Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 46


” you’re Oladele Junior, then P1, after, you’ve been called many names, but currently Ben Parker, a serial killers, an orders collector, home breaker, a liar, a thief, a deceit, a poisonous guy, an agent of The Mask but with a pitiable soul ” a voice was saying into my ear as different flashes of memories flooded my head.

I held my head in pain as I felt it tearing apart as the memories gushed into it, the pipe connected to my wrist disconnected from it and the drip hanger beside me fell down.

” what’s wrong with you” I read Gina’s lip, as she touched me trying to calm me. I couldn’t hear anything she was saying just the movement of her lip. I remembered everything about her and about my ordeals in life including my childhood memories. But the consequence was a severe headache which made me passed away at a point. I woke up later with a blurry head, the oxygen mask on my face earlier wasn’t there again, just the drip pipe attached to my wrist.

” how are you feeling now and do you know me “? I heard a voice asked beside me, I winced in pain as I tilted my head to the side I heard the voice from.

” I’m okay and you’re David Gina the president daughter ” I said forcing out a smile.

” you scared me, thought you’re not going to wake up for another weeks again” she said heaving a sigh of relief with a smile which I only reciprocate with a smirk. ” you’ve slept for two weeks more after you woke up and passed out that day” she added with a tone that depict how she was scared.

” where am I and how many days have I been bedridden”? I asked weakly when she said I slept for two more weeks .

” you slept for a month and four days” she replied.

” what” I exclaimed. ” where am I” I asked remembering she only answered one of the two questions.

” in my dad’s house, precisely on the first floor, my floor” she added with a proud countenance.

” oh” I grunted in resignation to fate.

” the doctor just left few minutes ago, are you feeling any discomfort so that I can quickly contact him” she asked with a worried countenance.

” no, I’m alright” I replied her.

” good” she said. Just then, Tabitha entered with a tray containing a glass of juice and chips on it.

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” he’s awake” she exclaimed happily as she saw me.

” yeah” Gina replied her while I just stared at them..

” should I get him something to eat” she asked placing the tray containing the chips and juice on a glass cushion closer to Gina.

” care for anything” Gina asked me and I shook my head negatively.

” okay” Tabitha said as she exit the room but she gave me a kinda glare which kindof scared me. A glare with the message content ” I knew what you did” in it. Maybe she had remembered what I erased from her head. But I wasn’t bother by that. I was bothered about my safety, and Snap’s own, including Gina’s own . I suddenly felt like I care for her, nope, it wasn’t ordinary care, it was like my inner emotion which I’ve did well in conceding for many days was let lose by some unknown factors. I have breached my mission and I was sure someone else has already been assigned to it.

” but who could that be” I asked myself as I stared at her, I knew the person is already near or already working on it.

” thank you” I said to Gina still staring at her.

” you welcome love” she replied shocking me. Her voice was almost the same as my anonymous lover whose voice raised me back to life.

” did you read the story of an immature angel and a girl named Tabitha to me” I asked with a calm tone in order not to looked anxious. But “anxious” That word seemed to be lost in my dictionary for a very long time, especially in front of a girl, could it be that the injury I procured from the blast was toying with my brain.

” I read it to you many times over and over again, but” she said suddenly staring into my eye with shock. ” did you hear me reading it to you” she asked with a disbelieving countenance. ” don’t mind” in retorted closing my eye. ” answer me nah, did you hear it” she asked sulkily feebly pushing and pulling my arm.

” I like Nina and Ben most, in it” I said smiling without opening my eye.

” wow, all my effort wasn’t futile” she said happily but that was all I heard last as I slept off again.

To be continued