Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 21


” do you know why I chose you ” Goat asked me , tho he already told me his agent’s initial, but Precious has already screwed my head not to accept it. No matter how much I tried to associate him with his real name in my head, but my head has already got used to Goat.

” no ” I answered him

” because I see some hidden potential in there ” he said using his right index finger to tap my forehead. ” I think you’re going to be my successor, in term of look and skills and I’m going to make sure I call out your best ” he said in a cool tone which made me admired him more.

I was sure Precious won’t be getting such tone where she is. Her schedule was arduous, I almost wept for her when she showed me the other day. She almost wept when she saw mine, she regretted been the best at once. She’s to get to Miss bull eye quarter , according to the time we’re using, by 5:00 am, two hours later I’m to get to Goat’s quarter { do the maths yourself wink } She’s to return back to the room by 7:00pm, when I would have already been in the room two hours before then. All the other details entailed in the schedule which I saw made me realized why she made the statement ” I think I’m going to die soon if I continue this way with Miss bull eye ” yesterday night.

” even beyond me ” Goat added. ” one out of the greatest agents which this organization has produced is Toy, a great agent who had made all of his mates looked like they’re all amateur , he’s young , very young but performs things that we can’t imagine doing and the funniest thing was that he’s my student , just like you’re now, I always take credit for who he’s grown to become but I knew I deserve none of the credit because he sculpted himself out to what he is and I can also see the same spark in you tho you seemed to be scared of igniting it, but I don’t pick wrong , so I think time will bring out the real you ” he said pausing for some time.

I was marveled to how nice and calm Goat was , I found it hard to believe that the same guy who’s always bleating around, hitting all the doors to interrupt the lovely sleep we were having, shouting like someone whose proposal to his girlfriend was rejected in public.

” if you work hard , always try to overtake new challenges, take to my teachings with all your heart, always punctual and ain’t rebellious, then we’re going to have no issue blending in, I’ll treat you well and make sure you come out with flying colours , even make you better than your girlfriend ” he said and I suddenly gazed at him in shock.

” why do you look so shocked , did I lie ” he asked pausing for some time and I lowered my head in fear.

” I know from the start that you like her , and that the two of you doesn’t obey the ” don’t take off your mask ” rule, but kept quiet about it because I like you, but a word of advice to you little friend , clear your heart of all the feelings you got for her, it doesn’t always end well ” he said to me in a tone that depicted he cared for me.

” so before we start our lesson, do you have any question ” he asked me staring at me tho my head still lay low. I wanted to say no but decided against it, he’s already presented himself as a friend so I got no course to act timid.

” is your student, Toy here ? ” I asked him when I seemed not to have a good question at hand.

” no, he’s a field agent unlike us ” he answered

” is there different between the field agents and the people here ” I asked him with a tone that depicted I was curious.

” yeah, I’m different, including bull eye, we’ve been groomed as tutor from the start as we’re part of special ops hired specially by the mask , but some started like you while, the rest are just the oldies of the organization who started with it at the root ” he said arousing a question in me.

” so miss bull eye ain’t the owner of the mask ” I asked and Goat bursted into laughter.

“Hell no kiddo , nobody knows the real owners of the mask, they’re properly masked that no one knows about them ” he said as I opened my mouth ajar. ” do you got another question or we should proceed to the business of the day ” he asked me laughing.

” you said some of the people here started like me, which means not all of us are going to get promoted ”

” yeah , you’re perfectly right ” he said interrupting my question.

” so how can we be relegated here ” I asked him after he kept quiet.

” you’ve got a good question there kiddo ” he said muffling my hair. ” getting promoted to field agent role comes with two challenges and only two out of the five last man standing will get promoted . ” he said pausing briefly. ” one , you mustn’t sustain any injury on any part of your body , like you’ll have noticed, we don’t discipline by lashing, instead , we prefer turning you into manure, that’s to tell how important your body is for the mask, so if three out of you had already sustain an injury, even if it’s just a mark, then the remaining get promoted automatically but if that doesn’t happen, then it will be settled through combat, so get yourself ready kiddo because I can see you making it to the final five ” he said to motivate me.

” but Miss bull eye in one of her dreadful speech said that the masks undertake many missions, but how’s this possible with two agents only ” I asked and Goat smiled revealing his gapped teeth which looked like a small window in a big bungalow building.

” do you think this is the only place that agents are being trained right now ” he asked almost in a rhetorical manner.

” so you mean that we aren’t the only one ” I asked , shocked at the revelation.

” no more question for today kiddo, now let ventured into today’s business ” he said heading to a door which was painted red in his quarter. I couldn’t help but open my mouth when I saw what was behind the door.

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” do you think it’s penetrable ” I asked Snap after explaining to him the security system in the David castle. Snap is my errand boy, was gifted to me by the mask when I was fully welcomed into the organization. He’s a computer wizard, even tho I’m also a computer guru, and good with hacking, but Snap’s level of hacking always got me wondering if he’s a human or robot. He would have hacked into world bank if not that it’s going to be his death, because he isn’t order to do so by the mask.

