Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 19



” I’m sorry for the way my guards treated you on your first day here ” Mr David said to me after the exchanging of pleasantries. I sat on one of the divans in the sitting room. It was made with the hide of tiger. ” as you know ,I’m an influential man, loved by many and also wanted dead by many, so I don’t take chances with strangers without knowing their intent first, so once again, I’m sorry ” he pleaded to me ,staring at me like he was sort of shock to see me, he’s got the kind of face which depict he met what he wasn’t expecting which got me wondering WHY.

” it’s okay, I understand but that won’t stop me for suing that guy over there ” I said pointing to Wisdom and he glanced at me with a grin.

” forgive him for my sake ,I ordered him to do it ” the president pleaded with me again.

” okay, I’m not going to sue you but just watch out for me, especially when you find yourself in Canada ” I said smiling in order not to seem too serious. Wisdom scoffed as he made an attempt to curb the smile on his face.

” I want you to teach my daughter the Spanish language within the period of two months ” Mr David said to me after he finished ordering one of the guards to order for wine.

” two months ” I exclaimed.

” yeah, can you do it or not ” He swiftly asked me in a bossy tone.

” I can teach her the language in the period of two months you asked for but it depends on her willingness to quickly learn it ” I replied him staring directly into his eye, to show that I wasn’t intimidated by his bossy tone

” if we’re doing this base on my daughter’s willingness to learn the language, I’m sure four months won’t be enough , let wrap it up to three months ” he said to me with a casual tone this time.

” alright, I’m going to try my best, hope she tries hers too ” I said smiling.

” hope so too ” Mr David said as a lady entered. She had on a white suit and black skirt. On her hand was a tray containing a tumbler and krug. Seeing it brought back the memories of Sophia, that wine was her favourite.

” RIP ” I said in my mind as the lady placed the wine on a mobile cushion she placed in front of me. I let out a forced smile as I raised my head up and noticed that the president was staring at me and it looked like I was brooding. I picked the wine opener placed beside it, disengaged the cap from it and pour myself half the tumbler in my hand. Took a sip from it and dropped it on the tray.

” when am I starting ” I asked the president when he seemed to be lost in staring at me.

” after you go through the laid down rules and you’re contented with it ” he said snapping his fingers and Wisdom brought out a file and placed it in front of me.

” I’m going to go through it when I get home, you’ll see me tomorrow if I’m okay with it ” I said taking another sip from the wine. “My phone ” I said facing Wisdom.

” he will give you on your way out ” Mr David replied me.

” okay, hope the tutor schedule is here ” I asked pointing at the file .

” yes ” Mr David replied me.

” alright, git to go now ” I said standing up.

” okay, see you later if future permit it ” Mr David said snapping his fingers again. One of the guards beside him handed me a parcel which I know contains Cash even without opening it.

” compensation for the treatment you got earlier ” he said drifting back to his bossy tone. I threw it at Wisdom and he caught it.

” keep it for future, it might comes in handy ” I said smiling at him. ” good day Sir ” I said to the President as I stood up from the divan.

” this way ” Wisdom said as I got closer to where he was standing. Only few security process was carried out as I exit the castle.

Mr David’s p.o. v.

Soliloquizing after the departure of Ben in his rest room where he normally take a nap , a room filled with robot that massage his body, only his wife is allowed to massage him if she’s around.

I don’t think he’s a human, that girl lied to me and made me bring in a merman for a man. I invited him in to study him myself, to study if he’s really who he claimed to be. He passed the test of the wine.

The foreigners appreciate wine , they don’t drink it like we Nigerian do. He took half of the tumbler in his hand and took only two sips from it. He wasn’t scared or felt intimidated that he was sitting with the president, I think he isn’t a threat, my doll should be safe with him, hope he agree, but his beauty sha ” he didn’t finish the statement when the door of the room suddenly flung opened . It was my doll, she looked happy as she smiled awkwardly looking at me.

” kid , how are you ” she said as she sat beside me on the small bed which I laid on. The bed is a comforting bed, made to sooth body automatically, when you lay on it, one of its functions is to calm nerve, it has electricity connected to it. I slept on it wearing only singlet and a Short.

” this one that you’re smiling like someone whose boyfriend just propose to, hope all is well ” I said teasingly, I knew something is up, that kind of smile she had on her lip means she’s up to one of her mischievous act.

” so I cannot smile again, in my own house ” she said blinking her eye like a smudge got in to it. ” which house are you talking about , see this girl ooo, this place looks like your future husband’s house, ehn ” I asked teasingly clapping my hand to show my disbelieving notion for her statement.

” what is he saying, is it because I haven’t send you out of here because I pity you and don’t want you to start sleeping in mother less babies home, you know that you’re an orphan, so I must not wicked you so that the ghost of your parent’s won’t be chasing me with cutlass upandan ” she said with a ridiculous tone. I just stared at her with my mouth ajar, I was lost for words.

” oya comman be going, I want to rest, bye bye , thanks for coming ” I said in a tone that depicted that I was joking.

” it have pain him, even if you send me away , it doesn’t change the fact that you’re my kid, with this your pot belly self ” she said hitting my stomach lightly.

” that means you’re my ancestor, you’re already dead, you even said it yourself that my mother has died ” I said teasingly watching her as she fumed up staring at me with shock

” dad ” she suddenly scream and I smiled. I rarely get to do payback on her when it comes to exchange of words, but once I do, I always K. O. her. ” the day I’m going to beat you with the way you always disregard me, it’s just a day from coming through, well I heard you’ve gotten in touch with my tutor, when is he starting ” she asked drifting away from her threats.

