Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 44


Wisdom’s p.o.v

I have got him cornered in my grasp, before he wake up, he would already have the inmate cloth on him, all I just have to do is decipher which organisation he’s working for, till then, keep my future girl company in your unconscious state.


Snap’s p.o.v

I was able to do the right thing , now he’s got the protection of the president, hope this work in getting Toy off him till he’s recover and able to go head to head with him. I’m certain of his skills, he should be able to defeat Toy with it, and during the time he’s in slumber, I need to sharpen my hacking skills more, so that I can be able to beat Toy’s hacker and support P1 well for his mission against Toy, I know he’s automatically off the president mission, only God know who’s going to be assigned for it, I only pray Toy isn’t the one assigned for it. It’s time to visit America. Just hang up in there P1, I’m coming back big and better.


” what do you think I can do for him during this three weeks we’re stuck here” Gina asked Tabitha who just served her, her favourite beverage {coffee } as she sat on one of the chairs in her bedroom facing Ben who seemed to be peacefully in slumber.

If not for the oxygen mask on his face and the tubes connected to his wrist, used in transfer of liquid from the drip hung on a drop hanger beside the bed , someone would have thought that he’s just asleep.

” I think you should read him some books, heard that some patient in comatose state can hear what their love ones are saying to them, and this can help keep them company” Tabitha said staring at Ben.

” cool, I think you’re right but do you have any book in mind” Gina asked Tabitha looking clueless.

” hmm, I’ve a book I just finished reading, the title is Angelz do weep written by horluwa p1, one of the young trying authors, and the book is very interesting” Tabitha replied Gina, describing the book as if it’s the best she’s read.

” what’s the book about” Gina asked Tabitha.

” it’s about an immature guardian angel who fell in love with the human he’s supposed to be guarding”

“But how can an angel fall in love with a human when they’re not supposed to be visible” Gina asked interrupting Tabitha.

” I think you should read it first, then find out what happened, and how an angel who’s supposed to be invisible became visible, the writer really made sure he put everything down in an awesome and exciting manner which will make you crave for more, I’ve been checking the Pobsonline.com everyday, after I finished the season one to know if the season two is out.” Tabitha said, portraying in her words how she’s excited about the book.

” you’re making me crave for it, get me the book so I can read it and take this coffee, get me another one, it’s already cold” Gina said stretching the coffee which was on a small suacer in her hand to Tabitha, who collected it and placed it on the tray in her hand which she used to bring the coffee to Gina.

” alright” Tabitha said as she exited Gina’s room.

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Gina p.o.v

Two weeks and four days later.

” I continued my journey back to heaven with my heart in my mouth because I know not what await me by the supreme one, but I thought he should still reward me because I was returning the immortal sword to him, that was when I remembered that it has been long since I felt the immortal sword on my leg, I touched the place I put it and that was when I knew that I’ve lost the sword. What now await me, reward or punishment.


I read out loudly as I finished reading the story for the sixth time in two weeks. Truth be told, the story was an interesting one, I loved it so much and couldn’t find another one to replace it, so I decided to keep reading it , especially as it main actor name is also Ben.

The story was structured well just that the ending wasn’t nice, but I hoped Ben comes back in season two just like I was also waiting for my Ben to come back. I finally saw the reason why Tabitha was keened on waiting for the season two.

” can you hear this, Ben” I asked him staring at him as he remained motionless on the bed. ” don’t behave like this Ben and leave me to heaven, just come back quickly, I love you so much and won’t be able to find a replacement for you” I said as I pecked him on his forehead.

” are you sure” a voice suddenly asked as I sat back.

” yeah” I replied.

” What” I startling exclaimed when my brain booted. I swiftly stare at the door to be sure if someone had entered without me noticing, I couldn’t believe that someone could have come in without me noticing with the loud robotic sound scanner that was installed on the door,giving instruction on where to place the thumb and Retina. Tho I hate it at first and asked my dad to deactivate it but he didn’t listen telling me it’s for my own safety. I’ve gotten use and accustomed to it, but not hearing it sound that moment was kinda perplexing. It was like someone was playing hide and seek with me as I tried to locate who entered even tho I was sure no one entered, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up by averting the thought that it was Ben.

To be continue….