” let start from the base , the name of the door you entered , that scanned you is elite cuber magnifier , it’s made in Japan last year and regarded as one of the strongest security door scanner till now, impenetrable and can’t be manipulate by man as it’s been controlled by its producers in Japan” he said and I smiled , he smiled back at me before he continued his narration. The reason we smiled was best known to us, to me Snap isn’t a human but a computer., so when he said by humans, he’s excluding himself out of them.

” only few of this doors was made, only one can be found in Africa, tho I didn’t know which country it was, but now I know and be assured that I’ve done my assignment on it when I heard about it release ” he said pausing for a while as he brought out his phone. He showed me everything he needed to get the job done on his phone, and I was proud of him.

” now to the elevator aspect, I think the fifth floor as you called it is the most secured floor of the castle as it harbour the real owner of the building and the elevator can be controlled from the invisible controller whose eye is fixed on the CCTV inside the 1st floor, no need to tell you more about the invisible controller because you know more about it than me and you’ve to get me near the building so I can know how to hack into the controller ” he said dropping his phone then handed me a mini case that is smaller than a ring’s case . I opened it and saw a button inside it.

” not this ” I said frustratingly as I drop it beside me.

” I know you don’t like using the dead eye for your mission but we’ve no choice, and I’ve a good news ” he said as he shot me an auspicious glare. The dead eye is a product of the mask, it’s used to get a full blueprint of a house , it’s shaped like a small cloth button but it can defy gravity, and also possess small legs like that of a fly, which it use for crawling, it’s super sensitive and can sense danger from 10 kilometres, it will get me the full blueprint of the house but it will also give the mask the information, something I detest so much, they’re going to get a tail on me.

” I’ve successfully disconnected this one from the mask’s motherboard ” he said with a proud context illuminating from his voice.

” abeg no dey whine me jawe, something that many mask agents has tried but failed at it ” I said with a tone that depicted that I didn’t believe him

” you know those agents are human ” he said not losing the pride tone.

” are you serious ” I asked him with a surprised tone

” trust me nah, you know I’ve been on that mother f—-r case for many years and now I got it out of the way” he said making a slash motion.

” I’m proud of you my guy, who needs a computer when you’re here ” I said with a flattering tone

” no they whine me joor, you know that my head can hack by itself abi ” he asked with a gruel voice. ..

” yes nah, just wait , I’ll soon dissemite your head from your body to hack ” I said in a playful tone. Truth be told ,Snap apart from being my errand boy, he’s the only friend I got that’s real, all other friends I got were all a mission to me and after the mission , that’s the end between us.

During our course of discussing mission and asking for his own quotas to the mission, we joke a lot. Tho I act bossy some times but we play and joke most time. He’s only good in computer aspect but I thought him few martial art moves.

” I cover my head with the blood of Zachariah ” he replied jokingly and I smiled.

” so after getting blueprint, what next ” I asked him and he shot me a shocked glare.

” what next as how, am I the one to answer that for you or I looked like one of the greatest agent of the mask ” he asked me standing up

” and where are you going ” I asked him as he started gathering his things.

” I’m going to continue with what I was doing before you called me ” he said leaving but stopped abruptly, turned and looked at me.

” P1, you’ve to be careful with this mission, I think the mask is planning to bury you with the mission ” he swiftly said before he took his leave leaving me to punder on his words. I wanted to believe him but I trust the mask so much to believe such and I haven’t heard of a case involving an agent of the mask been buried with a mission. So I just chilled as I brought out my sketch board again since I was sure no one was watching me.

Wisdom’s p.o.v.

I watched kingly as they performed their nefarious act.


Gina’s p.o.v

I couldn’t pray for nothing , but for the fast forwarding of the day so that I can ease the tension in my mind. I know what my dad is capable of doing, especially when I heard he handed him a file containing the rules for the tutoring, I was sure he won’t be able to cope with the rules and turn down the job, but only tomorrow can reveal what it held.

Aminat’s p.o.v

I’m getting him first, gonna give it all it take, even if it’s by asking for my dad’s assistance, I can have him to myself if my dad can hire him as a private tutor for me and pay him handsomely for it, cash that he won’t be able to reject.
Ella’s p.o.v

” It’s over Murad ” I said to Murad after we just completed our normal two round sex.

” what’s that ” he asked me with shocked countenance.

” I’m breaking up with you ” I said with a blank expression, as I picked my pant from the mini kitchen floor and wore it.

We just had it inside the kitchen. That’s the only fun aspect of our relationship, we do it anywhere that’s secluded, ranging from the kitchen, bathroom, sitting room, inside the car at night, club, etc. Just that he doesn’t exceed two rounds and 15 minute for each round

” but we just had sex now, why are you breaking up with me ” he asked ne with a bewildered expression.

” I’m tired of this relationship, I think I need space , the sex is just for remembrance, a last memory of you ” I said heading out of the kitchen and he followed me.
Nina’s p.o.v

” dad,I’m bringing home a husband soon ” I said to my dad excitedly on the phone as I drive to the birthday party of my friend in town.

Precious p.o.v

” I love him but he mustn’t know, it might be the end for the two of us ”

To be continue…