Diluted Bullet Season 2 {heartless love} Episode 28


A day before D-day

” I’ve gotten perfect plan to make sure everything ends tomorrow ” Toy dropped the message on the chatting platform Snap and Cyber just created.

It was swiftly develop so that they could discuss their plans on it.

When it comes to mask, one can’t be too careful. They could have one way or the other gotten a way to listen to their conversation inside their safehouse, tho Snap and Cyber had did a thorough sweep of the house and discover nothing but they’re not still taking any chances, that’s why they came up with the idea of creating a chatting platform, just like Facebook, WhatsApp etc which can’t be hacked by anyone, even aliens doesn’t stand a chance against it and decided to go about their businesses on it.

They’re all inside the sitting room, not talking to each other but each facing his phone ready to chip in his or her mind.

” what’s that ” Ben asked .

” we can set a perfect trap to swallow everyone at once without leaving anyone ” Toy replied.

” what’s the plan ” Cyber asked.

” we’re gonna fish everyone out in the open in a single sweep ” Toy replied.

” we’re sure that they will be monitoring Ben’s parent’s closely since they’ve gotten hint that he might have made contact with them since he’s in Lagos ” Toy continued.

” yeah, I know, and that’s why I suggested that we go get them ” Ben replied.

” we’ll go get them but we have to use them as a bait ” Toy texted.

” what “! Ben exclaimed as he swiftly shot Toy a laser stare but swiftly avert his gaze .

” chill ” Toy swiftly texted.

” listen to the plan to the end first, didn’t that old cule teach you patience ” Toy added.

” go on ” Ben texted.

” we have to get Wisdom to trust you and add him to this conversation so that he can follow up on this conversation ” Toy texted.

” why ” Snap asked raising his gaze up a little to see if anyone felt awkward about the suggestion.

” he’s our best shot at getting to the president and that can only happen if he trust us ” Toy clarified.

” go on, he’s going to. ” Ben replied confidently.

” yeah, but we’re having only a problem left ” Toy pinpointed.

” what’s that ” Ben asked.

” we need one of our gadgets in the president’s room so that we can communicate with the president directly and counter whatever devices mask might have planted in his room ” Toy texted and Ben and Snap suddenly exchange glance smiling.

” we already have some of our gadgets in his room ” Snap texted.

” good, what you got? ” Toy asked.

” a m16 voice collector and Rian video collector ” Snap replied.

” cool ” Cyber texted.

” we can project ourselves from the Rian video collector ” he added.

” good, now Ben you’ve got to call him ” Toy texted.

” yeah, but don’t you think mask would have tapped everyone’s phone ” Ben replied.

” that’s why we’ve got two f—–g great hackers in the team ” Toy texted.

Snap and Cyber stood up at once to get their computers and started hitting on the keyboards like they’ve got an issue with it before.

” now make the call ” Cyber said after thirty seconds.

” here’s the footage of where he is now ” Snap showed Ben on his laptop.

” who’s this ” Wisdom asked as he picked the call .

” this is Ben, keep calm, you’ve got people watching you inside the cafeteria you’re eating beans and fried plantain now ” Ben said and Wisdom swiftly took a quick glance around.

” idiot, I said keep calm, not glance around, where’s your acting skill ” Ben said in an informal tone and Wisdom gave out a fake smile.

” what do you want ” Wisdom asked as he continued eating with a smile.

“Better, locate the rest room now and continue talking to me like you’re with a friend on phone ” Ben ordered.

” f–k you joor, since all this days, you just forgot me ” Wisdom said as he stood up from the table he was eating.

” now you’re talking ” Ben said.

” no, not at all, I’ve missed y’all, even thinking about coming to Canada next month ” Wisdom replied with a smile as he got closer to the restroom inside the cafeteria he’s eating.

The cafeteria was only meant for the David security team.

” now I’m in ” Wisdom said as he switch the tap on.

” so where’s Gina, hope she’s alright ” He asked.

” yeah, and if you want it to be like that, you’ve got to deliver my message to the president, tho I’m going to also do that myself but you’ve got to let him trust me ” Ben replied him.


” are you sure we can trust him ” Mr David asked Wisdom after Ben has taken them over the plans.

” I think you can Sir, he love Gina and I’ve seen him risk his life to save her, and he said he’s ready to return her but we must clear the danger first, so it’s not a big deal to do that to get her back ” Wisdom replied.

” what do you think ” Mr David asked Mr Wealth.

” in my own opinion, I see sincerity in that young guy’s voice, I think we should trust him this once since we don’t have any choice than to do that ” Mr Wealth replied.

” alright, I’m gonna make the call, we leave discreetly in my private jet by 4 AM tomorrow ” Mr David finalized.

” I’ll also be going with you ” Mr Wealth said.

” no friend, you look frail this days, I think you should take leave to get check up, your son and I can handle it ” Mr David said to him.

” no, you need my experience and I can’t leave the two of you only to embark on this journey ” Mr Wealth objected.

” no friend, we’ve got experienced commandos that are gonna be waiting for us, so stay back and take care of your health ” Mr David countered.

” I insist, please let me go, it will be more safer ” Mr Wealth pleaded.

” alright, if you insist, see you before 4 AM tomorrow ” Mr David said.