” you meant the guy that’s as handsome as me abi ? ” I asked her getting up from the bed.

” hahaha ” she laughed throatily ” but , but , but, you said you’re very handsome na, but why are you punching the air and when is he starting ” she asked staring at me with curious

” you better forget when he’s starting for now and get up, na punch we go use settle am, better you get up now ” I said displaying some boxing skills as I jabbed, and so on.

” so you want to fight the person that can disorganize your future with just an uppercut right , just wait for me ” she said standing up as she raced to the door. ” wait for me you hear, I’m coming back for you ” she added making some weak punch into the air in a funny way as I stood watching her, laughing as she exit the room.

I really wish she stay with me in Nigeria, we shared more than a father daughter bond, a bond I share less with my remaining kids, she’s my best friend and that’s one of the core reasons she can’t stay, I can’t lose her, because if I do, I lose myself and won’t be able to pick myself up.

” spoilt brat ” I said smiling to myself as I slept back on the bed and heaved a sigh of relief.


Ben’s p.o.v

Getting out was less strenuous unlike getting in, few security measures were taken. As soon as we’re out of the Castle, Wisdom collected my phone from one of his guys and ordered one of them to take me back to the school which I objected to.

” do you have a private car ” I asked him after rejecting to ride back to the school with one of his guys.

” yeah ” he answered

” is it here “? I asked him and he replied

” yes”

” I’m going back in it , so it’s either you drive or I do it myself and you come get it in school ” I said not moving from where I stood as he contemplated about it.

” bring my car ” he said on his personal phone which I hadn’t seen in his hand since the time we met. In less than 2 minutes, the latest model of Avensis, one of the products of Toyota was nosed out of the ground. The ground suddenly slid off like a cover , and the car was brought out, it was one of the underground garrage , I think meant for the staffs.

” I’m only doing this because you’re the President’s guest and because of what happened earlier, so just take it as a sort of compensation because I don’t do this for people ” he said after we’ve ditched the David castle behind.

” so you want to bribe me from suing you with the ride ” I said laughing hysterically. ” just forget it and get yourself a good legal officer with the money I gave you earlier ” I added decreasing the tempo of my laughter.

” you’re funny , you know ” he said as he concentrated on the road.

” because I look like a clown right ” I asked making sure I sound less rigid. My main plan was to make friendship with him, as it’s going to come in handy for my missions in the future.

” hahaha, you look more like a doll than a clown” he said smiling as he stole a glance at me.

” the president seems to be nice to me, is he always like that?” I asked changing the topic

” not allow to talk about the president or divulge any information about him to outsiders, I’m sorry ” he retorted wittily concentrating more on the road.

” it’s okay, professional etiquette must be follow” I said and that was the end of the conversation till we got to the entrance of Bamo university.

Wisdom’s p.o.v

He seemed friendly but orders must be follow, I’m to get closer to him, form a friendship with him and get to know him more so as to make sure Gina is safe for the period of three months he’s going to be with her. His phone has already been cloned, so as to monitor the calls and messages he’s going to be receiving and sending out.

Ben’s p.o.v

” thank you” I appreciated him as I alighted his car at the main gate of the school, he was keen on taking me in but I rejected.

” get your ass down here got a job for you” I said to Snap on phone as I head to the gate with my ID in my hand., with the file containing the rules of the president job.

” your ID” one of the securities asked me and I handed it to him. After putting into a card reader connected to a system by another guard, my informations displayed in the computer screen and I was allowed access into the school. I was threading on the pedestrian segment of the road into the school when I heard a car horned repeatedly to get my attention.

I looked towards its direction and the person harboring the car whined down the tinted window of the car. It was Nina, she’s heading out of the school. I smiled as I walked over to her.

” seems you’re just coming back from the president’s place” she said staring at the file in my hand.

“Yeah, I’m just coming back” I replied her. The road designated for vehicles in Bamo university was divided into two segments, one part for vehicles exiting the school and the second for vehicles entering. The two roads was divided by 4 feets high bricks, laced with flowers of different kinds, and a pedestrian walking by each side of the road.

” if you don’t mind, let me take you out, just for fun, since you don’t have anything doing inside the school and, so that you can apologize properly for what you did the other time” she said staring into my eye while I mediate on an excuse to down her offer. I’ve got a mission to take care of, fun isn’t allow. From where I stood, I saw a car coming in from the main gate, but cared less about it.

” oops, maybe other time, I’ve got to prepare for my lecture tomorrow, I’m sorry, going to make it up to you another time ” I apologized

” lecturer Ben” I heard two feminine voice called my name in unison and I tilted my head to the side where the sound came from. It was Ella and Aminat, they’re inside the car I saw entering the school earlier.

” hi girls” I greeted them from where I stood, beside Nina, whose face had lost the smile that was embedded in it earlier.

” we’re cool” Ella replied.

” going somewhere? ” Aminat asked.

” no, I’m heading to my lodge” I replied her.

” cool, just jump over those flowers, let gift you a ride in” Aminat said in an ordering tone.

” thanks, but you don’t need to worry yourself” I said smiling.

” we’re going to worry, get in to the car now or we’re going to carry you in” Ella said jokingly.

” okay, see you later dear, got to go” I said to Nina placing my palm on her cheek before I left her and she zoomed off. I jumped the little brick and joined them inside the car, sitting at the rear seat.

” thanks for yesterday” the two of them said in unison.

” you don’t need it but anyway, you’re welcome” I replied them smiling

” but lecturer Ben, you’re really bad o, see as you just murdered Kingsley just like that” Aminat said and my heart skipped a beat due to shock.

To be continue…