and was bleeding profusely from it

He was swiftly rushed into one of the waiting ambulances.

” dad ” Gina screamed as she ran to her dad and fell into his embrace.

” are you alright ” Snap asked Sandra who looked worn out.

” yes ” Sandra replied hugging him tightly.

” where’s Ben ” Ben’s momma asked Mr Oladele as they both scan through the people present there.

By this time, the press from different TV and radio stations were already trooping in, in their company’s vehicles.

” where’s Ben ” Mrs Oladele asked separating Sandra and Snap.

” he’s taking care of other business Ma, oops, that remind me” Snap said scampering towards the van.

” hello, we’re all set here, it’s gonna be aired in the next ten minutes ” Snap said to the recipient of his call.

” okay, I’m also on my way back to the safehouse now, come get Charles there ” Ben replied him.

One of the agents on the ground wasn’t dead yet, as he took out a pistol and aimed it at Gina who was directly in front of the president as the president was checking her out with a hearty smile on his lip.

” no ” Mr Wealth screamed as he swiftly intercepted the bullet and got shot on his chest.

” nooooooo ” Wisdom screamed loudly as he empty all the bullet inside the gun he was holding into the skull of the agent.

He swiftly ran to meet his dad who was now lying on the ground gasping for breath with Gina and Mr David beside him.

” ambulance ” he screamed, crying as he held his hand.

Health personnels from one of the ambulances rolled a stretcher towards them and swiftly carry Mr Wealth on it and swiftly took him into one of the ambulances as he was diagnosed with first aid before the van took off with Wisdom inside it


” wow, you’re cool ” Precious said with a wink after Ben swiftly took her over his plan to take down the mask.

” to see you planning to take down a great organization, I can’t be less proud of you ” Precious added hugging Ben tightly.

” you’re one of the factors that’s motivating me to do so ” Ben said with a smile as he disengaged the hug staring into her face.

” and I’m sorry and thankful, wanted to tell you that since all this days , tho I thought it’s impossible but you made it possible, so thank you again for staying alive ” Ben said with both his hands on Precious cheek as he carried on a hearty smile.

” it’s alright, what I did for you then, I did with joy and will do it again any time, any day, because you’re my life itself and I’m sorry I forgot about my life ” Precious replied him.

” please, if we find ourselves in such situation again, I’m going to appreciate it if you don’t sacrifice your life for mine, I can’t bear to lose you again ” Ben said holding her hand.

” I can’t promise that but I’m gonna make sure you’re not in a position which is gonna make me take such decision ” Precious said as she tried to kiss Ben.

” it’s time, I’ve got to finish all this now. ” Ben said, using that as an excuse to stand up.

” your partner has been knocked out and I think you’re gonna need extra hand ” Precious said standing up as she wrapped her hand around Ben’s neck as she slightly tilted herself upward and kissed Ben deeply.

” we’re not going to achieve anything today if you keep up with this ” Ben said humorously after dis-engaging the kiss after three minutes of kissing.

” then lets get this shit rolling ” Precious said as she took her gloves from the mini table inside the sitting room.

Ben took the explosives they’ve gotten ready for the final mission, place them into his mission bag pack and some gadgets and back it.

He took all his favorite weapons and excessive bullets and grenades .

” need some ” Ben asked Precious pointing a pistol at her.

” this gat my back ” Precious said as she unsheat her gun from where she placed it and show it to Ben.

” sooth yourself ” Ben said with a smile as he swiftly got all he needed for the mission.

” here” Ben said giving Precious a small Bluetooth headset so that they can communicate with themselves through it.

” we’re almost there ” Ben informed Precious through the headset.

” I’m ready but isn’t that a vehicle assembling company I’m seeing at the point of the GPS you installed on my bike ” Precious asked with a perplexed tone.

” that’s a camouflage, the real deal is underneath the big industry you’re seeing and we’re eliminating everyone we see ” Ben replied her.

” get ready ” Ben informed her as they got closer to the main gate of the industry and launch two out of the missiles attached to the bike he’s riding.

It blew open the gate and killed all the agents posing as securities at the gate.

Ben and Precious rode inside through the burning gates.

It was a deadly scene as Precious and Ben without getting off the bike started shooting at the agents that rushed out to attack them wearing the company’s uniform.

With the aid of the loaded missiles, in the timeframe of ten minutes, countless of dead bodies were on the ground and fire had consumed half of the industry.

” this way ” Ben said to Precious as they alight the bike and led the way as he followed the map displaying on his wristwatch.

” here ” Ben said as he halt his movement and took out one of the explosives he got in his bag and a gadget looking like a handset .

Beside the spot they were standing was a short pole that looked insignificant.

Ben moved closer to it, took out a screwdriver and unlock some screws on it, took out the cover placed on it , revealing a panel board which he attached the gadget in his hand to it with a chord and a minute countdown appeared on it.

He swiftly return to the spot Precious was standing, swiftly activated the explosive in his hand and placed it on the mark spot on the ground, grabbed Precious by her hand as they both ran away from there.

They were still running when the big explosion occured shaking the ground vigorously.

After the explosion has subsided, Ben and Precious returned to the spot where they place the explosive on.

Ben took out a pen, hugged Precious tightly as he activated the pen, a laser light emerged from it.

He pointed it to the ground and used it to draw a big circle around them, the ground shook slightly and they both sank into the ground.

” welcome ” A voice said to them as they landed inside a room.

Ben swiftly turn and almost shot the person but swiftly curbed himself as he saw the person.

” I know you’re going to look for me first when you get here ” Goat said to Ben moving closer to them.

” Goat ” Precious said as she stared at him.

” It’s Spike, not Goat, that’s his agent’s name ” Ben whispered into Precious ear.

” P2 ” Goat called out surprised as he got closer to them.

” how is this possible, you should be dead ” Goat said with a confused countenance.

” well I’m not, I can’t be good to plant, I’m too deadly to be a manure ” Precious replied humorously.

” we’re gonna get back to that later but you’ve got to go now, I could only delay them a little by tampering with the transporters but the technical team are gonna get over it soon and they’re gonna get all those kids out if you don’t stop them now ” Goat informed the two of them.

Goat swiftly got hold of his weapons and they’ve started heading towards the exit before the door suddenly bursted open and bullets started spraying.

Goat swiftly pushed Ben and Precious away but couldn’t escape as his body suddenly turned into an abode for bullets.

He fell down on the ground with a loud thud.

Ben brought a grenade, unclipped it and rolled it towards the shooters.

After the grenade had detonated, he swiftly got up and started shooting sporadically.

When he’s sure none of the shooters were alive, he swiftly located Precious.

” Precious ” he screamed as he saw her lying on the ground.

” stop shouting, I’m not dead yet ” she said as she got up.

” you’re bleeding ” Ben said as he saw blood on the ground.

“Looks like I got marked ” she said viewing her leg where she had procured a bullet wound.

” go, I’m gonna meet up with you soon ” Precious said to Ben.

” I can’t leave you here ” Ben said trying to get her to stand up.

” and leave all those kids to get snuck away ” Precious said to him.

” I’m gonna join you soon, just have to take the bullet out, go I’m gonna meet you soon ” she added to Ben not showing an ounce of pain on her face.

” okay, see you later ” Ben said as he pecked her on her head before he left her.

To be continued