Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 45


I made sure I didn’t look at the bed as I scanned my room looking for someone that wasn’t there.

” I think I should sleep back” I heard the voice speak again but weakly. I held my breath as I started to extend my stare in slow motion to Ben’s face but was disappointed to see the oxygen mask on his face, and he seemed to be sleeping peacefully like he’s been doing few weeks ago. ” looks like you’ve seen me now” I heard the voice say again as I sighed disappointedly and this time I was sure it was from Ben’s angle.

My eye almost dislocated from my socket as I swiftly stared at Ben and saw the oxygen mask off his face, his cute eye widely opened, staring at me.

” Ben” I screamed happily as I hugged him happily on the Ben. ” oh, sorry” I said as I disengage the hug when he winced in pain. ” do you know me, what’s my name, no what’s your name, no I don’t think that’s right, which country are you currently in now, what’s your occupation” I asked many questions at once in hope that he didn’t lose his memory.

Ben’s p.o.v.

It first started with dreams, like I was in some world of fantasy and I must confess I liked it. A world free of my rugged lifestyle, a world where I possess a family which I knew wasn’t possible in reality. Had a wife that love6 me dearly and even gave me a lovely kid. I own a company instead of a gun, I’ve got many employees that I was feeding instead of count of dead bodies that I’ve eliminated.

I had a real life not one where I was a chameleon, where I change into different personalties overnight. In my dreams, I was able to recover many memories which I think was snuffed out of me since childhood. It was like I was travelling back in timeline witnessing everything real.


” honey, I’m already late for work, dress him up quickly or else I might just take Sandra only” a man which I knew instantly was my dad screamed from the dining table, with a little girl beside him, munching on the slice of bread in her hand.

” I’m sorry dear, Junior is running temperature and I think he should rest, I’m going to take him with me to the hospital” a woman said bringing out a young boy who looked like a young me, who was already dressed in his school uniform.

” come here champ ” the man said opening his arm and the boy moved closer to him, the man carried him and placed him on his lap, and the lady exit the scene.

” why looking like that boy, you’re my strong champ” the man said smiling and the boy smiled back.

” I’ve told mom I’m going to school, I don’t want to go to her hospital, I don’t like the smell of that place” the young boy said to his dad.

” that’s the spirit champ, get alright so you can go to school” the man said to the young boy. Just then, the lady returned with a lunch bag in her hand.

” I think you’ll have to get the second one, Junior doesn’t want to follow you to work, he’s alright now and want to get to school” the man said to the lady who was bent beside the little girl cleaning her mouth with a napkin.

” I think you should drop Sandra only, at school, we’re going to sort ourselves out” she said as she withdraw the boy from the man’s lap.

” alright, if you say so” the man said standing up with his car key in his hand. He carried the girl with her right hand and her backpack and lunch bag on his left hand.

” bye honey” he said as he planted a peck on the lady’s cheek. “Bye champ” he said to the boy before exiting the room with the girl.

” are you sure you want to go to school” the lady asked the boy squatting to his level.

” yes mom, I’m not sick any longer” the boy replied.

” I think you’re right” the woman said after placing her hand on his forehead. ” sit let me serve you your breakfast so that you can take paracetamol before going” the woman said to the boy as she fixed him a warm cup of tea and three slices of bread.

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” make sure you don’t play hard and make sure you listen to what you’re been thought today , I love you dear” The woman said to the boy,pecking him as she parked her car in the parking spot of the boy’s school.

The boy got down from the car and was heading to the school building when a car with masked men inside it suddenly sped to him, parked beside him and was dragged inside the car. The woman came out of her car to raise alarm but it was late as they sped out of the school, killing the school security who was trying to swiftly shut the door against them.

I could remember everything vividly, all my childhood memories, my real surname, how my parents looked like and that I’ve got a younger sister. How I was brought into the mask, how our memories was taken from us and how we’re fed lies about how our parents sold us to them and abandon us. But the more I was getting relapse of this memory, the more I was losing my memory as I tend to be forgetting the life I was currently living before I got wrapped into the fantasy world.

Then everything suddenly became blank, it was like I fell into a hollow pit, enveloped by darkness without any way of escaping. My eye suddenly began to get heavy as I felt the urge to sleep to eternity, I was battling against this urge but I knew I was losing it, not until a small spotlight suddenly shone on me inside the pit. It was like a small torchlight was directed at me from an oblivious place. Then a pleasant feminine voice came from the direction of the light. The voice was narrating a story to me. The voice was magical as it lifted the drowsiness that has been battling with my eye and comforted my soul.

It became my friend as it kept my company in the hollow place I found myself. But it always get to some point when the voice always stop narrating the story, and funnily, I find myself yearning for it.

After some hours the voice always return, narrating the story to me again, over and over again. I fell in love with the voice and suddenly developed a passion to know the courier of the voice. This passion fueled my body and a new adrenaline took over it as I forced myself to stand up. Without giving up for many days, I crawled out of the hollow pit and for the first time in many days, I saw the light. But the light appeared to be inside a room where I suddenly find myself with a lady seated beside me on a bed. The lady suddenly bent to peck me after saying something weird.

” Are you sure” I asked her removing an oxygen mask that was placed on my mouth but instead of her to look at me, she was busy glancing through her room like a ghost was present in it. ” I think I should sleep back” I said disappointed that I didn’t see who I was expecting as I shut my eye and return the mask to its position . Then she surprisingly stare at me. I peeped through the left corner of my eye. ” looks like you’ve seen me” I said as she was staring at me.

” Ben” she suddenly screamed, startling me as she hugged me. I winced in pain and she released me. Then she suddenly started asking dozens of questions without giving me chance to answer any. But surprisingly, I seemed not to have any answer to her questions.

” who the hell am I” I asked myself inwardly as I stared at the girl.

To be continue…