” do you think they trust you ” Toy asked.

” they should, they’ve got no choice than to do that if they wanna get their girl back ” Ben replied.

” but I don’t think we need to add Wisdom to this conversation again ” Snap texted voicing out what’s hung unto his throat since Toy made mention of adding Wisdom.

” yeah, I think you’re right, now what’s the role of my parents in this ” Ben texted.

” Cyber, add them and forcefully route their phone to this site ” Toy ordered Cyber.

” on it ” Cyber replied as he got hold of his system.

” sorry all for the disruption, it’s Junior or Ben, anyone but I’ve got to pass an information to you all ” The first message that appeared on everyone’s phone screen as it automatically loaded the site.

” is this really Ben ” Mr Oladele replied Ben’s message

” yeah, I know momma is with you, don’t say anything, just concentrate on your phone, she’s also seeing this message ” Ben texted.

” alright, are you alright, what’s it son ” Mr Oladele asked.

” I’m fine, what about you, mom, Sandra and Gina, how y’all doing ” Ben asked.

” don’t ask of me, I’m not going to reply you ” Ben’s momma said.

” but you just did ” Ben replied with a smile emoji.

” we don’t have time now, we’re gonna see soon mom, Gina and Sandra, if you can see this, drop a thumb up ” Ben texted and both drop a thumb up at once.

” cool, get on Toy ” Ben added.

” hello all, I’m Toy and I’m here to assist Ben get you all to safety ” Toy texted.

” Toy! ” Gina texted with an exclamatory mark.

” get us to safety? ” Mr Oladele dropped with a confused countenance reeking from the text.

” it’s a long story Gina but don’t worry we’re both on the same page now ” Ben replied

” and dad, the bad people kind of know I contacted you, tho they’re not sure but I’ve got to get you to safety before they does and they’re monitoring all of you, phone, house, office, that’s why you’re not to utter any word till I ask you to do.” Ben added.

” alright, I’m with you ” Mr Oladele replied.

” everyone are going to leave the house tomorrow’s morning and meet with Snap at the place he’s gonna lead you to ” Toy started.

” we just need you to perform small drama, after we’re through with this conversation, Ben is gonna call you and take you through fake information’s about this mission but you’ve got to follow up and act along with him like you’ve got no idea about it before.

He’s gonna ask you to tell everyone to make sure they drop their phones and you only should hold yours but Sandra you must behave like a rebel and hold yours while everyone drop theirs, and call a number I drop to you when Snap wink to you inside the van and feign to be speaking to the security team, and you all must pretend as if you’re all angry with her and that’s all ” Toy explicated to them the details of the mission.

” do you think the mask are really gonna try and lay an ambush for them and kidnap them ” Ben asked after they’ve gotten everyone they just added to the conversation off the site.

” I’ve been in the mask for long to predict how they operate ” Toy replied.

“Snap and Cyber now pay attention to your roles ” Toy continued.

” after you’ve gotten everyone into the van, they’re gonna track Sandra’s phone and use it to place a bug in the van so you’ve got to converse in the van in a manner that won’t make them realize they’re gonna fall into the trap laid down for them because they’re all gonna come at you in thousands, every field agents they’ve got around ” Toy explicated.

” when Sandra make the call to Wisdom’s number and they send the empty security mini truck, blow it up so as to alert them that you’re already on your way and drive to the points I’m gonna show you on the map, but make sure you don’t leave any hint that you’re tricking them so you must make it look real ” Toy concluded

” nice plan but what are we going to be doing during the time Snap and Cyber are on their mission ” Ben asked.

” we’re going for the big fish, your precious badass ” Toy replied.

” won’t she go after my parents like the other agents ” Ben asked.

” she’s after you, so we’re gonna make her come for you ” Toy replied with a smirk.

” how ” Ben asked.

” we’re gonna add Wisdom to this conversation and inform him about you placing a call to him, the one we won’t cloak like the last one, you’re gonna give him fake address to meet you there, I’m sure your girl is gonna be listening and will be waiting for you there ” Toy replied.

” you said everything goes down tomorrow but we’re only apprehending their agents, how’s apprehending the agents bringing everything to end ” Snap asked.

” chill kid, after the commandos the president bring with him get the agents they’re able to get alive, their face are gonna be aired on the TV and their real informations which is inside the data you hacked from mask, their parents are gonna identify them and confirm the theory of the mask which you release on TV some days ago, this will cause clamor in the headquarter here in Lagos, all security are going to be down as they’re going to be ramped up with transferring the kids since all the kids are all there, that’s when Ben and I will bust there after we’ve successfully gotten hold of Precious, with those kid’s testimony and the agents that’s been apprehended, and Mr Charles confession which we’re gonna derive with truth serum and the data with us, we’re gonna destroy the mask ” Toy explicated his brilliant and awesome plan.

” wow ” Snap exclaimed.

” that’s experience speaking, thanks bro ” Ben texted.

” last thing Ben, I don’t trust that badass with the gun in her hand, we’re both wearing all the scaly bulletproof we’re able to get our hands on, you mustn’t mind the discomfort it might cause, let see if that f—–g gun is potent enough to penetrate it ” Toy texted.