Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 18



One of the guy brought out a gun and pointed it at her. I couldn’t help but cry as its trigger was pulled and,and, and, and Precious suddenly muttered some words and it goes thus.

” nope, I didn’t remove it, but that bastard always do” she said sluggishly staring at the guy pointing the gun at her.

” WTF ” I suddenly heard the second guy holding the pad in his hand exclaimed staring at the monitor.

” yeah, I’ve removed it same as P1 ” she said again without being asked anything.

” nope, we’ve never remove it ” she said and I saw how anxious the guys looked even with the mask on their faces as they stared at the monitor’s screen. One of the guy brought out a flip phone. He flipped the upper part, clicked on some buttons then placed it on his ear.

” we’ve got a situation here ” he said briefly as he hung the call. It wasn’t up to a minute when the door flung opened and miss bull eye entered. She walked passed me as she head to the two guys.

” what’s the situation”? she asked them as she stared at Precious.

” P2 just answer a question in four different ways, and all were accepted as truth ” one of the guys explained to miss bull eye depicting in his tone how surprised he was. The guy with the pad handed the pad to miss bull eye and she glanced through it.

” what’s the question you asked her ” she asked the guy after staring at the pad for some minutes.

” if she has ever remove her mask from her face in front of P1 and if p1 also remove his mask in front of her”

” and she answered it in four different ways ” miss bull eye asked staring at Precious.

” yeah, different answers ” the guy with the pad answered her.

” and the machine detected it all as truth ” Miss bull eye asked still staring at Precious.

” yeah ” the guy with the pad answered. Without uttering any word again, Miss bull eye exit the room smiling. The guys continued with the challenge, leaving Precious unharmed. Gun shot was heard and some of the kids lost their life.

” how did you do it ” I asked Precious as we finished taking our meal. She informed me earlier that there was not going to be a training because we’re tremendously weak after the completion of the challenge.

” do what ” She replied feigning ignorance at my question.

” you tricked the truth machine like no one has ever did ” I said to her portraying in my voice how awe I was with the act

” and who told you that no one has ever tricked the truth machine before, like I did ” she asked me yawning lazily.

” you should’ve seen the reaction of the agents testing you ,then you’ll know that no one has ever tricked it like that before” I said to her and she smiled.

” I was fully aware of their reaction because I was fully aware of what’s going on around me. ” she said boastfully.

” lie ” I retorted then swiftly cover my mouth with my hand, but it was too late as the word was already out.

There was a minute of awkward silent as we both stare at ourselves.

” what are you waiting for ” she asked staring at me with her deadly eye. I stood up from my bed and moved closer to her ,stretching my head to her. Then a brain resetting knock landed on it. Precious is the boss inside the room, I was only bearing number 1, but she’s the real number 1 behind the scene.

She’s given a rule that I must never accuse her of lying whenever she tell me anything. Refusal to follow the rule always leads to my head receiving a hard knock on my head or a deafening slap on my ear. And her hand is made of steel ,so I always try my best not to accuse her of lying but I felt she’s lying that night, because there’s no way she could have seen them, not after what I experienced, she might have seen them but I was sure her brain must have been tricked like mine too.

” actually, I saw them,not at first but when I was asked the last question, I was able to control my brain when I heard your initials, I was sure a single mistake might send you down, and that’s the last thing I’m going to let happen ” she said pausing briefly staring at me. I was still beside her ,rubbing my head with my palm to ease the pain she inflicted on my skull.

” you gave me control over the sedative and my mind , I was able to do that thinking about how important it is for you to be safe ” she added as I stared at her with awe. It was unbelievable how deeply we connected. I was able to make it out alive in the last challenge we had before the one that occurred that day by thinking about her, and she was also able to scale through hers today by thinking about me. I felt like we’re fated for ourselves.

She spoke with affection and I took it as a cue to answering the question I got ringing in my head for a long period of time. I started propelling my head slowly towards hers and she stopped talking. I closed my eye as my head was about to get to hers, stretching my lip forward. I suddenly found myself losing balance as I kept on moving my head forward but failed to make contact with hers. I fell on top of her bed and I heard a cackling sound behind me.

I raised my head up and turned, I was surprised to see her on my bed cackling loudly.

” spoilt small boy, hope you enjoyed your kiss with the bed, sha make sure you off that light after you finish romancing it ” she said in between her laughter as she slept on my bed, covering herself with my bed sheet.

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Two days ago

” you fools, I think I’m just paying you for nothing ” Mr David screamed at Wisdom, and his wings who were standing at his back. Mr David looked tensed up as he dialled Gina’s number but wasn’t able to get through.

” you lost a nineteen year old girl, and you all call yourself guards. Guarding what ? ” he asked rhetorically as Wisdom and his wings kept quiet, their hands fixed into a fist as it stayed motionless beside them. ” Call the Intelligent department and ask them if her number is now traceable ” Mr David said to Mr Wealth, one of his Personal security guard. { wisdom’s dad }

Normally, Mr Wealth is always inside his office, doesn’t follow the president around, just stay in his office ,pass message concerning the security that needs to be pass across to the president and monitoring the Five TVs inside the large office closely. The TVs were connected to all the CCTV inside the David castle. But because of the present travail , he had to stay beside the president as he make important call to all the department deployed to search for the whereabout of Gina.

Tabitha has already been detained inside one of the underground cell inside the house. She refused to divulge the whereabout of her miss even after abetting her in the escape. She can’t be torture, Gina got her immunity from torture some years ago. So she was only detained.

” she’s been found ” Mr Wealth said to Mr David in a formal tone. Tho the president and Mr David were classmates and friends, they exhibit the “boss & worker ” trait whenever they’re not alone but whenever they’re alone ,they drift back to the ” pal ” way, joke together, drink and so on.

Mr David had on many occasions wanted to establish him, so that he can be dependent on himself but Mr Wealth always reject it.

” I’m going to make sure I protect your life even if it demand me laying down mine and I can only achieve this by staying by your side ” that’s always his reply anytime Mr David bring up the issue.

” where’s she ” Mr David asked impatiently.

” She’s in your school ” Mr Wealth replied him. ” I’ll go get her sir ” Wisdom said speaking for the first time.

” You said what ” Mr David exclaimed in anger. ” Fire them all ” Mr David said to Mr Wealth and a long silence overshadowed the large sitting room in the 1st floor. Mr Wealth looked at him with a blank eye,then averted the gaze to his son who also stood there with a stern face.

” Hand me your IDs ” Mr Wealth said to Wisdom with a shaky tone.

” your IDs ” Wisdom said to his wings and they all took it out and handed it to him. He added his own to it and handed it to his dad.

” Thank you Sir ” Wisdom said as he exit the room with his wings

To be continue