Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 22


Here’s Juliet Chinansa Michael with you this morning on AM News on BBC Nigeria

Firstly, The HEADLINES

** The search for the Chief Judge still continues.
** The president declared three days for the mourning of Charles Kingsley
** Mr Murad Usman , the president of TPP { Trusted people’s party}charged the president to court for declaring a public mourning for a commoner.
** Bamo university is to be shut down for a week to mourn the death of Charles Kingsley.
** Autopsy of Charles Kingsley has confirmed that the death isn’t a murder but a natural accident.
** Dollar rises again , 1 dollar is now equivalent to 3560 naira
** Bill Jude, the president sent his consolation greeting to Mr Charles

**** NOW THE NEWS IN FULL. **** ”

” Murad is trying something funny here ” Mr David said switching the TV off

” should we teach him some lesson ” Mr Wealth asked the president sitting opposite to him in the President’s sitting room with a mug cup filled with tea in his hand. The president had called him early in the morning so that they could drink tea together.

” why teach him a lesson when he’s exercising his freedom of speech ” Mr David said grinning auspiciously as he took a sip from his mug before returning it to the saucer on the small sophisticated glass cushion in front of him.

” when someone want to campaign for you willingly and free of charge, why teach him a lesson ” Mr David asked again smiling awkwardly.

” I can’t even understand what you meant by that ” Mr Wealth asked looking confused

” hahaha, only God know when you’re going to understand this game ” Mr David said laughing hysterically.

” you know that I lack passion for politics but please spare me of the clause you used before, is Murad also working for you or what did you mean by him campaigning for you ” Mr Wealth asked still looking confused.

” just watch , this game is always interesting, you’ll know soon ” Mr David replied him as he took another sip from the mug cup.

” I’ll love to be among the spectator as usual ” Mr Wealth said also lifting his mug cup from the saucer which was placed on another cusion placed in front of him.

” do you have anything about that guy that’s going to be tutoring my daughter ” Mr David asked Mr Wealth who couldn’t complete the journey of the mug to his mouth as he had to stop it midway in order to reply the president.

” he’s clean and perfect, his profile correlated with the one we got from Canada ” Mr Wealth replied Mr David finally finalizing the journey of the tea to his mouth.

” good, let now hope he is” Mr David couldn’t finish his statement when the land phone inside the room rang. Mr David stood up to get it.

” okay send him in ” he said as he hung the call before he joined his friend back on their little tea adventure ” the guy is here, I think he has accepted the deal, and that’s very bad , he failed the last test ” Mr David said smiling and his friend gave a remark about it as they waited Ben.

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Ben’s p.o.v.

I didn’t know why I seemed to be tension-filled as I went through the same security process like I did the other day. My glasses sitting magnificently on my face. I heaved a sigh of relief when the elite cuber magnifier scanning door didn’t detect the glass. I quickly took a swift sweep in the large sitting room to get some of the footage of the room without getting caught by the cameras. After some of the customs that was performed by Wisdom the other day when I was there, was performed by the guy that was taking me up this time, we got on the elevator.

I tilted my head up slightly to get the position of the CCTV inside it. The elevator opened with a loud dung sound revealing the rails of security already at their position. I made sure I got full footage of it as I walked with the tip of my left leg , bending slightly on my right, my head tilted to the middle so I could get the perfect footage I need. To normal people, I was walking normal.

After going through the tedious security processes in front of the sitting room’s door, my eyeglasses was undetected by the securities holding their position there with their advanced scanning equipments. The president and the head of his private security team were the only people inside the room. In my hand was the file containing the rules and I noticed the president gaze on it as soon as I was in sight.

” good morning Mr ” the president greeted when I was close to them stressing the last word so I can complete it myself.

” Parker and morning to you too ” I greeted still standing waiting to be offered a seat first.

” have your seat Mr Parker ” the president motioned to me as if he was reading my mind. ” care for some tea, it’s the best you’ll ever get ” the president said to me as soon as my butt made contact with the red soft sophisticated divan . All the divans in the room has been changed , different from the divans with the tiger hide I saw when I was there yesterday.

” I’ll pass and Sir, I’m here to return this ” I said stretching the file to the president as he was very close to me but Mr Wisdom the head security swiftly intercepted it and collected it from me.

” you turning the job down ” The President asked me gazing at the file in Mr Wisdom’s hand like it was a sort of time bomb which was going to explode soon

” not now, only if you don’t agree to review the rules ” I said pausing for some seconds ” I already highlighted all the rules I’m not comfortable with inside it ” I added and the president collected the file. He brought out three A4 papers which the rules were printed on it. He slightly smiled after he’s gone through the rules then handed the file back to Mr Wisdom.

” is that all ” the president asked me with a grin.

” yeah ” I answered in a sophisticated manner.

” okay, then you can start today, since you’re here on time ” The president said to me , I smiled as I got all what I want on my little recorder. Just then a land phone that sat kingly on a small table beside the president rang and he picked it.

” send him in ” was what I heard the president said before he hung the call. The door opened and Wisdom entered with a face that conveyed different messages related to threat.

” good morning Sir ” he greeted the president excluding his dad.

  ” morning, heard you’ve a report concerning our young tutor here ” the president swiftly asked him as soon as he reciprocated his greeting.

” yes Sir, Mr Ben is a … ” he said with tone conveying hatred towards me.

To be continued