Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 23



My training session with Goat was kind of hilarious, inside his quarter was another room, a walk through the red door inside his room led to the room which was meant for our training session. The room possessed more length than width. Inside the room were different kinds of gadgets which we use for training, but the most used gadget inside the room was immediately at the entrance of the room.

A stroll into the room, by the left hand side was a mirror attached to the wall and a quick glance down the mirror was a make up kits. Different types of make up equipments which I was sure belong to girls.

” according to mask law, your look matters in every mission even when it involve assassination ” he had said to me the first day I entered into the room as I was surprised at the length of the room and different gadgets inside it.

” I’m going to train your mental reflex, your physical abilities , get you through to tutors who’re going to teach you all subjects and most importantly, I’m going to make sure you look like a merman, you’re very handsome , so I’m not going to find it difficult to transform you ino someone girls will queue and give their all to have ” he said to me while I stared at him with a blank expression trying hard to digest and find meaning to all he was uttering.

” do you have any question ? ” he asked me when he noticed I was lost.

” ye, I meant no ” I stuttered shaking my head.

“Okay, if you say so ” he replied me giving me odd look. ” we’re going to be having pur training here everyday and the first thing you must do whenever you’re here is to first take care of your look, and after every session, you should also make sure you take care of your look when we’re through with training, nothing, not even a pimples must appear on your face and make sure you cram the combinations of cosmetic I’m going to apply right now, that’s for the start of our training session and when we’re through, also make sure you do well to remember the ones I’m going to apply. It’s very important and you’ll know the effect in future ” he said as he sat on the small stool placed in front of the make up kit.

He started picking some creams, applied like four different types on his Palm before he applied it on his face. I paid attention to all he’s doing. The ones he applied to his hand were different same as the ones he also applied to his legs. To be sure I was giving him my attention, he asked me to repeat what he did which I got perfectly and he didn’t fail to accolade me for it.


My biceps was already something to be proud of, my chest got broadened in a sexy manner and my stomach has already been segmented into six sexy part. Like Goat promised me, I had become a merman and Goat never cease to tease me of my look that soon when I’m out on the field , I’m going to have tons of girls begging for my attention. But what use is it when the person I want to notice doesn’t even act like I existed.

He trained me hard , tho in a cool manner which I enjoyed so much. He always tries to push me to the extreme but he always do this in a manner which I can’t explain. Even in my study, he’s always there for me , after every lecture with my teachers in charge of each subjects, he always sit me down to make sure I understand it very well.

He said he want me to be the greatest agent the mask has ever produce but I wasn’t sure if that was going to be possible because of Precious. She now spend most of her time with Miss bull eye. Even when she’s inside the room , she barely talk to me, it’s either she’s sleeping or she’s training hard. She’s become more beautiful and dreadful as her hair is always plaited into pony tail. Her shape was becoming more like Miss bull eye own and she’s equally possessing her trait. I was sure that with Precious in the mask , i can never become the best, but I wasn’t bother by this as I also aimed for becoming the second best and the perfect guy for her.

My martial art skill had increased greatly and my swiftness has become something to write home about. But something funny was occurring to my face and I was bewildered of this. Instead of my face to look mature, it was getting babyish, there was no different with my face of ten years old then and fifteen years now. The only difference was that ,I’ve looked more handsome , no, it’s extremely handsome.

” Precious ” I called my roommate , tapping her on her shoulder as she slept soundly. It’s been almost ten days since I last saw her. I haven’t slept when she entered , but I couldn’t tell her anything because she looked tired. She only ” hi ” me before she resigned to her bed, removed her mask and slept off. I allowed her to sleep for four hours staring at the beauty she’s grown to become. She’s now more mature as she doesn’t complain like she always do before.

The light was even on when she woke up and she didn’t complain about it. She rubbedd her eye wearily as she opened her eye. ” Ben ” she called my name as she stared at me.

“How’re you ? ” I greeted her smiling.

” I’m fine, hope everything’s alright ” she asked me as she changed to a sitting position. She took her mask which was laying on the bed carelessly, and worn it only to cover her hair.

” yeah, everything’s okay ” I replied her with a grin

” good, do you have something to tell me ” she asked me with a kind of weird tone. A tone that made it seems like we never shared anything together before, like I was some sort of stranger. I felt bad with this but hid it.

” yeah , I do, I’ve been thinking that you’ve change ”

” how .” she asked interrupting me.

” ever since we’ve been assigned to our mentors, you rarely talk to me, you made me feel like a stranger , you’re not always around and even when you’re around , you seemed to be far away ” I told her pointblank expecting her reply.

” is that all ” she asked blankly and I felt heat surged beneath me. ” I’ve got a lot to do in a short period of time and I really need to rest now ” she added as she made attempt to sleep back. I couldn’t tell how I was feeling after hearing that from her.

She seemed different from the real Precious, no , my Precious has been swapped and a clone of her was replaced with her.

” did I do something wrong” I asked her with a sad countenance as she feigned to sleep off.

” yes ” she replied opening her eye.

” what’s that ” I asked and she stood up. She’s putting on a black leggings and a red arm less top. Just like Miss bull eye. I knew she’s getting her cloths from Miss bull eye as I’m also getting mine from Goat.

” care for a duel ” she asked me as she got up.

” yeah ” I replied her facing her. Her face became more dreadful as she made a kungfu pose and I folded my hand into a fist. She’s the first to attack me , she’s more flexible, faster and stronger than I was. I tried to guide her attacks as she attacked me relentlessly, when I got a chance , I also swiftly launched some attacks towards her which she dodged only by swerving to left or right, depending on where the attack is coming from. I seemed to be the one with the upper hand as I displayed many skills to bring her down , and she looked to got worn out.

After twenty minutes of fighting she suddenly stopped and asked me a question which got me perplexed.

” do you still have any skill left because you seem to be out of it, or should I keep on playing with you ” she asked me and I stared at her shocked. She removed the mask on her head and dropped it on the bed , letting her hair which was neatly braided into a pony tail to fall freely behind her. She steadied herself as she made another pose , stretching her hand towards me , motioning to me to bring it on.

To be continued